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American Recorder Technologies Accessories

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For any professional musician, having the best microphones, instruments, amps and other gear is priority number one. Something that's just as important, though, is the array of cables and accessories used to connect it all together and put the finishing touches on a stage or studio setup. To make sure that performances go as smoothly as possible, you can count on American Recorder Technologies accessories to deliver the connectivity and utility that you need.

Some of the most useful things you'll find in this selection are the wide range of adapters, including gender changers like the 1/4" Female to 1/4" Female Mono Adapter. It's handy to have when you want to chain a few cables together to finish off an extra-long run. Other compact options are available to make short work of specialty connections like XLR to 1/4", XLR to TRS, or 1/4" to RCA, just to name a few. If you'd like to integrate a tablet or other mobile device into your setup, you should also have a look at the 1/8" Male Stereo to Two RCA Female adapter. All of American Recorder Technologies' adapters are super compact, so they easily fit in-line with the cables they connect.

Interconnects are only the beginning of the American Recorder Technologies lineup. Other great accessories that they provide are stage basics like gaffers tape and a cable management sleeve. There's even a soldering iron, if you're the type who likes to tinker with gear and make your own modifications and repairs. Use the Console Tape and Pen to keep track of your road cases or the CO-2 Replacement Cylinders to refill your handheld duster. There's definitely a lot to choose from.

With American Recorder Technologies, one thing that you'll always be is well-prepared. This catalog of accessories is the perfect place to start stocking up on all the odds and ends for your next project, whether that means cable adapters, wire strippers or the versatile and always-useful Gig Box. When you pack up the gear for a show, always remember your accessories.