Korg Pitchblack+ Limited Edition Chrome Pedal Tuner   

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The versatile, highly accurate, true-bypass Pitchblack+ - now in chrome!

The Pitchblack+ Limited Edition Chrome Pedal Tuner from Korg handles all of your possible tuning needs in one link of your chain. The Pitchblack+ lets you connect 2 guitars or basses and switch between separate tuning settings for each. It has an ultrahigh precision tuning accuracy of +/-0.1 cents. It supports open D, open E, open G, open A, and DADGAD tunings. In addition the Pitchblack+ can even handle 7-string guitars and 6-string basses. It stores up to 5 of your own custom tunings. The Pitchblack+ also has True Bypass output which means your tone won't suffer and won't be colored in any way whatsoever. And whether you're on stage or in the studio, the Pitchblack+ has a highly visible "dual meter" that uses extra bright LEDs so you don't have to strain your eyes to read the pedal.


  • Ultra-precise tuning with an accuracy of +/-0.1 cents
  • True Bypass output keeps your tone intact at all times
  • Two instruments can be connected simultaneously, with separate tuning settings for each one
  • Supports open D, open E, open G, open A, and DADGAD in addition to chromatic tuning and standard guitar/bass tuning
  • Create and save five of your own custom tunings
  • Tuning is easily seen by a newly developed "dual meter" using large extra bright LEDs
  • Support for seven-string guitars and six-string basses

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