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There's something extra special about playing on musical equipment that reflects your own personality and playing style. In fact, it's for this reason why so many musicians get into the hobby of musical instrument customization. Thankfully, Planet Waves specializes in a wide range of parts and accessories to further inspire you as a player.

Since 1994, Planet Waves' popularity has been steadily growing. Dedicated to making your musical experience easier and more enjoyable, Planet Waves' massive catalog of parts and accessories includes everything from tuners and metronomes to cool looking guitar straps, capos, patchcords and more. In fact, Planet Waves music accessories are used and praised by many top recording artists, including Vince Gill, Joe Satriani, Lenny Kravitz, and countless others.

One of the simplest ways of expressing yourself as a musician is with a new guitar strap, and the Planet Waves West Coast Collection of straps are exploding with artistic brilliance in each of their designs. Made from woven nylon, these leather straps are thick, stiff, and include both SoCal punk-rock styles and surf-inspired designs. Another cool accessory provided by Planet Waves is the Varigrip hand exercisers. Constructed to help guitarists maintain the strength and dexterity of their fingers and hands, the Varigrip's ergonomic design and variable tension offers customized conditioning for each of your fingers, as well as your wrist and forearm. Simply put, the Planet Waves Varigrip hand exerciser is a surefire way to keep your performance feeling effortless and tense-free.

No two musicians are the same. But in order to truly stand out from the pack, you need to identify those unique traits in a way that you can showcase them for an audience. Customizing your equipment with accessories from Planet Waves is not only a great way to get noticed, but your overall performance will improve tremendously.