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Product 480685

Behringer GM110 V-Tone Analog Modeling Combo Amp   

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The Behringer GM110 V-Tone Combo Guitar Amp is a natural for practice, warm-up, rehearsal, or recording. Its 3 amp models and 3 speaker simulations a...Click To Read More About This Product

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Analog modeling for total flexibility and vintage tone.

The Behringer GM110 V-Tone Combo Guitar Amp is a natural for practice, warm-up, rehearsal, or recording. Its 3 amp models and 3 speaker simulations are all based on pure analog circuitry with no digital components. As a result, the GM110 gives you 27 authentic basic tones supported by a 10" speaker and Behringer's DYNAMIZER circuitry.

Vintage-style controls give you drive, 3-band EQ, and level; and 3 slide switches for amp, mode, and speaker selection. A serial effects loop lets you add outboard processors or effects, and a full DI out with XLR connector and ground lift lets you deliver the full preamp sound including all amp, mode, speaker, drive, EQ, and level settings for recording or connection to an external power amp. A speaker out automatically mutes the internal speaker.

Behringer has put all its advanced technology into a rugged vinyl-covered cabinet witho versized chrome steel corners and black grille cloth.

  • 30W RMS amp
  • 35W 10" speaker
  • 3 amp models
  • 3 speaker simulations
  • 3 gain modes, individually selectable and purely analog
  • Wide-range drive control for super-fat sounds with any pickups
  • Extensive master section with powerful 3-band EQ and master level control
  • Balanced XLR DI out delivers full preamplified sound
  • Serial effects loop allows integration of outboard gear
  • Additional 8-ohm speaker out with automatic internal speaker mute
  • 14-1/2"W x 15"H x 9-1/2"D

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The Real Deal

I bought this amp for $120 about two years ago and it is still going strong. I love this amp. I own three Behringer amps and have been playing guitar for 27 years. ...Read complete review

I bought this amp for $120 about two years ago and it is still going strong. I love this amp. I own three Behringer amps and have been playing guitar for 27 years. It has two negatives and I will cover those first. The speaker is good only so long as the amp is not turned up too loud or with too much bass. It gets some great, almost nu-metal tones but the speaker farts out if it is turned up past about half way with full bass and scooped mids. So, it is a practice amp, not a gigging amp. The other problem (for me) is it doesn't have any channel switching capability. It is a one channel amp. Now, having said all that, this amp absolutely ROCKS! The tone coming out of this amp is amazing. I have owned Marshalls and Fenders and they are as good as they are reputed to be. This amp comes pretty close to a tube amp sound but it doesn't have the touch and feel and punch of a tube amp. At bedroom volume it sounds absolutely beautiful. It is 100% analog (digital ing amps sound digital, no matter what anyone says). I would rather play this amp than anything Line 6 puts out. Digital is too sterile and has zero "feel" to it. This amp works with you and I guarantee you will love it. At this price, it is the single best value available in the United States today! It has a gorgeous clean channel but it cannot pump a lot of volume on full clean. It is perfect if you use foot pedals for your tone. The various stages of distortion are all wonderful and give you the ability to play any song you have ever heard in your life (at practice volume). I gave is straight 10s except for quality because the speaker can't handle the volume on nu-metal. I highly recommend this amp to any player at any level who needs a really flexible, single channel, lower volume amp. By the way, after owning this for a year I went out and bought the big brother to it. The GMX-212 holds the tone a louder volume but this amp actually sounds better than the big brother. IMO.


Most Liked Negative Review



Ordered the Vintager GM110, but got the V-Tone GM110 (the same?). The only difference I can see from the different manuals is that the speaker is 4 ohms, not 8 as...Read complete review

Ordered the Vintager GM110, but got the V-Tone GM110 (the same?). The only difference I can see from the different manuals is that the speaker is 4 ohms, not 8 as advertised, and the speaker out is 4 ohm also. Can't complain, though, as I am using it to drive two 12" speakers (a Celestion V12-60 and a 12"(80 watt?) ancient speaker from an old Ross amp connected in parallel). The sound is clear and deep with lots of presence and vibrates the floor at volume. I am also using a Digitech RP50 (between the amp and guitar). If you use an effects box like this, use the tweed amp model on the 110 if you use other amp models on the effects box. If you use different amp models on both you get some interesting distortion. All in all, this amp really sounds good and clear, both with the internal speaker and driving two 12". A real bargain.

Reviewed by 47 customers

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Excellent Low-volume Tone - Incredible Value

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Over the years, I have used/owned many amplifiers...both solid state and vacuum tube. Because I'm a "curious hobbyist", amps tend to come and go as something new comes along. Until I purchased my current "B-stock" GM110 (don't "fear the reaper"...the unit arrived in perfect condition), I never owned an or solid state...that sounded as sweet and mellow with such rich overtones at LOW volume levels. This is the "real deal". Unlike the "oddly-flat, single-dimensional" sound I've experienced with two different DSP-based modeling amps, the GM110 has a pure, natural multi-dimensional sound that I can "hear into". This "sound depth" is essential for expressive jazz and blues style playing. Low volume is essential for keeping peace in the neighborhood at night.The GM110 is great as a stand-alone, but I have teamed it with a Tube Ultragain MIC200 pre-amp. The pre-amp adds a little noise...the total of which is less than I experienced with some well-known vacuum tube amps...but adds a bit of sparkle to the overall sound that is very pleasant.At the give-away prices that Musiciansfriend is offering the GM110 and Tube Ultragain MIC200, you can explore the expressive nuances of superb tonality...even at low volume levels...for about the same cost as a garden-variety 15 watt x 8" solid state practice amp.


This is a COMBO?!?!

By Guitarister

from Connecticut, USA

Ok... 30 watts, alright for warm up and practice... 10" speaker, the same. Analog modeling, is that possible? Modeling, at least on the digital realm is based on number readouts based on samples, but, anywho... Effects loop, on a little combo? Cool... XLR DI-out with speaker simulator? Very cool! Speaker output that's potent enough to make a 4 x 12 speaker cabinet scream? **** right!!! I A/B between two of them with an overdrive pedal in front of the dirty amp for solos. Tonally speaking, this things sounds about 16 times as big as it really is, stack in a combo is not a question here. Plugged into a BG412S, it cranks with the best of 'em. Run a pair of them with a good delay/chorus between the two and hot ****! I can't say enough about how versatile this amp is or how many possible applications this thing has! I've only come to have one problem with it, one and only one: it's a single channel. Behringer made up for the lack of channel switching by making this amp cheap enough to buy a couple of them and not break the bank, so, just buy an A/B switch and set each amp for desired tone, one clean and one dirty.


Can't beat it for the money

By Ray-uV-sD

from Pittsburgh, PA

I have had this amp for two weeks now and I haven't plugged into my JCM/2000 upon receiving it (I think it's jealous). It is a fun amp with killer sounds at any volume. It has enough power to keep up with my band. I plugged it into my Marshall 4x12 cab. and it shook the walls. The amp has a few vibration noises when you crank it up. I put a couple of guitar picks between the amp and the chassis (problem solved). It does not have reverb, but I don't use any reverb or effects anyway. It does have a send and return for those of you who feel the need. I have not recorded with it yet. It has a direct record-out that I will try soon.


Great sounding small amp

By DeaconDan

from New Hampshire

For the price of a stomp box, you get a great sounding small amp for recording, practice with versatile, well thought out features, and it sounds great!


Nothing in it's class can compete

By JonDeath

from The MIlky Way Galaxy

See all my reviews

Not even tube. The price and performance destroys the competition. The sound, response and durability of this amp makes it superior to everything else on the market within it's class/specs. The gain stages stack one on top of the other just like a good tube amp. The volume is outstanding and the preamp controls are hyper sensitive yet smooth like a finely tuned tube combo from the 60's/70's.Even without a pedal to overdrive it, this thing really performs. You can play the most intricate and involved of pieces without needing to overdrive the amp with a pedal for the required sustain and response. I can not recommend this amp enough for the beginner or seasoned veteran. Put 2 of them together and you could play some fair sized gigs. In the studio it's absolutely priceless. Tell the best of players it's tube and they'd believe it. I will praise these little gems until I'm old and senile.....


This is what your looking for!

By Jack

from Brookpark, Ohio

See all my reviews

Nothing compares to this amp for the price. This is a gig amp at the same price as a practice amp. The amount of overdrive that you can get with this amp is crazy. The clean guitar sounds great. I am totally happy with this amp!


Great tone, great buy

By lafours

from MI

For the money, you can do no better... more convincing tones than a pod or v-amp. From twang to blues, to high gain, a wonderful "TONEFUL" little monster!



By PeteTheBeat

from Baltimore, MD

See all my reviews

I'm a drummer, PRO for MANY years, and wanted a versatile amp for my practice room, and my kids (I play a little guitar, too!) Very simple, yet FULL of features not usually found in this price range. I have other Behringer equip that's excellent, too. Doubt the grunge and metal guys would like it, but for clean, full, rich and versatile-sounding amplification, I think it's a WINNER! It has MANY programmable sounds that are fun, yet very useable. A great amp for variety, fairly loud, too!


Great Value

By Old Player

from Reno, NV

This amp can deliver all the tones you need for practicing, and has enough versatility for performing, with caveats listed below. You can get most any sound you are looking for. I love this amp for the price! As other reviews seem to cover the features well, let me just point out a couple of issues you should be aware of. First, you can pretty much duplicate any basic amp sound you are looking for. OK, tube purists may not see the glow, but others won't care. However, you gotta change the gain and volume and tone ALOT between different settings of the switches and it makes some popping noises when changing the switches. As I don't switch sounds between songs, it's not a problem for me, but the flexibility does not remove the need for effects pedals for most live performers. It's pretty cool to be able to get a nice jazz tone, a bluesy sound, classic rock to Jimi Hendrix with just a cheap amp like this. Just write all the settings down once you find that sound you are looking for, including the tone and volume dials, and what pickups are switched in. The variety can boggle the mind....


Amazing for the price!

By Crash

from Texting and Driving

See all my reviews

Ask me a question

Probably the best "bang for the buck" amp out there. Some say the clean "tweed" mode isn't loud enough... just turn the "drive" knob stays clean about 3/4 way up... problem solved. I play this amp instead of my Mesa Boogie when practicing at home... tubes ain't cheap. I'm thinking of upgrading the speaker,as I think the amp just overpowers the stock one... it tends to "pop" some when loud... beginners should get this amp, as they sound MUCH better than the amps you get with the starter packs (guitar, amp).

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