3rd Power Amps Switchback Series SB312 Guitar Speaker Cabinet   

Product #H85338


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Get the same volume as typical 4x12 designs in a cab that's 20% more compact.

Though retangular in shape, the 3rd Power Switchback 312 utilizes an internal triangular chamber to house three 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The Switchback 312 also employs 3rd Power's signature Switchback porting system on the back of the cab. A triangular port behind the speaker cluster gives you a choise closed- or open-back sound, effectively doubling the tonal possibilities of whichever amp the cab is paired with.


  • Proprietary Triangle Speaker Chamber
  • Removable vent lid
  • Recessed molded corner handles

Call or click to get all the power in a fraction of the space.

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