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Product 241255

Tascam CD-GT1mkII Portable CD Guitar Trainer

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The TASCAM CD-GT1mkII Portable CD Guitar Trainer is the ultimate training and jamming tool for guitarists, vocalists, and other musicians. Take any f...Click To Read More About This Product

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Nail the toughest licks at your own pace!

The TASCAM CD-GT1mkII Portable CD Guitar Trainer is the ultimate training and jamming tool for guitarists, vocalists, and other musicians. Take any favorite CD, plug your guitar directly into the CD-GT1's 1/4" input, put on some headphones, set the volume, and start rocking! Vocalists can do the same with a mic.

The Slow Speed Audition feature lets you learn licks note-for-note by slowing down the CD up to 50% without changing the pitch. You can also increase the tempo in steps until you match the original performance. Added features include a guitar-cancelling function, built-in metronome, and oscillators for tuning, and split monitoring.

Advanced players can use the CD-GT1's pitch and speed controls to audition various keys and tempi for CDs they've burned of their own music.

The CD-GT1 has 57 great-sounding, customizable effects including distortion, delay, chorus, and more. There's also a nice selection of vocal reverbs and processed sounds so you can sing along with rockers, hip-hoppers, divas, and everything in-between!

You can set seamless in-out loop points with the CD-GT1 so that it plays the same passage over and over again so you can nail phrases. Use the footswitch input to start playing the CD from any designated point or to scroll through effects.

You can listen on headphones, or use its line output to plug in speakers. The CD-GT1 even provides a chromatic tuner and operates on batteries to take your show on the road. Optional AC power supply. (See accessory box on this page.)

  • SSA (0 -8 -16 -32 -50%): Slow Speed Audition, tempo control without affecting key
  • 0 to -50% pitch control (in 1% steps)
  • Single Loop, All Loop, and Seamless IN-OUT Loop
  • Flash start: Seamless locate and play from the cue point function
  • Single play and continuous play
  • Footswitch input for flash start or effects switching
  • 57 Built-in Effects: 15 Distortion sounds, 15 Overdrive sounds, 15 Clean tone sounds, and 12 Vocal effects)
  • Guitar canceling function
  • Built in metronome
  • Built in oscillators for tuning
  • Split monitoring
  • Improved interface for easier use
  • 10-second anti-shock memory
  • 2-way power supply
  • Battery operation
  • Optional AC adapter

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Most Liked Positive Review


Guitar Trainer and giggers Swiss Army Knife

In my opinion, this unit is "exactly" what it claims to be. After reading other reviews, I didn't even bother with batteries and just bought the AC adapter from...Read complete review

In my opinion, this unit is "exactly" what it claims to be. After reading other reviews, I didn't even bother with batteries and just bought the AC adapter from the get go. Although, I will use the batteries if I get in a situation where I don't have electricity handy. The unit has a learning curve, but it's not too steep as to be overwhelming. The manual, unlike so many others, is actually well written, and its only 26 pages long. Plan on spending an hour or two getting the hang of it, learning where everything is, and how to use it. If you are expecting to get the unit, just pop in a cd and be on your way, you might be dissapointed. I have read other reviewers who don't care for the effects. Personally, overall, I think they are pretty good for what the unit is, and they can all be edited. Is it going to replace my dedicated multi-hundred dollar guitar effects unit? No, but then again, "that's NOT what it was designed to do". I mean let's get real here okay. But guess what, if you're on a gig and that whiz-bang guitar processor goes south, this unit could get you through the night; if you've taken the time to learn it, and have it set up the way you want it in advance. Preperation would be the key here. It can also do the same for your dedicated vocal processor too, since it has vocal effects as well. Again, preperation would be KEY for use in this event. Not to mention, it can also play your cd's through your PA if your dedicated rack mount player goes south. Or your dedicated guitar tuner goes south, since it has one of those too...well, you get the picture for the "swiss army knife" part of the review title. Just make sure you have the proper patch cords in advance if you want to use it live. When you combine that with the looping funtion, the pitch change and all the other features, you have a very useful tool. True, there are some artifacts when you slow down some things, but I have found that to be the case on almost "any piece of gear" that changes speed or pitch, and it's not anything beyond what I reasonably expected. Like many things in life, you are going to get out of this unit, what you put into it. It's not going to learn the lick or song for you, but it may well make it easier for you. If I had a couple of areas that I would improve: One, I'd tell Tascam to dump the "mini-plug connections" and make everything 1/4 inch. Two, the unit may survive being dropped, but I wouldn't count on it. Invest an extra 30 or 40 bucks in the case Tascam makes for it (that case even has speakers built in), and then invest in an additional padded case, or better yet, padded hardshell case, if you have any plans on using the unit in a live situation. Overall, it's a great piece of gear.


Most Liked Negative Review


Make sure to buy the AC adapter-

This doesn't come with an AC adapter! The batteries it takes are like 8 AAs, and they will only last for a couple of hours- no kidding. As well, the input is...Read complete review

This doesn't come with an AC adapter! The batteries it takes are like 8 AAs, and they will only last for a couple of hours- no kidding. As well, the input is monopolized, so you have to buy Tascam only. The product itself was alright. It does allow you to slow down songs without a change to pitch, but this is not to the point where you are GUARANTEED to master technical parts of a song. The slow-speed is not slow-enough for everything, metal and soloing being an example. It is also not so slow that it will reveal every note to a strummed chord (Like I thought it would). It would probably find its intended use well in someone who is fairly advanced at guitar who is looking for a way to ease concentration on admired passages of songs. Instead of fast-forward, rewind, fast-forward, you just slow it up. But this will not enable a brand-new or novice guitarist to play like Van Halen right off. Not at all. Ultimately, as I bought this item to keep me motivated and encouraged with guitar, I ended up selling it, and my guitar, and replacing them with a bass...

Reviewed by 74 customers

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By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Sounds like crap, the cd lid busted off while putting in a cd. Not real user friendly.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Tascam CD-GT1mkII Portable CD Guitar Trainer

By Stainless Steel Man

from San Diego

I've had this guitar trainer for about a year and a half and I love it. It does everything they say it does. slowing down the tempo without changing pitch is great for learning new stuff. The loop feature is also great for learning solos and phrases. Slow it down and loop it, jam with it till you got it nailed. Plug in your guitar, put on your headphones and practice without annoying your neighbors. At first I thought the effects sounded a little processed, but once you get used to using the effect library,you're bound to find something you like. you can also manually adjust the effects and save them to the library.The only bad thing I can say about it is the cd door broke off a couple weeks ago,but it still works fine.I also recomend buying the ac adapter, I hear this thing eats alot of batterys.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Excellent machine

By Hrothgar-o3ESU

from Schaumburg, IL

I purchased this device for a purpose unrelated to guitars or guitar playing; namely, it's stated ability to slow down material recorded on CD. I am trying to learn the pronunciation of a medieval language from a CD that came with the book. The author has recorded certain passages, but reads them so fast - I mean really fast - that it is almost impossible to appreciate the exact pronunciation of individual syllables. I put the CD into this machine and adjusted the tempo to -50. It works great! There is some slight voice distortion (the pitch is lower) but I can now hear and appreciate the pronunciation of individual syllables. I will try it for slowing down pieces of guitar music, but have not done so yet. For languages, it has already fulfilled my requirements of the instrument. I also purchased the AC adapter.


Great Practice tool

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I love this product. I have a 15 month old and after she goes to bed. I use it to play along w/ my cd's and I really like having the metronome included to get a riff up to speeed. It has real nice sounds and I like the pitch changes that you can use to tune to a cd. I don't use the variable speed feature too much but I never had a real problem w/ it. Overall it makes a great practice tool. Its not meant to record with, but I think you could use the clean sound if you wanted to.


It does what it says

By Slowfingers-3jdaO

from Delaware

See all my reviews

I have been looking at this unit for sometime and after trying to learn this particular piece, I broke down and got it. Mine came with the AC adapter so I don't know about the batteries. Within about 15 minutes I was using it and my learning curve for the piece I was working on took about an hour and I got it. I can see that I will be using it alot from here on in including the CD's from lesson books etc...


Pretty Nice!!!!

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

My music teacher owns one, and I think it's pretty cool. I play Mandolin, Banjo (which I'm not so good at), and Guitar. I had my guitar at lessons one day and was having trouble getting a song down so he got this down and slowed the song down. It was So Easy to learn with.


not good!

By matty511

from temecula, CA

See all my reviews

i got this about a month ago, and at first, it was ok. but when i slowed it down, the quality of the sound was horrible. it sounded like a cell phone with no reception. i figured that i would just deal with it, but then i had to put new batteries in....AGAIN. that thing sucks up so much battery life in just a couple of minuets. then about a month after i got it(yesterday), it would not turn on. i thought i would put in brand new batteries.....nope, didnt work. i really regret buying this thing. i highly recomend you DON'T get it.


perfect jam tool!

By minoel

from Eugene, OR

I have a baby and have no space to crank my amp up to 11. heck i don't even have an amp. so this thing is awesomely useful for me. i can plug my guitar thru my tonelab or plug it straight to the thing. The built in effects are not the best but it's good enough. my only con is the plastic casing that looks kinda flimsy. feels like it can break any moment. but other than that i like it.


Finally, after all these years

By LesPaulGuy

from San Diego, CA

See all my reviews

I started transcribing back when you had a record player and a vinyl record slowed down to 16 rpm. This is a god send!!!! I have tried other records/software, etc. This is the best that is out there. Improvement could be on the effects and an adaptor should be included. But that's nit-picking it. Slowing down to 1/2 speed without pitch or tone degredation is excellent.


This unit may or may not be for you.....

By Travis Pisk

from Portland, OR

I have found that the slowing of tempo without changing pitch feature creates wierd oscillations that mildy have a clicking resemblence. It is very mild but if you are planning to use this unit to slow down some recordings of your own without changing pitch, don't bother. However, the tempo changing feature that does so while changing pitch works just fine in the afore mentioned application. This unit is a good practice buddy, but batteries die VERY FAST. Alkaline batteries only power this unit for 1-1.5 hours as the manual states. My recommendation is buy an adapter (sold separately). Overall, this unit is alright but some improvements could be made.


What more do you want

By fatstrat-hb7QM

from medford, nj

Awesome awesome product. If your looking for a trainer this is it. Worth every single penny and cheap to boot. Small enough to take anywhere. Don't know what I'd do without it. Thanks Tascam.


Flimsy but great features

By Practicinghurtsmyfingers

from Los Angeles, CA

I'm on my 3rd one now. They last me about a year to 1 1/2 years. But I use it A LOT!!! I teach about 80 lessons per week and use it constantly. Slowing anything more than 32% actually makes it harder to figure out parts due to some studder effect. I'm glad Tascam put in a few more buttons on the MKII so the menu cursor doesn't break as fast. My 2nd one's CD door broke right away, but it still played anyways. My most recent one's guitar input is busted, but I use a separate amp in the teaching studio right now. As for what it can do, it's GREAT, maybe built a little too flimsily, but again, I use it a lot. As a beginner's tool I actually recommend it to some of my student's parents when the students want to "upgade" to an electric guitar. I tell them to hold off buying an expensive amp right away and instead buy the tascam. That way the student can practice and use the guitar input as an amp. With the money they save they should rather buy a guitar of higher quality.


Fine, as far as it goes

By Glenn Jones

from Canberra, Australia

See all my reviews

I bought this product based on the raves I read in the press and the endorsements of various artists. It is a solid performer and does its job, but it is no more effective than using a computer and some of the software applications now available. I am happy I bought it, but I am VERY UNHAPPY that I also bought the CD-SP1 carrybag/speaker package that goes with it. The bag is fine, but the speakers are rubbish and not fit use with the product. They rate 0 stars!


Guitar trainer

By Chuck Stardust

from Denham Springs, La.

See all my reviews

I started using mine the very hour I recieved it! Easy to use and a great aid in learning the faster stuff that would be missed if not slowed down. I HIGHLY advise you to get this if you are learning lead guitar! I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and I learned something in an old song I have been missing! You gotta try it!


It does not work

By Disgustedman

from white plains, NY

They should stop selling this product. It does not work! You lower the guitar part and it cancels the voice part of the song and you will be hearing the guitar part all the time. It is a waste of time and money. I spent hours figuring it out, giving it a chance but it just dont work . I am returning mine right away.


Taking advantage of it now!!!

By Tapmaster

from Lakeworth, FL

See all my reviews

I first heard of the TASCAM GT-1 in my guitar mags, one with John5 saying it's the best of guitar technology and one with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth saying it's his and Glen's personal trainer. They were right! This thing is worth every penny if you play by ear (which I do!) allows you to put any of your CD's in and it allows you to slow the song down until you learn any riff, chord, or lick you want! This helps you become a master at the electric guitar! Also if rock ain't your thing, people that listen to rap, hiphop, whatever, can put their CD in and instead of a guitar you can plug your Mic in! THIS A MUST FOR PRACTICE!!! THIS A MUST TO BECOME THE BEST!!!



By Steelman9988

from Muskegon MI

See all my reviews

I bought this thing several months ago and it performs so badly I have only used it four or five times. I got it for the key / speed feature but it warbles so much you can hardly hear the notes, they need to go back to the drawing board on this one! I have a Technics CD changer that has pitch and it works great except that you can't stay in the same key!! If you burn your own CD's use the music ones or they won't play reliably in this unit, the only feature that works really well is the loop it works flawlessly...don't waste your money on this!!!


Three year review !

By Kath_lover

from new york

I bought this in 2005, went though many batteries then finally got the adapter which made life easier. When I first bought the Tascam, I liked the fact that you just had to push buttons, it is very intuitive. This is a great tool to learn guitar solos. It has a few flaws, such as: you need to be able to slow down some songs more than the 50% available on this product, when slowed down---it does get a little distorted.But it has served me well. Almost 3 years later and I'm still using it, BUT, I just found a new product, RiffMaster PRO software, and I'm considering giving it a shot. With the software, you can with the mouse, jump right to the part of the song that you want to practice. On the Tascam, you have to actually play the song and wait until it gets to where you want it in order to loop it.


Do you NEED it?

By Kelsey

from Ridgeland, MS

I would NOT recommend it for a beginner or a guitarist with a stretched budget because a regular CD player can provide adequate listening, playback, and learning. However, if a guitarist could afford it, I would recommend buying it. The Guitar CD Trainer is mostly helpful with songs that you do not have written music. By using the Trainer, a riff or lick can be played in slow motion and section-looped for learning, thus saving time and effort. Overall, it is a decent practice tool.May God Bless.


A great system!

By Opossum

from Green Camp, OH

See all my reviews

I bought my Tascam and was very impressed with all of the on-board effects. Now I can sell all of my single pedals and buy more stuff! The vocal effects are fun, too. I use my Tascam with an Epiphone Les Paul and a little Peavey Classic amp and am ready to cook some Blues. My only complaint is that it is rather fragile. Other than that, I love it.

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