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Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor   

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The Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor gives you 30 amp models, plus COSM distortion/overdrive/wah pedal modeling. Includes effects such as Uni-V and...Click To Read More About This Product

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Incredibly advanced COSM modeling engine.

The Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor gives you 30 amp models, plus COSM distortion/overdrive/wah pedal modeling. Includes effects such as Uni-V and De-Fretter, plus superb 24-bit sound quality. 340 effects programs give it more versatility than any pedal in its class and a customize function allows you to create your own tonal wrinkles. 15 analog-style knobs for editing commonly used parameters and an EZ Tone feature for quickly creating custom patches based on 30 templates. Uses built-in expression and control pedals to alter effects in real time.


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Most Liked Positive Review


Response to the uneducated

I already entered my review but as I read other reviews, I had to make some statements...If you think this processor cannot give a full distorted sound...You dont know what...Read complete review

I already entered my review but as I read other reviews, I had to make some statements...If you think this processor cannot give a full distorted sound...You dont know what you are doing...if you don't like the result of this don't know how to eq your rig...if the output of this conflicts with your stack or half stack...You need to use a little sense and choose the custom amp modele and customize it...If you think that the sounds are too metallic or tinny, you don't know what you are doing...Be sure you have the right output selection and read the manual or talk to someone who understands sound...As a sound tech I am amazed by the number of "musicians" who have no understanding of eq and it's applications. Most people just fiddle. Hey big stack owners...if you set your settings at home then expect to have the right sound on your stack you are pedals work that those who think the processor is too hard to are supid...go buy the "Casio" version (digitech, zoom, etc) and enjoy your new fisher price processor. READ THE is all in there if you have sound those who question the price of this beast...remember that the Roland counterpart costs twice as much and is eons more difficult to master and without the divided pickup is a waste of time compared to this (of course it is a beast no arguement)and the LINE 6 fanatics...I tested the POD and the Vetta amp and all that stuff...yes it has a good one argues that who has played on was actually a POD rig that got me looking into processors to replace my evergrowing headache of pedals and large amps, but to use a pedal to control a seperate brain and the cost involved with setup is ridiculous compared to the GT-6 and sorry...the GT-6 is more readily usable, takes less programming once you got it fine tuned, requires less stage adaptability, and less mess to hook up. Plus it allows more programming room and more tonal is built more rugged and is just a better pedal...get your head out of the ground. Now with the new GT-8 here, the POD floor processor is too late...the upgrades on the GT 8 leave the POD looking for more "peas"...better luck next time LINE 6This processor has never left me without over the last few years and hundreds of gigs and practice sessions. I own a 1973 Guild D40 which I used as my stage guitar for acoustics for years...but I have tweaked teh COSM acoustic module to where I prefer to play through my SG and get often a much better sound...I have NEVER heard an acst simulator that has not made me sick until this hum when playing or picking (after tweaking) and beautiful full sound when playing on the neck with my SG, select the middle and get a brighter sound but both wil full base and no tin or fuzz...In the studio it is clear with minimal adapts to any system large or small...I only tote along my half stack now to large venues for the look more than anything...I plug into a direct box which use to be a sin for a guitar sound, and run the extra line in my amp for back up support...I rely on the monitors more than my own amp...if they are good. This box is durable beyond my wildest expectation...Any curious guitar player needs to strongly consider this processor...try it out but better than that find someone who owns one and has tweeked it and play theirs...I do that for people all the time. I get calls frequently from local jammers asking me to come tweek out their cannot afford not to have this machine.


Most Liked Negative Review


Not as good as people say...

I bought this unit as an upgrade to my Beringer V-amp 2. Well, the sounds are little better, and frequencies wider than the v-amp 2, but still very fake and muddy especially the...Read complete review

I bought this unit as an upgrade to my Beringer V-amp 2. Well, the sounds are little better, and frequencies wider than the v-amp 2, but still very fake and muddy especially the bottom ends. It's OK for solo on the high frets, but if you play power chords on low frets, what you get is just this weird muddyish blanket that lacks bass. Even the v-amp 2 has better clarity and definition of sound. I was so disappointed after recording with it (direct in computer) several times. Moreover, as many have said, the sound from a real amp is very different from what you hear through earphones, and you better only use the effects instead of the amp simulators (all of them sound crapy) through the effect loop of your amp. Last, this thing is not user-friendly at all. Too many complicated functionalities that you will never need, and when you eventually figure them out, they always disappoint you. Plus, the expression pedal is no compare to my Dunlop original crybaby pedal and is too stiff. Most importantly, it cuts out much of the subtlety of your playing even if you turn off most of the useless functions, and the amp situmators are simply waste. Buy an ME 50 for just effects instead, if you are really into Boss effects and don't care about the subtlty of playing being cut out by all the complex digital wiring.

Reviewed by 108 customers

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Every sound you could ask for at your disposal

By guitarist for Jonestown (

from Cornwall, U.K

I have owned a GT-6 for about three years now. I have had other digital effect units in the past starting with a Yamaha REX-50 (one of the first DSP units I believe) and a Digitech Legend II. This is obviously LIGHT YEARS better than both, but was also cheaper even if you didn't take into account inflation.The tones are very good and you can get pretty much any sound you could want IF YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE IT. "Pureists" (pronounced "wanker") will hate this thing, but perhaps you might've noticed purists hate EVERYTHING. If you want Hendrix's EXACT sound then go out and buy his EXACT rig, dumbass.I currently play in a covers band doing around 40 gigs a year. It has never failed me and has been versitile enough for me to swap it out of a amp that died mid song to straight into the PA sounding fine in time for the SOLO!! Try THAT with your 50k Hendrix rig!! I doubt most of these guys rarely leave their bedrooms in their parent's hous where they've been living for the past 45 years.For a real musician that requires real diversity this thing is hard to beat. Period. If you want to edit the patches on your PC and be able to reorganize the patches I find the GT Manager for Partheus software to be an invaluable tool. Get it at

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Get nothing else. Roger.

By TehMusik

from New Milford, CT

I'm a 15 year old who is planning to go serious into guitaring. This thing is very crutial element in getting the right effect, this is the same type of effects proccessor the Muse singer, Mathew Bellamy uses. I can see why. It's very intimidating, and don't look past the first few pages of the manual for help. The manual is utter crap. Almost everything is wrong (I follow the instructions and it wont work), so many typo's, it's worth than my C-rated English papers. The best thing to do it google it,goto guitar tech forums and post questions, or, what I do, just fool around with everything untill you understand how it works. I found that the lower set of knobs don't do anything unless you pound the top of the expr. bar so the light turns on. That makes it a whole lot easier to understand. It basicaly runs likes this:The Patch (Or tone/preamp tone...just play with it)The effectThe expr. power (moving the pedal to change how much of the effect is used. Very nice with WAH/distortion)You select a patch, like, let's say "Screemer." then, you turn on the effects (Press the top of the expression pedal down hard on the rubber button so the light is on) and fool around with the knobs at the bottom and all the buttons untill you finaly find your sound. I have yet to figure out how to save different patches and effects to the 4 pedals at the bottom, like, one for heavy distortion, one for clean sound, one for spacy clean sound, and one for a really weird distorted sound. But, you can cycle through the bank and if it's set right, it won't change the sound untill you press one of the four lower (number) pedals. Works almost as good. Another way i found was to find a nice clean patch, but crank up the OD/dist. effects and push the pedal all the way forward when I want the distortion. :D

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Very satisfied!

By Orfeas

from Greece, Italy, Boulgaria

I have been using gt6 for almost 3 years now,with a Fender Strat(Emg SA) and it serves me very well indeed! Easy to use and nice,clean sounds and also nice warm dist. You can do lots of weird stuff with the effects too!I tried the gt10 too but it seemed more... electronic for me,more digital sound.So, i'm staying with the 6!

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Partial goodness

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I like the basics that this board brings. The way the floor board is layed out works for me. I will never use the amp or speaker modeling. Just sounds terrible through an amp, but it seems that Boss recommends the COSM for line in use only so I keep that section off. Distortions are ok, but I'll keep my Maxon OD820 and Boss Turbo Overdrive for that. My favorite thing about this pedal is the seemless patch changing that allows the previous patch to resolve it's decaying effects while you're at the new patch. I use many combinations of effects during a show so this is an efficient and good sounding way to get through the night.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Just opinion

By Kachiarginis

from Lithuania

I have GT-6 for about 1 year and what I understand, that you can use it with PA system it prety much good but i don't like that kind of approuch,couse it not professional and for me sound realy whimpy:)I strongly recommend it for those who use it in loop with good amp,becouse the best distorted sound you only get from amps,and all other things like delays,chorus,tremolo and etc. you can simply use from your GT-6, couse acctually i don't see any differents between stomboxes and GT-6.


Big boss effects box

By Frizbchucker

from Wauwatosa, WI

See all my reviews

When I tested this effects box out, I knew that the only thing it would do, is help me with guitar. Before, when I was breaking into my guitar solos, there would be this little 3 second gap that had no guitar in it at all, because I had to bend over and turn the distortion on on my amp, that sucked. Now with this when I'm driving straight into that Stairway to Heaven solo all I have to do is step on a button, and the distortion is there, and sounds better than ever. Same as when I break into the 3 guitar solos that Farmhouse has, I step on 1 of the million distortion options there are, and I blow myself away. Not only will it help you when you break into guitar solos, but it has some of the freakiest sounds I have ever heard, so if you like all those psychedelic sounds, this box is what you need. So if you find yourself breaking between the chorus and a solo to turn on the distortion, and then have to turn down the volume when the song is nearing to the end this is definitely for you. Especially if you perform on stage.


Get one!

By Weekend Rockstar

from Redding, CA

Ok? I also did my research, and read the reviews. Basing my decision on features, functionality and product knowledge? I decided to get the Boss GT6.This is not a beginner level effects processor for the guitar. It is a professional level, high quality effects processor for the guitar. Now to enlighten you?THIS THING IS AWESOME?!!! It had everything I was looking for. Multiple effects, maximum flexibility and monstrous sound. I won?t begin to describe to you ALL the details? but you certainly have to hear it to believe it! If you?re serious about your sound? get one!For instance? if you were playing a ?face melting? lead, and then wanted to fall right into some ?light and floaty? finger picking, the effects and ambiance from the preceding effect (after switching) fade out nicely? not being chopped off at the moment of switching. From squeaky clean acoustic, to the nastiest saturation? and everything in between. High quality effects and total customization? Boss proves worthy!You can turn it on right out of the box and begin playing, but to get the maximum pleasure & effectiveness out of the GT6, you MUST read the manual.



By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

ive purchased a Gt-6 2 years ago and since then i havent found any new guitar effect processor that would even get close to the quality and versatility of the Gt-6. The possibilities are endless. BUY IT!! your wont regret.


Awesome Effects

By Pheonix2022-mSH-q

from Seattle, WA

I've had it for almost 6 months now and it is definately worth the money. All the effects and sounds are awesome


Loving it since I got it

By bluesmanbrunn

from Hawaii

I got this for Xmas from my wife, and have loved it ever since. I am in the Navy, and dont like taking my gear on the ship with me since I have to worry about the enviroment it will be in. With this little puppy, I only need my guitar and I can plug right into the PA and get some killer sounds out of it. I was able to pull up a Jimmy Page sound with it in no time.

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