Yamaha Survival Kit B2 for PSRE253, PSRE243, PSRE353, PSRE343, NP11 and EZ220   
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Everything you need to get the most from your Yamaha portable keyboard.

Many of Yamaha's portable keyboards and other electronic instruments do not ship with a power supply in the box, so the Yamaha Survival Kit is an essential accessory. Note: most Yamaha portable keyboards operate on batteries, but the batteries are sold separately, so the Survival Kit is critical.

This Survival Kit contains a power adapter that is perfect for your keyboard, a footswitch and a set of stereo headphones. You also receive a two-year extended warranty and more than $200 in rebate offers on great Yamaha instruments and accessories, along with learning software, additional songs and more.

The SKB2 Survival Kit works with the following Yamaha products:
- PSR-101
- PSR-102
- PSR-103
- PSR-201
- PSR-202
- PSR-203
- PSRE-213
- PSR-E223
- PSR-E233
- PSR-E243
- PSR-E253
- PSRE-313
- PSR-E323
- PSR-E333
- PSR-E343
- PSR-E353
- PSR-E413
- PSR-E423
- PSR-E443
- NP11 Piaggero
- EZ-200
- EZ-220
- DD45 (digital drums)


  • Yamaha Power Adapter (PA130)
  • Footswitch
  • Stereo Headphones
  • 2-Year Extended Warranty
  • Hundreds of dollars in Rebate Coupons
  • Quincy Jones-endorsed Playground Sessions trial membership for online piano lessons
  • Link-to-Learn introductory learning guides, songs and more
  • Adventus piano-learning software, 60-day subscription trial

It's a must for your new instrument. Order today.

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