Clayton Piktac Pick Adhesive Dots 50-Pieces  

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A solution for getting a grip on your picks.

The Clayton Piktac Pick Adhesive Dots 50-Pieces is the perfect solution to your pick gripping troubles. Just peel one side of the clear acetate and stick the adhesive dot to your favorite pick. Then peel off the other side of the adhesive. You will instantly have a grip that will not move or shift that you can stick in your ideal location of the pick. As your hand heats the PicTac will start to mold to your finger for a customized grip. If you need to remove PicTAC, just pull up on the PicTAC, and it will cleanly remove. PicTAC allows you to easily reposition your fingers as needed and leaves no messy residue on your pick or your fingers. You'll find it to be truly PicTACular.

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