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Product 151428

Boss GT-6B Bass Effects Processor   

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The Boss GT-6B Bass Effects Processor lets you select programmed settings with the footswitch. This fully professional floor unit offers COSM bass am...Read More

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High-end bass multi-effects.

The Boss GT-6B Bass Effects Processor lets you select programmed settings with the footswitch. This fully professional floor unit offers COSM bass amp modeling with modeled compression, plus other must-have effects such as overdrive/distortion, COSM wah, and reverb/delay. There's also a true analog bypass, plus XLR and digital outputs for recording applications.

  • Professional bass multi-effects processor with COSM technology
  • True analog bypass and 24-bit converters for uncompromised sound quality
  • COSM bass amp modeling re-creates the tone of many of the greatest bass amps and speaker cabinets
  • New COSM compression effects modeled after 4 well-known compressors
  • Ultra-intuitive interface with analog-style knobs, built-in expression, and control pedals
  • Versatile effects including Auto Slap and sound-on-sound looping
  • Boss' best synth bass sounds with incredible tracking
  • Balanced XLR output and coaxial digital output for recording

Step into the future of bass playing with the GT-6B.


Review Snapshot

by PowerReviews

(based on 41 reviews)

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Most Liked Positive Review


I think I finally found

This is a little long but worth the read if you are shopping. I have been searching for that elusive perfect tone/sound for 30+ years. I am playing a Warwick Corvette 6...Read complete review

This is a little long but worth the read if you are shopping. I have been searching for that elusive perfect tone/sound for 30+ years. I am playing a Warwick Corvette 6 string though a Peavey Mark VI XP with 4-10's and 1-15. I also have a Boss Limiter/Enhancer and a Boss Chorus. My sound is already 90% there and better that 90% of others I hear live locally. But, I want that other elusive 10%. I think I have found it. The combinations and potential of this product are almost limitless and I believe you can mimic a several thousand dollar rack effects system with a little trial and error. Regardless, here is what I have discovered.#1. The manual is sufficient and not as bad as some say.#2. The comp/limiter effects are very good, but I like my Boss Limiter/Enhancer a little better.#3. Distortion on a Bass?! Huh!? Been playing Blues R/B Southern Rock Jazz and even Country when someone twist my arm and have tried to clean up my sound and get rid of mud and distortion, why would I want it back? But, if you want distortion, it has some of the best I have ever heard.#4. All the Chourus, Phaser, Flanger, Reverb, Delay options are as good as I have heard.#5. PreAmp/Speaker combinations? I guess these would be alright if you were going direct without your own amp/speakers, but since it has anexcellent EQ on it, these PreAmp/Speaker combinations are basically useless if you have a decent amp already.#6. The EQ is great, once I read the manual enough to figure out how it works. It's a little different than a regular EQ, but you can EQ your guitar 20 ways from Sunday before you even get to your amp.#7. WAH ...... if you have a sound you like and you add WAH to it, it will SUCKKKKK. I heard this complaint a lot on the net, BUT ... with the fine EQ this thing has I am sure you can clean it up and fix it. You will just have to have a patch set up and designated for WAH.#8. Octave, Slow Gear, Harmonist, Tremelo, Vibrato, Pedal Bend, Syn Bass, all have potential.#9. Humanizer, Auto Slap, Pitch Shifter, Ring Modualtor, .... what the hell were they thinking?#10. The Enhancer does not work at all, well barely anyway. I would swear it's broke but I heard this same complaint from others. But once again, the EQ itself can over come this.Summary, The only thing that's a little overwhelming is all the potential combinations. So it is going to take weeks and weeks before I finally get through tweaking and building a small handful core patches. It is a bass after all, so I don't care if I wind up with only one patch and one setting and all I do is plug and play, if there is a sound you want, this will give it to you or else it doesn't exist. So, if I can find that one elusive perfect sound I have been searching 30 years for, the $ is a bargain.


Most Liked Negative Review


weak effects.....

i returned this thing less than a week after i bought it. the preset 'patches' are just plain stupid...cheesy sounding. i found maybe a handful that i was happy with. ...Read complete review

i returned this thing less than a week after i bought it. the preset 'patches' are just plain stupid...cheesy sounding. i found maybe a handful that i was happy with. about the only perk it has is being able to customize the patches in a couple of the banks....yet that turned out to be incredibly tedious. each individual effect in each bank has to be tweaked to find just the right sound. if you are picky about your sound you should be able to tell right off the bat that the preset 'levels' are way off. there wasn't one distortion worth a damn on it. the only effects i was happy with were the tremolo and the humanizer and a couple of the wah effects. i would rather pay more money for the individual effects that will actually be used to get better quality sound. buy MXR products instead.

Reviewed by 41 customers

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An absolute must have...

By Mickey D.

from NE PA

I have owned this unit for about one week and I'm still in the learning curve. There is just so many cool things that you can do with this gadget. The presets are simple to use and well thought. The tweaking of sound to individual taste takes a few sessions, with the manual close by for referance. Once you get through the basics it gets really interesting. The potential for sound alteration is limited by two factors: your imagination and your patience. Prior to purchase, I had the advantage of playing with a number of Bass Multi-effect units. I like this one the best. The versitility is great, the sounds are great, the price is a little scary but I'm glad I made the investment. I have had a lot of fun using the distortion and octave settings. They give you range from this lowest growl to an insane guitar like metal lead. The slap functions have brightened up my sound. Trying to slap with a single fifteen is flat to say the least, but the slap presets allow the highs and mids to ring through. The cabinet and amp selection requires some getting used to. I find myself tweaking the presets and EQ to get the sound I want. To sum it up, would I buy it again? YES! YES! YES! Would I recomend it? It is an abdolute must have!


The Sleeping Giant

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

What a beast! I just picked this up at a local music store and went to the jamroom to hook this up and what utterly suprised I was. One word of advice: READ THE MANUAL BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!!! With some tweeking It will sound massive. The secret is: 1.A good power amp and 2.A BBE 462 and 3: An excellent cabinet. Match made in heaven. So much MEAT and Guts. It's worth every penny. Good Job BOSS. Go try one out at your local store. You won't regret it. Buy one now! Quit being a punk!


If you

By Octavarium2007

from Phoenix, AZ

I never used effects in my music until I got this badboy as a birthday present from my dad. I've tried other processors before, but I was let down by their damp sound and lack of control. Additionally, once you start with one effects pedal (like chorus for me), you HAVE to get the reverb, delay, compressor, synth, wah, distortion, and so on. It certainly did not take me long to realize the full potential and diversity that the BOSS pedal provides. It started off with just messing with the equalizer, adding a much appreciated boost in brightness and warmth in my tone. I quickly moved on to trying its chorus, distortion, and reverb/delay. I was amazed by the amount of tonal control and seemingly endless selection of posssible styles and sounds. I have had this pedal for 3 years (with a slight gap when someone stole it and I had to replace it) and still have no intention of purchasing any other pedal. I have over 20 customized presets on it and I still continue to make more. However, I can say that I am considerably disappointed by the pedal's harmony and synth effects. The pickup and sensitivity on these effects are slightly uncalibrated and cause the pitch to occasionally fluxuate and sound unnatural, espically for the harmony. Also, when using the harmony or pitch shift, you can't hit multiple strings or chords because sometimes the pitch will cut in and out and create a very nasty sound. Regardless, if you are looking for a diverse and capable multi-effects pedal, I highly reccomend the BOSS.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)



By mike-UDio6

from UK

I have owned the pedal for about 4 years. It has a lots of effects and can make some realy crazy sounds, however none of them realy sound good. The distortions sound very week, the amp modeling sound dull and lifless, and the chours sounds cheap. The delay effect is good, I like the tap tempo and midi sync. I have played with evry possible option on this pedal and have complete understanding on how it works but am not impresed. I currantly only use it in a studio as an A/D converter and a foot MIDI controller, as I do not feel the effects are up to scratch. If you want a bass multi effects save the money and buy a zoom, I'll sound just as good, or hold out and buy a pod. The gt6b is not in the same leauge as the line 6 pod for sound quility.Lots of fetures, none realy that good!


Tons of Tone

By TheIronMaiden

from Land O Lakes, FL

Some very good presets and very easy to tweak. One second my StingRay sounds like Steve Harris and with a push of a button I sound like Getty Lee!! It even makes my 20 year old Yamaha BB450 sound king!!!


Its pretty sweet

By Bass Playa

from Magnolia Tx

First off, I've owned this pedal for about a year now. I've gotta say, its pretty nice for live performances where I have the room to use effects and recording, to an extent. The only gripes I have about it are the Distortions/Overdrives/Amp modeling. The distortions are too... "buzzy" and the overdrives just won't get fat when you need them to. The amp models are pretty good, but when you try to add some gain, they just sound like poo. It sounds like solid state clipping when you try to add gain. The chorus, compression, and reverb are where this pedal shines. They're all really what you need, and not anything else. The pitch shifter comes in handy too. I play along with alot of music when practicing, and it helps me not have to change tuning every few minutes. Some of the synth effects are kinda cheesy or don't really work right. I hear that the GT-8 has alot better synth effects if thats what you're into. Overall its a pretty good pedal. Cheaper than buying all the pedals separately


He's still plugged in and playing

By Mary

from Iowa

I grew up watching my older brother learn to play bass and have been around musicians my whole life. When my fiance' bought the Boss I just knew it would be a good buy. He works at home and every chance he gets is at it, discovering more and more new sounds. What I hear is a diversity that you could never get with a whole board of pedals. The ability to "fine tune" each sound makes it's capabilities virtually infinite in possibilities. I drool when I hear good music and I have a mouthful every time he picks up and plays. Good, clean, sound. No hiss, hum, or distortion.



By Josh Davis-uO3Ep

from santa ana, CA

I've owned this processor for about 8 months now, and I'm still discovering new and cool things about it. It can produce just about any sound on the planet. If I wrote about every function, this review would be a mile long list of positive comments. I love the integrated volumes/expression/wah pedal with toe switch. The modeling and EQ are amazing and very, very versatile. If you want to discover it full capability, your going to have to push your pride aside and pick up the manual, otherwise your in for ALOT of confusion. There is absolutley no restriction with this processor, Boss provides it with any possble output and connection including XLR ina dn out, Digital out, MIDI interface, and expression pedal input. Owning this processor is like owning hundereds of bass pedals. It is worth every penny.


Run Wild

By The Sleeper

from Elizabethtown, KY

This is possibly the best piece of equipment I own. I've had this for about three years and still learn new things I can do with it all the time. Without it I wouldn't have come up with most lines I play. So I say plug in and let your imagination run wild!


Get into it!

By jazzardousmaterials

from Orange, CA

If you don't think this pedal is awesome, it is probably because you are confused. Read the manual! Sure, it's long, but it's the only way to get the most of it. There was so much I didn't know before I read it.I would recommend this effects pedal to anyone. No more buying single-effects pedals, this unit is omnipotent when it comes to effects. That is why I think the value is good. You will never need a chorus/distortion/delay/wah/octave/etc. pedal again. The sheer possibility of sounds to create is amazing. You can even use the analog bypass to get your natural sound back. Works with passive or active pickups, and you wouldn't even know it because there is no switch between passive/active. Don't be afraid to experiment.

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