Acoustic B210NEO Bass Speaker Cabinet   

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A powerful lightweight bass combo built for any venue.

The Acoustic B210NEO Bass Speaker Cabinet has 2 neodymium drivers behind the great sound produced by the 400W pushed by its speakers. Neodymium speakers have only been used in bass enclosure for a relatively short amount of time, but they are definitely revolutionary. Neodymium magnets are highly sensitive, so your sound is very dynamic and responsive to the touch. Also, thanks to its powerful but lightweight magnets, the whole Acoustic B210NEO enclosure weighs significantly less than traditional alnico and ceramic speaker magnets. In addition, the speaker frame isn't as big and bulky with neo speakers, making this cabinet lighter and manageable for lots of late-night packing and unpacking. Both your ears and your lower back will know the difference.

Since the founding of the Acoustic brand in California in 1967, many legendary musicians, including some of music's premier rock, jazz and funk players, have chosen Acoustic as their amplifier of choice. The Acoustic design philosophy is "simplicity," allowing you to dial up great sound in an instant. The B210 NEO continues the great Acoustic speaker tradition of simply great sound-so turn it up and discover what players have known for decades: Acoustic is the pro's tone since 1967.


  • Power handling: 400 watts @ 8 Ohms
  • Speakers: 10" (x2) custom neodymium drivers
  • High frequency driver: horn with on/off switch

Rich in heritage, many Acoustic users and endorsers would never consider playing through anything else. Hear what you're missing and order your Acoustic B210NEO bass speaker cabinet today.