Martin Thinline Gold+Plus Acoustic Pickup System   

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The heart of the system is the pickup itself.

The Martin Thinline Gold+Plus Acoustic Pickup System's patented design solves the age-old problems of string balance, string spacing and wire-hole placement. That means you can use this pickup on virtually any acoustic guitar.

Martin crafts the Thinline pickup using a highly sensitive copolymer specifically formulated for it. The short distance from the undersaddle pickup to its internally mounted preamp maintains signal integrity. The preamp is designed for guitars that are amplified at high volumes, especially full-size guitars.

The Martin Gold+Plus Pickup is voiced to control boominess and to provide extra brightness. Recommended for musicians in situations where the guitar needs to stand out and sound natural without feedback. The Martin Thinline Gold+Plus Pickup's preamp circuitry gives a battery life of up to 12,000 hours.


  • This pickup/preamp is compatible with the Pro-EQ preamp
  • Advanced, proprietary copolymer sensor pickup
  • Enhanced pickup reproduces a very accurate sonic snapshot of both the strings and the soundboard
  • Smooth, natural, transparent response
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