TASCAM CD-VT1mkII Portable CD Vocal Trainer  

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The most advanced voice training device yet devised!

The TASCAM CD-VT1mkII Portable CD Vocal Trainer will improve your performances dramatically. With a wealth of high-tech features like slow speed audition that lets you change the speed of playback without changing pitch, a seamless loop function to let you practice difficult passages over and over, multi-effects including vocal pitch shifter to enhance your performance quality, and a cue function. Plug 2 mics directly in and listen through headphones or send a mix through the line out to record. Voice-cancel function will remove center-panned vocals. New functions include split monitoring, a metronome, and reference pitch oscillators for tuning. Works great for instruments as well. Runs on batteries or optional power supply.


  • Slow Speed Audition changes the speed of playback without changing the key
  • Change the pitch of playback or change pitch and speed simultaneously
  • Looping function with seamless start and end points
  • Built-in multi-effects
  • Cue function returns to the last place playback was started
  • Built-in metronome
  • Built-in oscillators for tuning reference pitch
  • Split monitoring
  • Easy-to-use multifunction LCD display and improved interface
  • Headphone jack for practicing and line out for recording your performance

Get twice the results out of your practice time. Put it in the cart and get to work!

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