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Humes & Berg Tuxedo Tom Drum Bag Black 8x10

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Since Humes & Berg introduced the Tuxedo bags nearly 20 years ago, they have become an industry standard. All bags feature a black cordura shell,...Click To Read More About This Product

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  • { "name": "Black 8x12", "status": "instock", "statusText": "In stock", "inventoryText": "In Stock & Ready To Ship", "inventoryKey": "in_stock", "price": 47.37, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "47", "decimalValue": "37", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 66.00, "salePrice": 47.37, "listPrice": 47.37, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","guarantee","international"], "warranty": false, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH88078000001009", "displaySku": "H88078 000001009", "serialized": false, "stickerUrl":"", "stickerDisplayText":"Best Seller", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H88078000001009_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": true, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"376", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"35160350769", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "Black 12x14", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 01-26-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "01-26-2018", "price": 58.25, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "58", "decimalValue": "00", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 78.00, "salePrice": 58.25, "listPrice": 58.25, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","guarantee","international"], "warranty": false, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH88078000001003", "displaySku": "H88078 000001003", "serialized": false, "stickerUrl":"", "stickerDisplayText":"Best Seller", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H88078000001003_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": true, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"464", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"45354672785", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "Black 11x13", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 02-12-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "02-12-2018", "price": 57.99, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "57", "decimalValue": "99", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 76.50, "salePrice": 57.99, "listPrice": 57.99, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","guarantee","international"], "warranty": false, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH88078000001005", "displaySku": "H88078 000001005", "serialized": false, "stickerUrl":"", "stickerDisplayText":"Best Seller", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H88078000001005_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": true, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"464", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"45924750003", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "Black 11x12", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 02-12-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "02-12-2018", "price": 55.99, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "55", "decimalValue": "99", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 70.00, "salePrice": 55.99, "listPrice": 55.99, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","guarantee","international"], "warranty": false, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH88078000001002", "displaySku": "H88078 000001002", "serialized": false, "stickerUrl":"", "stickerDisplayText":"Best Seller", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H88078000001002_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": true, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"448", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"46930768623", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "Black 9x12", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 02-12-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "02-12-2018", "price": 51.56, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "51", "decimalValue": "56", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 70.00, "salePrice": 51.56, "listPrice": 51.56, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","guarantee","international"], "warranty": false, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH88078000001010", "displaySku": "H88078 000001010", "serialized": false, "stickerUrl":"", "stickerDisplayText":"Best Seller", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H88078000001010_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": true, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"416", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"39502997812", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "Black 10x12", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 01-26-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "01-26-2018", "price": 51.35, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "51", "decimalValue": "35", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 70.00, "salePrice": 51.35, "listPrice": 51.35, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","guarantee","international"], "warranty": false, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH88078000001004", "displaySku": "H88078 000001004", "serialized": false, "stickerUrl":"", "stickerDisplayText":"Best Seller", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H88078000001004_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": true, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"408", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"39150891295", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "Black 9x13", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 02-12-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "02-12-2018", "price": 48.12, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "48", "decimalValue": "12", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 71.00, "salePrice": 48.12, "listPrice": 48.12, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","guarantee","international"], "warranty": false, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH88078000001001", "displaySku": "H88078 000001001", "serialized": false, "stickerUrl":"", "stickerDisplayText":"Best Seller", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H88078000001001_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": true, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"384", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"33064478644", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "Black 9x10", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 01-26-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "01-26-2018", "price": 43.99, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "43", "decimalValue": "99", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 59.00, "salePrice": 43.99, "listPrice": 43.99, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","guarantee","international"], "warranty": false, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH88078000001006", "displaySku": "H88078 000001006", "serialized": false, "stickerUrl":"", "stickerDisplayText":"Best Seller", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H88078000001006_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": true, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"352", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"34187866103", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "Black 8x10", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 02-12-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "02-12-2018", "price": 42.90, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "42", "decimalValue": "90", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 58.00, "salePrice": 42.90, "listPrice": 42.90, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","guarantee","international"], "warranty": false, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH88078000001007", "displaySku": "H88078 000001007", "serialized": false, "stickerUrl":"", "stickerDisplayText":"Best Seller", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H88078000001007_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": true, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"344", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"33030944690", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "Black 8x8", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 02-12-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "02-12-2018", "price": 39.99, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "39", "decimalValue": "99", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 54.50, "salePrice": 39.99, "listPrice": 39.99, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","guarantee","international"], "warranty": false, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH88078000001008", "displaySku": "H88078 000001008", "serialized": false, "stickerUrl":"", "stickerDisplayText":"Best Seller", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H88078000001008_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": true, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"320", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"30499131163", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }


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Drum and accessory bags featuring a signature black cordura exterior, double-stiched seams and dense interior liner.

Since Humes & Berg introduced the Tuxedo bags nearly 20 years ago, they have become an industry standard. All bags feature a black cordura shell, a dense 1/2" poly-foam liner, double-stitching and a shoulder strap. These bags are designed to minimize impact, assuring the musician safe arrival of his valuable equipment on the job for his best performance.

Various sizes available. See drop down menu for more options.

Humes & Berg will help add life to your instrument. Order today.


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Humes & BergTuxedo Tom Drum Bag

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I don't leave home without them

By Santino

from Silt, CO

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  • Durable
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      Comments about Humes & Berg Tuxedo Tom Drum Bag:

      I've been using a Tuxedo Bags for 18 years and over 800 gigs. I have tom bags 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18" sizes and use some for every gig. In 18 years, I'm finally getting a bit of fraying at the zipper stitch of the 12" tom bag. Not bad. These bags have paid for themselves 100 times over. They're easier to deal with than my SKB hard cases and stack one inside the other for easy storage. They also are sized to accept tom mounts, which the SKB's are not. Highly recommended for the weekend warrior who transports their own gear. I wouldn't recommend for major touring. That's where the SKB's come in!

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