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Behringer ULTRACOUSTIC ACX1000 2x60W Acoustic Amp   

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The Behringer Ultracoustic ACX1000 2x60W Acoustic Amp represents a true milestone in acoustic guitar amps. It not only gives you incredible cutting p...Click To Read More About This Product

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Stereo acoustic instrument combo with mic input and digital effects.

The Behringer Ultracoustic ACX1000 2x60W Acoustic Amp represents a true milestone in acoustic guitar amps. It not only gives you incredible cutting power, ensuring that your acoustic-electric guitar will slice through any mix and hold its own with the loudest band, but it also features unusually flexible voicing options. The instrument channel is optimized for piezo-type pickups often found in guitars and other stringed instruments. It includes a great-sounding active 3-band EQ plus an attack control, especially useful for fingerpicking, and two feedback controls for fast, easy elimination of problem frequencies. Separate gain and volume controls offer additional tone-shaping flexibility, while the phase button with status LED allows quick correction of the phase problems often encountered with acoustic instruments.

The second channel features a first-class mic preamp with a balanced XLR input and phantom power, a 1/4" line-level input for a second instrument, and the same EQ section and feedback controls as Channel one. Instead of an attack control, Channel 2 sports a control for the enhancer circuit, which helps you get the best out of your vocal or instrument signal. Both channels share a tube-emulation circuit specially developed for the ACX1000 and featuring a warmth control that allows you to add tube-type harmonics at will. A vintage-style meter displays the amount of added warmth.

The Ultracoustic also boasts a 24-bit stereo digital multi-effects unit with 24 algorithms that were painstakingly fine-tuned for acoustic guitar and vocals, including reverb, delay, rotary speaker, chorus, flanger, stereo panning, tremolo, and various effects combinations. Four of its 99 editable presets can be assigned to quick-access front-panel presets or footswitch selection. Last but not least, the ACX1000 offers a multitude of useful I/O options, including an adjustable stereo aux in with level control and mute function, a stereo tape I/O, a pre-effects insert per channel, and stereo post-effects insert in the master section. Plus it's the only acoustic amp on the market with a MIDI interface that allows remote effects selection and automation. In addition to its road-proven build, quality, and first-class components such as a robust power supply for plenty of reserves and headroom, it features an active, temperature-controlled cooling system and includes a quad footswitch for effects switching.

  • 60-watts-per-side RMS stereo amp
  • 2 - 8" high-resolution speakers plus special HF driver
  • 2 channels with separate volume, 3-band EQ, and 2 feedback filters
  • First-class mic preamp with balanced XLR input
  • Tube emulator adds warmth and presence to instruments and vocals
  • Stereo 24-bit multi-effects processor with 24 algorithms and 99 presets
  • Parallel tuner output plus adjustable, mutable stereo aux in
  • Channel and master inserts
  • Stereo tape I/O
  • MIDI interface for remote effects selection
  • Includes quad footswitch for effects switching
  • 24"W x 17"H x 13"D

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Most Liked Positive Review


Not too shabby!

I bought this amplifier about 8 months ago. I have not had any problems with it and it sounds great! I previously owned a Marshal acoustic amplifier and this thing out performs it hands...Read complete review

I bought this amplifier about 8 months ago. I have not had any problems with it and it sounds great! I previously owned a Marshal acoustic amplifier and this thing out performs it hands down! I have allways been a little skeptical of Marshal's products. For the most part I think they are overpriced and really are no better than many of the other brands out there today. This amp has quite a few features and is remarkable loud and clear at higher volumes. As far as complaints about the quality, I have none. I came across a time where my own misuse caused some major clipping in the sound. But it was my fault and not a design flaw. I am rather dissapointed on some of the reviews posted on this website. Many of them state that the unit is noisy and feedback problems. I think that ignorance in setup could be a major factor. First of all the differences from room to room cause many different types of acoustical problems. (ie...Feedback) That is why they included those feeback knobs and phase buttons on the amplifier. The feedback controls basicly form a relatively high order bandpass filters designed to attenuate problem frequencies. Feedback from an acoustic guitar occurs when the sound from the amplifier resonates with the room and is picked up again by the pickup in the acoustic guitar. It is then fed back to the amplifier and again amplfied even more. This process occurs over and over again is why feedback progressively gets louder and louder. Simple adjustment of those feedback controls will elimate most problems. The phase button inverts the incomming signal by 180 degrees which will cause cancalation to further reduce resonate problems. The problem is most people think they can just crank up the volume while they are sitting in a 5 x 10 room and expect everything to be great. Where you are sitting in relation to the speaker placement and direction, all play a critical role in feedback and other undesirable acoustical properties. Also a sound hole cover on your acoustical guitar may be a solution. It all depends on the acoustic properties of the room. The effects sound about as good as most digital effects sound. It also has an effect send and return set for more flexabiltiy. Overall I think this amp is pretty darn good for the money. Even at the higher volumes it still sounds good. I have had no problems with the quality other than my own misuse of the product. Although nothing broke, I was scared for a moment. I would recommend this amplifier to most people.


Most Liked Negative Review



I started my search for an acoustic amp with a Fender Acoustasonic Jr. It sounded okay, but I didn't like the on-off effect of the chorus, so I purchased the ACX-1000. I...Read complete review

I started my search for an acoustic amp with a Fender Acoustasonic Jr. It sounded okay, but I didn't like the on-off effect of the chorus, so I purchased the ACX-1000. I was originally wowed by the number of effects it had, but just how many effects do you really need on an acoustic amp? The amp worked fine, if somewhat noisily, for almost a year. Then the phantom power circuit started to hum very loudly and the circuit could not be turned off. After getting in touch with Behringer tech support, I took it to the repair service they directed me to. After about 7 weeks the repair tech advised me they were getting my amp replace under warranty. Okay... When the new amp got to me a month later it did the same thing the third time I turned it on. Behringer tech support said the problem could not be repaired, issued a call ticket to ship the dead unit back and shipped me another unit. Turn around on this was about 3 weeks. This one is VERY NOISEY when the master volume is set to anything over 4! I use the amp to play my Gibson Chet Atkins SST through. The guitar sounds GREAT DI-ed through a PA system, but I'm going to cut my losses and trade this thing in on something else. I don't think I buy anything else with the Behringer name. Bad design is not a good investment no matter how little it costs.

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Great Amp!

By jazzalta

from Canada

See all my reviews

I am amazed at some of the negative remarks here. While this amp does have some hiss at high volumes, so do others costing twice as much. I've been at this for over 35 years and know a good amp when I hear one. This definitely meets my criteria. I am using this for solo guitar work exclusively, and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. My only gripe is that it's bloody heavy, but that's really too minor to complain about. I've had other acoustic amps: Fender, Ultrasound, and Fishman. The thing that I really like is the versatility. Top notch

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Guitar Never Sounded Better

By Captain Hogfat-xMiCW

from Greenville, SC

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Straight out of the box I plugged in my Les Paul. The golden tones emanating from this amp brought tears to this old Salty Dog's eyes no joke. I couldn't believe that an electric guitar could sound so musical. If you are into quality musical instrument sound, you should get this amp. I have heard none better in my 40+ year musical career.

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By Bummed--NaC3

from Key West, FL

See all my reviews

I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, hence a "2", but my amp worked fine for about 5 minutes then it "blew" completely leaving me with a noise like a jet engine and no instrument signal at all. Might have been bad luck but I personally will never but another Behringer product. Save yourself the return hassle.

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My experience with the Behringer Ultracoustic

By Gene

from Beckville, Texas

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This is a very good amp for accoustic guitars. The effects are plentiful and responsive. I have played Martins, Guilds, Fender and Taylor accoustics through this very smooth amp without any problems whatsoever. I even ran a Strat with a delay through it for fun and was amazed at the performance! You will not go wrong buying this amp.

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So much for so little.

By Speaker abuser.

from Placerville, CA

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This gadget is a great tool for me. I do coffee houses and bars and wineries/breweries, a singer/songwriter of sorts. I used to carry and setup all the PA system and usually several hauls from the carpark, upstairs too, this guy is all done in one shot with mike stand and guitar in one hand, amp in the other. The sound from this feller is good to start with and usually needs very little trimming.This Behringer combo has the power and spare headroom in all areas to cut through the noisiest crowded rooms and still be heard at the back. The "anti" feedback equipment on this amp is just fantastic to use, but again, to use it correctly, its best to read the hand book and well worth it.This amp has legs to lean it backwards, I sit it on a table and point it at the cieling which seems to "bounce" the sound to the back of the room, front of the room can usually hear anyways.There is also plenty of auxiliary ins and outs on this amp for anything else you may want to do with it. My wife loves it too as it gets me out of her hair in the evenings. Turn pro and get one yourself!

(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)



By Oscar m. Perez

from Springfield,Mass.

See all my reviews

I`m not a youngster when it comes to sound. At the tender age of 53, I have heard and played the best of them. I was at WOODSTOCK (the original). I thumbed a ride. I`m also a GUITARIST, so pay attention. One of the secrets of sound is "miking" thru the PA. Of course your engineer has to do HIS or HER job. If you start with an awesome sound, you make the soundman's job that much easier. That sound "WILL" come from the "AMP" you use. Behringer already took care of your "EQ" problems and gave you the power to have total control of your personal sound (tone). As with any amp, you need to find your own sound & tone. Only that with this ULTRACOUSTIC it's already there. I've had mine brand-new for over 6 months & I still am amazed at the amount of tweeking and wonderful sounds, combinations, and amount of surprises coming out of this amp. Remember I'm not a youngster at amps or guitars. Beside the Behringer (Ultracoustic ACX) I also have 2 Fender Vintage TWIN REVERBS, a Fender Vintage Bassman 50, a Traynor Custom-Reverb & of course the Behringer Ultracoustic. Do yourself a great favor & gift, Get the AMP, you won`t regret it. Great sound investment for the price. I can go on and on about the features, but that WILL be a future review. Tweek the 24-bit effects & you can have the sound & tone that you want. Remember, have a good idea of the sound & effect that you want, and find it on this AMP. Believe me it's THERE. I'll tweek mine and keep you posted. I also have vintage guitars. Not to mention any specific make, but Musicians Friend HAS them. Look for my future postings on equipment. BYE "Old Rocker"

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No Regrets

By Godin Guy-iceoY

from Sacramento CA

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I am very satisfied with this amp. I play a Godin Acousticaster. It sounds beautiful through this amp. Plenty loud to cut through the mix in a medium size room. As far as the "pause" when switching between patches goes, I found a solution. I "Y" jacked my guitar into both channels. I set the tones the same to avoid phasing. I use the #93 setting which is chorus in channel one and reverb in channel two. I set the reverb where I want it and turn the chorus down to 0. I then save the setting to patch 1 and patch 2. I then adjust the chorus in patch two and re-save it. When switching between patch 1 and 2 there is NO pause. For patches 4 & 5 I do the same thing with the rotery speaker/reverb combination. I also get a bit more bottom end this way as well. It works great! I have no regrets buying this amp! A great value for the price.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Don't Buy

By Mowman

from O.C.

See all my reviews

Like some of the other reviewers said, this amp is really noisy. I even sent it to Behringer's Tech Support Shop and they couldn't find a fix for it either. Save your money and buy a better brand. This amp has lots of bells and whistles, but it is still not worth the money because of all the background noise it has.


Behringer ACX1000 Ultracoustic


from Ft. Worth, TX

Lots of features, good digital effects, mic preamp warms up mic nicely, Sounds great with acoustic guitar, sounds very good with electric guitar, warmth control adds nice tubelike presence and compression. If you turn attack and warmth all the way up and set instrument gain higher than master gain you get a nice bright fenderish sound. I have had this amp about 3 weeks and use it at church with my acoustic guitar. Cuts through nicely. The only negatives are the lack of headroom (early clipping)on gain side, it weighs a ton (roller cart recommended)and it is NOISY. This amp has a louder hiss than my Super Reverb or Carvin Valve Master. Still, if the noise from tube amps doesn't bother you this shouldn't be a big problem. Over all great features, sound quality, value and volume for around three bills. Not a bad choice if you can afford just one "do it all" amp.



By MusicMan-WVaQJ

from Salina,Ks

See all my reviews

Nice dual purpose Amp. Slightly under-powered, but works well at full crank. I can comfortably fill small rooms with guitar and vocal. The fan is noisy when tilted back and one leg fell off. Behringer seems to be excellent gear, but occasionally comes with a problem related to the low cost, and can be resolved thru customer service. Thank You. Highly recomended for traveling light! I also own the Ultra BassKickback and it is perfect! And loud! Just go easy on the sub frequency.

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