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MF MD HG 18 Month Financing 02-25-15
Product 151330

Boss PS-5 SUPER Shifter Pedal  

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The Boss PS-5 SUPER Shifter Pedal does what no other compact pedal has done before: shifting (basic or intelligent), harmonies, de-tuning, and a vari...Read More

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Mind-blowing modulations!

The Boss PS-5 SUPER Shifter Pedal does what no other compact pedal has done before: shifting (basic or intelligent), harmonies, de-tuning, and a variety of whammy-type tremolo arm effects. Simple knob-based controls. Can be used with an optional expression pedal to shift pitch in real time.


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Most Liked Positive Review


Beware of harmony function

If you are like me and are interested in this pedal for the harmony function, I'm going to warn you right now: You MUST have two amps/channels for it to sound at all...Read complete review

If you are like me and are interested in this pedal for the harmony function, I'm going to warn you right now: You MUST have two amps/channels for it to sound at all decent. You'll notice that there are two outputs on this pedal. Hook the amp you want to play the lead into output B and another amp into output A to play the harmony. It'll sound just like two guitars.If you try to get a harmony out of one distorted amp, it will sound like crap. I found that out the hard way when I first hooked up the pedal and was extremely disappointed at how awful it sounded. I mean, it sounds decent on the clean channel. But to play those killer Iron Maiden-esque harmonies, you'll need to amps. Trust me that however, once you get both amps hooked up, it sounds AMAZING. After I figured this out, I went from extremely disappointed to unbelievably thrilled about this pedal.I haven't even begun to tap into the other functions of this pedal. I wanted it for the harmony effect and it exceeds my expectations (as long as I have two amps!)


Most Liked Negative Review


Decent effects

I've had this pedal for about 4 months now, and while I'm satisfied with it, I would recommend first looking into the Digitech Whammy pedal.For one thing, I HIGHLY recommend the optional Roland...Read complete review

I've had this pedal for about 4 months now, and while I'm satisfied with it, I would recommend first looking into the Digitech Whammy pedal.For one thing, I HIGHLY recommend the optional Roland EV-5 expression pedal if you plan on making use of the whammy-style pitch shifting. The EV-5 gives you real-time control over the pitch-shifting modes, instead of programming the speed of the shift into the pedal. It's virtually impossible to whammy up or down in tempo without having the optional expression pedal. This may or may not be a problem for different users, but I prefer having the EV-5.The harmonist is dead-on as far as producing the accurate goes, and it sounds fine in a clean channel. However, I don't use the setting much because I play with a decent amount of gain, and the harmonist sounds too muddy. NOTE though, that I haven't been able to try the pedal in an effects loop, and that could very well be the problem. But going straight into the amp, I haven't been able to get a clear harmonist sound on a channel with much gain.The other settings (flutter, detuning) have worked well for me and are nice additions. Overall I think this a really neat pedal to have, but it can ONLY compete with the Digitech Whammy if you buy the EV-5 expression pedal with it.

Reviewed by 49 customers

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Great Pedal

This has a bunch of features. Harmonist and Pitch Shifter sounds just brilliant and doesn't sap tone. The T. Arm is much more compact and cheaper alternate to the Digitech Whammy, and the detune can take the place of a chorus pedal if you want it to. I love this pedal. It's staying in my chain for a long time to come.
This is an awesome pedal, it's got many features, harmonist, flutter, pitch shifter, t. arm (tremolo arm), and detune.

All the features work and all of them a fairly unique. Harmonist and pitch shifter are different in the way they work, but they try to achieve the same goal of shifting pitch and adding an extra note for a fuller sound (harmony). You'd have to know a bit of music theory to make it work, but it's fairly easy to use.

Detune makes an awesome sound that the untrained ear may think is chorus, but it sounds better than a chorus in my mind. It takes

Flutter seems to have the same effect as a floating tremolo going up and down at a preset speed. It's probably my least used feature. I don't quite get it.

T. Arm tries to mimick a tremolo arm, but it doesn't quite sound like your using one, but that's not a bad thing because this thing is insane. You can pitch shift with this thing. With an expression pedal it sounds better than a Digitech Whammy in IMHO. One word of warning is that it'll suck tone out of your guitar if it's not in use AND in this mode. It's like it needs to be pre-cocked or something.
Sound quality is phenomenal. Built quality is excellent and just like any other expensive Boss pedal. Knobs are solid. Just excellent. But the T.Arm mode does suck a bit of tone out of your
setup. If you don't plan to use it during a song, I would get it out of T.Arm mode.
Yeah, pretty good value.

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Whammy Tips

By two timer

from fox cities, WI

I'm using the PS5 exclusivly as a whammy pedal, mostly one octive up or one or two octaves down. At first I was less than pleased with the results, so I watershedded, went online, put the manual away and basically tortured my neighbors looking for an acceptable tone. After trial and error I found the tone I like, and IMO sounds as good as the Digitech, altho I don't have much confidence in the Roland EV5 (feels a little flimsy), but as I said the PS5 works great now that I've made these adjustments: put the PS5 after the OD, dist., comp., etc. and before the modulation and time delay FX and, contrary to what one may think, set the mode to "harmonist" for better tracking. I noticed that in "pitch shift" mode the notes seem to "step up" in microtonal increaments, wheras the harmonist mode provides a much smoother, natural(?) ascent or descent, especially on painfully slow depressions on the exp. pedal. This baby delivers the goods, even if it is a little costly.

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Much thanks to the person who wrote what he used to play the ending lead to Hotel California. Having said that, in agreement with another person, you have to know your fretboard theory in order to really get the most out of this pedal. My first purchase was the digitech harmonizer, and it was more than I really wanted, high in prise also. After returning that pedal I read as much as I could and came to the conclusion that the PS-5 was the pedal I needed. While it has so many great sounds, you will be lost without some basic knowledge of which chord your going to select for using with another if your wanting to do harmony. A way that I try to find the note (others may disagree), is by looking at a keyboard keys in my mind. For examply; If I think about where the C note is on a keyboard, then count the the keys that are 3d, 5th, above and below the C it will give me the note I'm looking for on the guitar. I've probably confused more than helped, but my way may help someone else. It is not impossible to use this pedal without being a music major, but it sure will help if you have a basic knowledge of how it works.The first knob to the left as your looking down is a knob within a knob, one being balance. You will be surprised at how much the effects will be changed by this one knob alone when trying to get a 12 string sound. Long story short, and keeping it real from my perspective. A must have pedal for a seasoned player (didn't say pro player), it will take some time learning just the basics of the pedal, and you will still have more to learn as I do. Even though I think the price is too high, I would still replace mine with another one just like it if itcame up missing.

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The only single stomp I use

By Dirty Dick Furberger

from I live at home with my mom

Ask me a question

Bought this used, and it does what it says it will do. Buy the AC adapter and study up on your key signatures (you will need them!!). Its the only stomp I use- I put it after my POD XT Live

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Nails the later Van Halen sound


from Tucson, AZ

I had never heard of this pedal, but had heard people saying that an Eventide Harmonizer was key to getting the later Van Halen sound. Then I saw the You Tube videos of Kent Carlevi and he mentions that he uses one of these.I'm just using the pedal for a simple and slight detune and adjust the delay to taste.This sounds like a chorus pedal, but no sweep, and by changing the delay you get a reverb-like depth (if you want it).This setting is great for a lot of '90s and later slick rock guitar music and I won't be without one from now on :-)

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Just got one. Lovin' It

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Just got this thing along with an expression pedal and I cant' say enough about it. Even with the limited knowledge I have of the limits of this product, I'm so happy with what it's doing for me now. This thing is great for harmonizing leads! You you have to know your keys. You'll find it frustrating trying to harmonize without a grasp of your key signatures. I run mine through the loop and it doesn't sound thin or plastic. It seems to be a very sturdy box-like all Boss boxes.If you know your keys, want to expand your sound and just plain want to have a great time with a great pedal, I recommend you get this thing.

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Bought It As An Intelligent Harmonizer

By MarkFromHawaii

from Pearl City, Hawaii

And it does this function well. I read some reviews before and was hesitant to purchase but I took a gamble and am glad I did. The intelligent harmonizer works fine - it tracks well and is clean IF you follow the directions: Make sure your guitar is tuned (A=440 Hz) and overdrive/distortion is plugged into the input side, not the output. This seems counter-intuitive but it really does clean up the sound. I have a Radial Tonebone Classic and Radial Hot British pedals on my pedalboard before this and even with that much gain at hand, the harmonized sound is nice and crisp. I tried this plugged into my practice amp - a Vox AVT30 set on overdrive with less than stellar results. I suppose if your amp has an effects loop, that would clean up the tone. I originally bought this just for the harmonized leads in "Hotel California" and it works great for that: I set the key on F#m with the pitch a 3rd above. I use this in our worship sets in church as well. I tried using the detune but it's very digital-sounding: the chorus setting on my Boss ME-30 is much nicer. And I don't have much use for the other features for now. So there you go - for me, an expensive one-trick pony but it does its job well.

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By Calaverasgrande

from Oakland Ca

I got this to emulate an 8 string sound. Like the John Paul Jones/Diamanda Galas stuff that came out a while back. It does do stuff besides harmony! It can be set for a straight pitch shift down or up! (I dont know why so many pitch pedals only do sub octaves! Some of us want to go up!)The harmony settings are okay, but are in pretty standard (boring ) keys. Almost everything I do is minor 7th minor 3rd-ish so it isnt really my cup of tea. Though I suppose I could transpose and find the right key if I did the math. It bugs me that the whammy mode requires you to stand on the pedal while it is engaged. This is hard to do when you have an expression pedal to work with the other foot!

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This is by far the Best pedal i have ever bought. Ive made my share of Mistakes when buying pedals. Normally your either disappointed with a pedals performance, or it just matches your expectations. Though i can tell you this one, shatters expectations. Most of You are probably looking to Create harmonies with this pedal. Word of advice: PUT THIS PEDAL EITHER IN YOUR EFFECTS LOOP, OR BEHIND YOUR DISTORTION PETAL! That is if your interested harmonizing distorted leads. If you dont, when you switch to distortion with the Harmonies on, it will overload the sound of your amp, making it sound Fuzzy. Tho if arranged properly you should be able to get Crystal Clear Spectacular harmonies . This pedal is not for beginners. You NEED to know your key signatures, and know which notes lie with in them to fully take advantage of the brilliance of this pedal.

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This is a great pedal!

By TigerBotHesh

from Houston

I think this pedal is amazing! It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I really like the T. Arm feature. The other features take a little practice to use. There is definitely a learning curve with this pedal. I took off half a star on features because it doesn't come with an expression pedal like the digitech. However, I chose this pedal over the digitech because of price. I used to have a Whammy pedal and I would just set it and never used the expression pedal anyway. So, this works just fine. Bottom line, I love this pedal.

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