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Behringer V-AMPIRE LX210 Guitar Combo Amp   

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The Behringer V-AMPIRE LX210 Guitar Combo Amp is a 2x60W stereo guitar combo with 2 - 10" speakers and a 24-bit multi-effects processor. The Behringe...Click To Read More About This Product

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A totally gig- and recording-worthy combo with the V-AMP preamp!

The Behringer V-AMPIRE LX210 Guitar Combo Amp is a 2x60W stereo guitar combo with 2 - 10" speakers and a 24-bit multi-effects processor. The Behringer V-AMPIRE combo has true stereo operation with either internal or external loudspeakers. There are 32 authentic amp models, 15 speaker cab simulations, and 16 multi-effects. Plus you get 125 locations for storing presets, intuitive rotary controls, and 15 rear-panel connectors for comprehensive routing. MIDI in/out/thru and implementation allows complete MIDI automation through downloadable Windows editor software. For recording or sound reinforcement, Behringer provides the V-AMPIRE with an XLR DI out with ground lift and switchable Ultra-G speaker simulation. A pre-DSP send/return allows dry recording and wet monitoring. The V-AMPIRE also features a frequency-compensated stereo headphone output with adjustable volume and a super-precise adjustable autochromatic tuner. Behringer includes a dual footswitch with your V-AMPIRE LX210 amp.

  • 32 authentic amp models
  • 15 speaker cab simulations
  • 16 multi-effects
  • 2x60W true stereo operation with internal or external loudspeakers
  • 125 memory locations, divided into 25 banks of 5 presets each
  • Intuitive rotary controls with dedicated LED indicators
  • 15 rear-panel connectors for comprehensive routing to suit any conceivable application
  • MIDI in/out/thru
  • MIDI implementation includes program changes, control changes, and SysEx, allowing complete MIDI automation through downloadable Windows editor software
  • Balanced stereo XLR DI Out with ground lift and switchable Ultra-G speaker simulation
  • Pre-DSP send/return for dry recording and wet monitoring
  • Extremely low-noise instrument input ensures maximum guitar signal integrity
  • Adjustable stereo aux input for line-level signals (CD, soundcard, monitoring, etc.)--can be reconfigured to feed headphones only for in-ear monitoring applications
  • Frequency compensated stereo headphone output with adjustable volume
  • Super-precise adjustable autochromatic tuner

V-AMPIRE LX210 Guitar Combo Amp

  • 24"W x 19-1/2"H x 10-1/2"D
    48 lbs.

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Most Liked Positive Review


its a keeper

First, the good things: this amp has So many amp models, so you can find a sound no matter what guitar you own. There are so many different jacks and hookups in the...Read complete review

First, the good things: this amp has So many amp models, so you can find a sound no matter what guitar you own. There are so many different jacks and hookups in the back, you can hook it into virtually anything sound related. The effects all sound true and can have great versatility. The cab simulator does work and emulates great, but I don't bother using it, the pure sound of the amp itself is amazing. With five channels usable at a time per bank and 25 banks, you can program this thing for any number of songs. It's extremely rugged; I just toss it around and treat it much worse than I should. I didn't like the sound as much with the amp itself, but maybe that's cause I own the 1X12 model and this one has more speaker mass to it. But then I bought the Behringer Ultrastack BG412H, and the sound was phenomenal! After that, I bought the Ultrastack BG412S, and the sound at a quarter volume was as loud as my surround system turned all the way up! The fact that this thing has two cab hookups is great, and since the Behringer cabs are Stereo, you can daisy chain as many as you want. Not that I have the money to buy another; it's just cool to think about. Anyways, I got tired of only having five sounds to choose from with only a two button pedal, so I bought the FCB1010 footswitch (which was a doozy and a half to figure out!) and now my amp is unstoppable! I don't think I'm ever gonna buy another amp unless I get enough to afford one of the Bugera all tube amps that'll be coming out soon. The only problems I've really had with this amp were: the knobs do break off if you aren't careful, especially when moving it in and out of cars and stuff. I've broken off four in the process of moving the amp, but I just take a screwdriver or a pencil and stick it where the knob should be when I want to turn the inside knobs. Also, it used to shut off with volume all the way up in my old house, but I think that's cause the electricity system in that house must have been from Jesus's time. It's never falied me at shows. Faulty knobs aside, I think this amp is amazing!


Most Liked Negative Review


Good starting or next to starting amp

I've played for 5 years and am now just upgrading which is sad but oh well. I played about 5 small gigs with it. It's an alright amp. You can get some good...Read complete review

I've played for 5 years and am now just upgrading which is sad but oh well. I played about 5 small gigs with it. It's an alright amp. You can get some good distortion out of it, but for leads this think isn't very good. You can get a clear somewhat distorted sound for leads,king of disappointing. The louder you turn the volume up the more it starts to be disappointing. It has no gut punchy distortion value at high volumes, kinda weak and nasily. The cleans are average and the chorus is pretty cool. Its confusing kinda though, when you want to mic it or record with it and you have it on say Live mode and you have your sound, when you plug into the output it changes it to studio mode, or was it vice versa, anyway that kinda made me mad. The knobs are cheap and have broke a couple times, and the input jack broke off within the fist week. If you are a beginner and are tired of the 10-15 watt practice amp this could work for you a while. I like the distortion that comes out of a 10 watt fender amp than this though.

Reviewed by 32 customers

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this is cheaply constructed

By soundman-JjnQB

from ina il usa

this is the worst amp i ever owned,knobs broke off,in the firdt month,took me a year to get parts,price was reasonable but junky amp,has to many adjustments,i like playin not fiddling aroud trying to get my sound,this thing is a piece of crap

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


pretty damn good

By sam-UtXnd

from Akron, OH

See all my reviews

I just joined my first band a couple of weeks ago. i didnt feel like hauling my half stack around every weekend so my friend let me use his v-ampire. this amp sounds fantastic. i love the high gain models as well as the clean ones. the effects sound awesome too. i use the autowah alot for funk playing. there is one problem though, even when i have the volume all the way down on my guitar, it still gives a ton of feedback. could be the effects. it is not to bothersome anyways. a great amp for jamming on.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Good Amp not the Best Quality

By TribalycMaster

from PR

See all my reviews

I've had this amp for a while and Im not dissapointed but not too happy with it neither. It arrived in good condition but the next week I was trying to adjust the gain and volume and the knobs just came off (broken)and I was like WTF. Well its a good amp very loud (effects are kinda crap but OK)mine has only 3 knobs left and I try not to get too close to it(it might fall appart) 4 stars for a good practice amp.


great amp but FCB1010 pedal is a MUST

By Steve-dEMw-

from Massachussetts

See all my reviews

I've had this amp for two years now. NOTE: the knobs on this amp are useless and break off very easily, although I take consistently awful care of my instruments. Now I use anything from a pencil to a tip to make adjustments where the knobs used to be. Other than the crap knobs, this amp is great. I owned it for about a year, then bought the Behringer FCB101 footpedal for it, which sat in my closed for six months because the owner's manual is useless, so I couldnt figure out how to program it with the amp. Finally, I found a website with step by step instructions on how to program this amp. Shortly after, I bought a Behringer 4X12 cab, and it's been a great setup since. Another flaw was that the cab simulation function on the amp just stopped working one day. The effects, reverb, and amp models, however, are all superb. I only use a couple of the amp models, but that's because of my music style. I LOVE the 5 different reverbs and the very versatile effects. If the amp is hooked up to a cab, in stereo, the sound becomes much more powerful. I don't think I'd still have this amp if it weren't for the pedal, though. If you're gonna buy this amp, be prepared to learn a lot about programming and stuff if you don't know a lot already, and this pedal is very limited without the pedal. It took me a few months to totally figure out. The sound is all electronic, so its obviously not the best, but if you can make that compromise, you'll get amazing functionality for a great price. If you're thinking about getting into different kinds of effects, but want to know how the sound, this is one thing you can buy instead of 20 things. I think it's way better than Line 6 in quality and price. As far as solid state sound, it's almost as good as it gets.


You get what you pay for.

By Rayman43

from Wisconsin

This is a very reliable amp with a boatload of features for really cheap. Its extremely powerful and once it goes past half way, there is a giant sound boost. The speakers it has in it are not the best. I would suggest hooking it up to a cab. But it is a very good amp that can handle all kinds of music and play them very well. The knobs however snap like twigs, so be careful.


nice amp

By t-dizzle

from usa

personally i think this amp is pretty awesome. as a person who mostly just plays for fun, the selection of amps and effect couldnt be better. my friends all love my amp to just because of the selection of things to fool around with. so basically you should buy it.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


very average amp

By Jacksongetmoney600

from Hudson, North Carolina

I bought this amp about 6 months ago in a pawn shop. I loved it for about 4 months. It is just a ok amp loaded with different amp models and effects. It doesn't have the sound a fender or a marshall have. Save your money and buy a better amp.

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Its a Behringer, What else is there to say?

By Random-5pTim

from Lancaster, CA

See all my reviews

If you know your amps, then you know that behringer doesn't make the best ones. They have low priced guitar and bass equipment. I've had this amp for about 2 years now, and to tell the truth, I'm not disappointed. I really wish it had a better distortion, but its nothing too bad too deal with. Its got a decent clean, but I prefe the clean on Crate's amps. The knobs are really weak, and break pretty easily, so one drop to the floor or one guitar knocked onto it and you'll probably lose a knob or two.Its a pretty loud amp, and if you get the 4x12 cab, then you'll have LOTS of power.All in all, if you're going for a real deep crunchy metal sound, this probably isn't the amp for you, but I think it would suit anyone well for any other genre or sound.*Side note: Its decent for home recording.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Room For Improvement

By Instinctz

from Oklahoma

I've now owned this amp for about a year. I am quite content with the amp. The price is just right for its quality and feature list. For being priced in this range you get a good list of sound effects and control. It is very true, you can get nearly any sound from blues and country to heavy metal and thrash. How ever none of them are top of the line sounds.I would recommend this amp for any learner/intermediate player who is looking for an amp that has plenty of sound control within a budget. You most likely will enjoy it. For those who are doing live sets or need more quality out of their amps, step up to a higher price range to get the clarity.About the knobs that everyone is talking about, well they are knobs. Perhaps not the best choice for the setup as they can be easily knocked off, if you use common sense and any sort of diligence to your equipment you should not have any trouble.Being digital, the foot switch is quite delayed as noted by other comments. Thus another reason I cant recommend this amp for live sets.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Positives and negatives

By Robert-s2Giy

from VA

One, this amp has a major live problem. When you step on the foot pedal to change between amp models, there's a pause. Using the "Live" modes helps a bit, but it doesn't solve the problem. If you go from a clean verse to a distorted chorus -- well, you can't, because it drops out for a split second in between, and it sounds like a hiccup.Two, it's Behringer. The knobs snap like twigs (I found that if you rip off the lapel clip of a pen cap, you can stick one end in the amp and the other into the broken-off knob). No one else seems to have this problem, but sometimes one of my speakers cut out until I play with the master volume knob. I'm debating if it's worth paying to fix, or if I should just buy a better amp.There are many benefits here, especially that it records exceptionally well in my experience. Just bear in mind it's got some issues.

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