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Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp   

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The Bogner Alchemist Series 212 is a guitar combo amp that boasts sparkling, articulate cleans; touch-sensitive leads; and a bright and colorful crun...Click To Read More About This Product

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Alchemist spins the visions of discerning guitarists into gold.

The Bogner Alchemist Series 212 is a guitar combo amp that boasts sparkling, articulate cleans; touch-sensitive leads; and a bright and colorful crunch. Alchemist is a modern take on vintage tube amp design. The Alchemist 212 amp owes its remarkable tonality to a 6L6 class-AB power section, a five-12AX7 preamp and premium Celestion speakers. It owes its timeless appeal, though, to classic innovation, modern ingenuity and the entrancing ancient mysticism of alchemy.

The Bogner Alchemist has a 2-channel design, each channel with its own voice and identity. Beginning clean and fast, featuring an open top-end and tight bottom-end, Channel 1 opens gradually to present simmering blues tones that churn like spirits in a cauldron. Advancing toward saturation, Crunch mode turns up the heat, adding the perfect touch of nastiness with added pick response and increased tonal complexity. Channel 2, achieves critical mass, invoking the famous white-hot Bogner gain—creamy, modern and screaming with sustain—offering everything from Brit rock right through to modern metal. Plus, with variable Bright settings, each channel can be customized to match the tone of your guitar and rig.

Featuring a selectable power section, from 40 to 20 watts, the Bogner Alchemist sonority quickly transforms to display a very different kind of magic. When switched to 20 watts, the Alchemist 212 undergoes a complete sonic metamorphosis, changing its harmonic complexity and feel to conjure the essence of the legendary Brown sound.

Reverb and Delay, in variable styles and levels, run in parallel separate from the original signal. The result is a rich, living and breathing, fully realized resonance capable of producing a complete tonal landscape.

Bogner includes a 4-button footswitch with the Alchemist 212 tube combo amp.

  • 6L6 class-AB power section and five-12AX7 preamp; selectable power section (40 or 20 watts)
  • Two 12" premium Celestion speakers
  • Channel 1 (gold): Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, Crunch mode, variable Bright, Deep switch; Channel 2 (mercury): Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, variable Bright, Mid Shift; Shared: in parallel, Reverb Type, Reverb Level, Delay Type, Delay Level, Delay Repeats (Feedback), Tap Tempo
  • Included four-button footswitch controls Channel Select, Boost, Delay and Reverb

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BognerAlchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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thank you reinhold bogner

By theroc165

from your moms house

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  • Excellent Sound


  • Effects Loop Sucks

Best Uses

  • Professional Recording

Comments about Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

This has the coolest sound ever, the only drawback and its small if you dont have the amp all the way off and i mean all the way powered down, your effects loop and on board effects start to make horrible noises like delays gone nuclear! Once you get used to this the tone is awesome this amp is so versitile

(5 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


Killer sounding amp and incredible value

By Steven Plump

from Illinois

Comments about Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

Do your homework. If you need the footswitch (I dont) replace the cable with a high quality XLR cable.
To qualify, been playing guitar over 30 years, own a recording studio and been through many amps both for recording and live. Make no mistake, the Alchemist 1x12 or any variation are serious amps that happend to be made in China. I also own a divided by 13 SJT10/20 Mesa Lonestar, Vox, Fender etc and I also repair amps. This is a well constructed high quality amp with verstaile and workable EQ, lots of features, two channels, a cool footswitch with an XLR connector and Celestion V30 (no.. not one of those made in Ipswitch) decent effects (if you dont have these already on a board) and more. I have the opportunity to do A/B testing with Mesa, Vox, /13, Orange AD-15 and others. Does ot sound like a JTM? no, blackface? (close) but it has a cool tone all it's own. It does require carefull adjustments and sometimes the knobs end up in places that dont look "normal" but who cares! You can tweak a nice clean sparking clean tone and do your OD/Distortion up front. Crunch setting is great for thin hair. The amp overall has alot of gain on both channels and for me I used a JAN 5731 in V1 and a Tung Sol 12AT7 in V2 and brought the gain down to more usable levels on both channels. Highly recomend doing this. Bogner uses good tubes already in V1 and V2 and Chinese in V3,4,5 (loop buffer and PI where not as important to the tone. I got this 1 x 12 from Musicians Friend for a silly price with freight included! Nothing can touch it for the price. I drive the front end with OD's/Delay/Reverb and it sounds great with all my guitars: Fender Cabronita, PRS Mccarty, Gretsch 6121 and even with an inexpensive Epi ES-339 (killer value btw that sounds VERY good with this amp). There have been some complaints about channel switching, etc. So far everything is cool and this poor guy runs in an enclosed insulated off stage amp box and cooks away for 6 hours at a stretch. It is doing fine and mic's up with a 57 or E906 VERY well. Interestingly, there is a wooden "brace" running right down the speakers middle almost like a beam blocker. (Also prevents you from miking direct on-axis which is a good thing). Took part to have a look at construction and it is very well done. Hey My Dr Z Maz 18 failed in the first 2 hours of use requiring dissasembly and a trip back to Z. I do not not take them to task for this. It happens. Z makes great amps and this offshore-made Bogner is a great amp.
See above - No problems. Built very well (take it from a guy who repairs them) decent tubes and speaker as well as the cabinet construction. On par with many upper end amps.
I got this 1 x12 from MF shipped very quickly at a riduculously low price.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Fantastic Amp!!!

Comments about Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

Overall, I think this is a great amp! You have the two different speakers in a wonderfully solid and beautifully designed cabinet. Just this feature alone is worthy of mention because each speaker has different frequencies that are highlighted which, to my ears, brings out subtle nuances that would otherwise go unnoticed. It has the two channels which absolutely covers chimey fender cleans to the full on marshall gain. Then you have the tweaker toggles of bright, deep, mid shift, etc., which changes the character of the amp. I can absolutely play and find awesome settings for any of my guitars whether it is the tele, strat, les paul, or rg. I really like it!

I will say that I am kind of surprised how many negative comments this amp received. From what I can tell and have observed through playing it is that it is a fantastic product and pretty much a marvel of amp angineering. Don't worry what these kids who don't know tone from toilet paper have to say with their negative stupid comments. If you can't dial in a good tone with this amp then you are hopeless as a guitar player anyway.
In my opinion when it comes to features this amp really delivers a lot. I have always loved the sound of Fender amps as well as the Marshall sound and really this has both types of amps covered as far as I am concerned. The tone controls have a dynamic effect meaning that when you turn the knobs you dramatically hear a difference as you travel the range. The bright, deep, mid shift and other toggles also change the amps characteristics in a considerable manner. I couldn't be more pleased.
The thing is built like a tank and man is it heavy! I want to gig with it but travel and setup might leave my back hurting too much to make it through the gig! The thing is seriously heavy. It does have casters which is really helful. I do have small kids and the build makes it a bit easy to topple over. With being so heavy I made sure that I put it in an area of the house that the kids can't get to. If you have small kids you might consider doing the same. As far as reliability goes, I haven't had it long enough to tell. I have read quite a few negative comments but as far as I can tell I haven't had any issues at all.
I got this amp as the, "Stupid Deal of The Day" for only $600. It was such a bragain I bought three of them and plan to do some gigs this summer. I encourage everyone to check the stupid deal every day. You never know when something like this is gonna show up!

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Mine is a Jewel - Not a Lemon!

By Whammer Jammer

from MI

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Comments about Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

For the original price it's a solid 8. For what I paid on Stupid Deal - Fan-freaking-tastic! Let me reiterate solid amp with TWO RIPPING CELESTIONS...Need I say more?
Plenty of good features for dialing in your tone. Perhaps not as many as an Egnater Tweaker, but more than I need. Give me a gain knob and some reverb and I'm good to go. Read the description if you want to know what this amp offers in the way of features.

Be aware, it's got wheels and you'll need 'em. This sucker weighs over 80 pounds.
I was apprehensive about this amp when I bought it because of some horror stories I read about the quality. For me - no issues at this point.
$600 clams for this class A tone? Unbelievable value. It is a nice amp at the original $1300. TWO Celestions including my fave Greenback & Vintage 30 combination. This thing roars.

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less than floored

By ManyYearsOPlayin

from NJ

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Comments about Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

I'll just say it is worth considering and trying if you play any style other than tight high gain modern metal.
honestly i think this is a good amp & a tremendous value at that sale price, but ultimately i returned it.

the clean & crunch modes of the 1st channel were all great. some grouse about them, but personally I like the greeny/h30 speaker combo. at volume - clean has a lot of thunk & clarity. crunch was really good in both pickup positions with HBs. singles sounded good as well.

not a big fan of 2nd channel. it is quite dark, but dropping out bass & maxing out mids can work through that, if you want. its not bad, per se, but i just wasnt knocked out by it.

effects - nice addition & usable, but prefer outboard effects.

effects loop - parallel with no option for serial, which limits options for 4 cable if you want to do that.
The unit I received had a noise issue. unworkable noise on the clean channel (louder than gain channel). Searching the internets, this is a 'common' problem. I actually don't know how common it is, but there is some failure mode that causes this to happen & garner complaints.

My guess is it got hammered by our shipping friends.

So the unit went back. Ultimately I decided against an exchange, even though this really was a good deal. The lead/gain channel just wasnt a match for my tastes.
even though this wasnt a match for me. i think it is a great value.

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By christopher buck

from Edgewater Fl

Comments about Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

My main preamp (German made) crapped out on 12 April. Gig scheduled today, 22 April. I literally bought this yesterday, 21 April, and brought it home. Dialed it in for two hours at an acceptable volume level. Did not like single coils (N6) for overdrive as much as it did humbuckers (N4/LesPaul Gary Moore). Either shine on the clean channel. Really, its that good. P90's are like ear candy! Anyway, gigged it today. I was floored! At stage volume level this thing compressed really nice...everything stayed very articulate and responsive to pick attack. Like a muscle car, this thing wants to be opened up! Unbelievable! This is a keeper!
Nothing fancy hear....knobs and a few "special" switches. If you are a guitarist with at least one good ear left, you will find what you are looking for here! Came with 4 button footswitch (LOVE my Engl e530 but had to ORDER the Z-4. Shame on you Engl!) and casters, nice! 20/40W switch is really a bonus. Builtin reverb/delay sound really nice, you get to dial in how much you want. If you don't work out, get a gym membership, this biatch ain't light!
This thing is rock solid. All the pots are smooth. Zero noise on clean, negligible on crunch. Only on the Mercury channel (OD) does a little hiss come into play. Again, in a band atmosphere you will not notice. No popping when using foot switch.


Great sounds, questionable build quality.

By Andrew Bliss

from Florida

Comments about Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

Overall, the amp sounds amazing. The cleans are crisp and bright, and the overdrive/gain channel is crunchy and some serious bite. The reverb sounds amazing. It's very big and wide open. Perfect for more etherial or ambient pad like sounds. You can also dial it way back for a smooth rounded tone. I cannot speak for the delay because it was broken. In conclusion, you're getting a full featured tube amp with an incredible sound and awesome features, all at low cost. It makes you wonder what corners (if any) were cut in order to offer this product. Hopefully, this amp's issues are not wide spread and only concern the particular unit I was using. But again, with such a low price point, the build quality may be lacking. I'd give it a 10 for sounds, features, and value if it were completely functional.
This amp is loaded with two separate channels, a boost, bright switch, effects loops, 3 types of delay, and 3 types of reverb. There is plenty to explore.
Asthetically, the amp is pleasing. Knobs feel smooth and stable, but the small switches to change reverb/delay types were a little questionable. Most importantly, the new and seemingly unused Alchemist I tried out at Guitar Center had some issues. The delay section was completely broken. All three modes would not function. It makes you wonder what else could go wrong given a little play time.
The Alchemist is a great value considering your getting 20W/40W of all tube power, two Celestion speakers, 2 channels, a footswitch, and 3 types of delay and reverb.

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Pretty good but not great

By famous beagle

from NC

Comments about Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

This amp sounds great --- especially for something that's not $3k or something. Pretty much all of my deductions have to do with features and quality.I gig fairly regularly -- between 4 - 6 shows a month usually -- and I've been doing that with this amp for about 8 months now. Here is a list of problems the amp has developed so far:Transformer came loose: I was getting ready to load into my car one day when I noticed the tranny hanging by one screw! The other 3 screws were long gone, but I was able to find replacements and tightened it back up snug again.Footswitch is malfunctioning: The first thing I noticed was that sometimes the delay wouldn't shut off when I hit it. That doesn't happen too often, and I don't use it often, so I hadn't bothered with it. But now, the channel switching button doesn't engage unless you really stomp on it hard. I imagine I'll have to crack it open and do some resoldering.Knob screws came loose: Had to tighten them down several months ago.Squeling: A few times, when I've turned it on, it's done nothing but squel at me even with the volume completely down. This has gone away each time after turning it off and letting it sit on standby for a good 10 minutes or so before turning back on.Crunch mode switch: I love this switch, but I really hate that it's not footswitchable. I'd probably trade the reverb switch for this one, but that's just me.Bottom line is that the amp sounds really nice (as many reviewers have stated), but the cost-cutting manufacture is definitely apparent in the quality. I'm fairly certain most of these amps will need maintenance if you want to gig regularly with it.

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Awesome tube amp!

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Comments about Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

I walked into GC last week with a mind set of picking up a VOX AC30 or a Fender Deluxe the complement my new LP. Before even looking at both of these amps I glanced by this one and my eyes were glued. The initial thing that sparked my interest was the screaming deal they had on this. So, first thing I do is pick up a LP similar to mine and start jammin'. My mind is blown immediately. This amp packs a punch with its HUGE volume and dynamics. I suggest this amp to anyone! Hopefully in a few years I can pick up another Bogner, such as the XTC 101b. GREAT amp overall! Must buy!

(5 of 7 customers found this review helpful)


Great 2 twelve amp

By quat4X4

from Fayetteville, GA

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Comments about Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

Having read many reviews about this amp and playing one at my local store I finally jumped in and bought one. This is a heavy amp 85 lbs but that said well built. I was expecting the unit to be produced in the USA for the price range but then everything is moving out of the country so what can you do? Get right to the point this is a very user friendly amp, just the right amount of conrol to get very over the top clean and some very heavy grunge. I give the eq controls a lot of cudo's for having more then just off and on flavor. Both channels can be driven clean as well has very hot. The effects section was better then expected. I am not into any stomp boxes in the signal path. I want the amp to do the work, keep it simple. This amp does that perfectly! The footswitch looks like it will go the long haul built like a tank. The two different celetion speaker combinations are great just put a SM57 in front of the one that suites your needs. One is very warm sounding the other has some top end bite.I also added a VOX 2 twelve 16 ohm extension cab along with the internal speakers and it just came alive that much more. For my style of playing contempory christian which includes very clean as well as crunch on the newer material this amp makes my life easier. Just plug straight in, no boxes, drop a mic in front and go. I use the 20 watt setting as this seems to be the most musical. Very loud! I play, Teles, Strats, PRS Swamp Ssh, Rickenbacker 660-12 thru this amp and the eq handles them all very well. Each guitar has it's own character and takes some eq'ing to get right and this amp comes thru with flying colors. Quick review on the effects, I like a touch of reverb and the 3 choices this amp gives you are very natural sounding without being over the top. The ducking delay setting is one of my favorites. Works perfect on searing lead work in the punch mode of channel two. The tape echo also sounds just like an old tape machine should, a little warble and rolled off highs, very warm and again musical. My setup just got simpler, one amp, one cable and the guitar of choice from my arsenal. To many to list. Jump in you won't be dissapointed. I can't pass by this amp without wanting to play. Enough said!

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