Sevilla Classical Guitar Strings Ball End EMP-Coated Classical Guitar Strings   

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At long last, coated classical strings.

Sevilla Classical Guitar Strings feature the patented Cleartone EMP Coating (Enhanced Molecular Protection). With its one micron coating, the Sevilla Strings treatment is the thinnest in the industry, designed to last a long time without compromising the feel and sound of traditional strings. "Silver wrapped wound strings are very susceptible to tarnishing," says product manager Jose Antonio. "With our EMP Treatment, Sevilla Strings last a long time while maintaining the natural feel and sound of traditional strings."

Named after the famous city in Spain, Sevilla Classical Strings are designed for the most discerning classical guitarist.

Classical guitarists are a unique breed. Known for their particular tastes and stringent desire for traditionalism, classical guitarists hate to do anything easy. Changing strings is one of those things. Classical guitars are known for their rich tones, which are achieved through "tried and true" methods that have worked for centuries. Going the easy route only defeats the purpose of playing such a magnificent instrument. Changing strings often has simply been a way of life for a veteran classical guitarist. It makes you wonder why it took so long for Sevilla Treated Classical Guitar Strings to come along.

Get strings that last! More playing, less changing. Call or click today to order.

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