Budda Alex Skolnick Preceptor 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head   

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All the way clean to high gain and between.

With three completely independent channels, a 120-Watt power section driven by four EL-34 tubes, and a preamp consisting of seven dual triode 12AX7 tubes, theAlex Skolnick AS Preceptor also features dual 5U4 rectifier tubes and a solid-state rectifier. Budda's patent-pending PowerPan(tm) variable rectification control allows players to open uncharted tone territory by selecting tube rectification, diode rectification, or anywhere between the two.

All three of the AS Preceptor's independant channels - Clean, Rhythm and Lead - include separate three-band EQ, Reverb, Resonance, Presence, and true bypass effects loop with send and return levels. Each channel also features OVER-BOOST(tm), a stompbox-style lead boost that engages an additional tube-driven gain circuit to give players a supercharged boost. The effects loop on channel 2 can also be used as a global loop for incredible versatility in effects routing.

Perhaps best known as the guitarist for the multi-platinum band Testament, Alex Skolnick is a stylistically versatile player, performing in a variety of other projects including his jazz trio, The Alex Skolnick Trio, as well as a forthcoming world music project, Planetary Coalition. The new Budda AS Preceptor suits his demanding requirements.


  • Separate effects loops on each channel with send and return level adjustments Channel 2's loop can be used as global loop
  • High and low level 1/4" inputs
  • Rear panel impedance selector
  • Massive custom designed output transformer
  • Separate resonance & presence controls on each channel
  • Three channels, clean, rhythm and lead
  • Stores nine custom presets, and provides extensive MIDI control for automation
  • Slave output plus Power-amp input/Pre-amp output
  • 4xEL34 120w power section, 7x12AX7 preamp section and 2 5U4 rectifier tubes for rectifier tube failure back-up
  • Specially designed 10-button multi-function footcontroller (included)
  • Rectifier can use 5U4, 5A4 or GZ34 tubes
  • High quality audio grade resistors and poly caps throughout
  • Ceramic tube sockets
  • LED indication of correct output tube biasing
  • Silent LDR MIDI channel switching
  • MIDI control over channel switching with MIDI IN/THROUGH jacks
  • Power amp can use 6L6Gc or EL34 tubes (plus KT66, KT88 5881 and 6CA7 with re-biasing)
  • 'Overboost' feature on each channel
  • Patent pending PowerPan rectifier selector knob
  • Footswitchable Master Boost with user defined boost level
  • Separate spring reverb control on each channel

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