Stanton M.207 2-Channel DJ Mixer   

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A professional 2-channel DJ mixer ergonomically designed for live performance.

The Stanton M.207 is a 2-channel scratch mixer perfect for club and scratch DJs. Made of heavy gauge stamped steel with a sleek black and silver color scheme, the M.207 DJ mixer has the look and feel of high-quality and high-reliability.

The Stanton M.207 is not only a reliable audio mixer, it is also innovative. The M.207 includes a unique user interface for controlling effects—the FXGlide. The FXGlide is a continuous strip touch controller, that uses the same innovative touch-slider technology found in Stanton's DaScratch MIDI Controller. In addition to providing real-time performance capabilities, the FX control can also be automated in real-time. Use FXGlide to create a custom modulation of the FX parameter, and then have that play back instead of the normal sweeping FX.

A new class of frequency dependent effects are also available on the Stanton M.207 mixer. With this feature, effects can be applied to any of three specific frequency bands, without affecting the other frequencies. The M.207 DJ mixer also has an integrated phrase and loop sampler, making the M.207 more than just a durable, high-quality mixer. The Stanton M.207 Mixer's layout was created by professional DJs.


  • Rugged steel design
  • Striking Black/gray color scheme with blue LED lighted accents
  • Ergonomic control layout facilitates tweaking and performance
  • Built-in phrase/loop sampler with up to 5 different loops/samples
  • Integrated digital effects, including delay, flange, reverb, phasing and filters
  • Unique FXGlide control for real-time control or effects
  • New frequency-dependent effects create entirely new sounds unique to the M.207
  • Built in sequencer so FXGlide moves can be automated and recalled.
  • 2 phono/line inputs with fader start
  • Mic and AUX inputs
  • Professional ¼" balanced outputs and RCA main/record outputs
  • Adjustable fader curves and fader reverse
  • Powerful headphone amplifier
  • 45 mm crossfader- long-life Alpha fader. The crossfader is user replaceable.
  • 2 10-segment LED ladder meters
  • Reverse indicator LEDs: The LEDs indicate the status of the fader and crossfader
  • reverse functions. The respective LED lights up when a fader is reversed A professional 2-channel mixer designed for live performance.
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