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Product 487797

Crate GT1200H Guitar Amp Head

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The compact 120W RMS Crate GT1200H Guitar Amp Head features a FlexWave Evolution 5 preamp for great tube tone and feel. 3-switchable channels (with i...Click To Read More About This Product

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An affordable high-powered head for the gigging guitarist.

The compact 120W RMS Crate GT1200H Guitar Amp Head features a FlexWave Evolution 5 preamp for great tube tone and feel. 3-switchable channels (with included footswitch) let you set up for the gig. It also features spring reverb for authentic super lead sound, an effects loop for your externals, and dual RCA CD inputs for keeping the animals happy during live music breaks.

  • 120W RMS compact guitar head
  • FlexWave Evolution 5 preamp
  • 3-switchable channels (with included footswitch) Spring reverb for authentic super lead sound Effects loop
  • Dual RCA CD inputs

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Most Liked Positive Review


All around great

This head, especially for the price, is one of the best you'll find out there. The clean channel isn't too terribly great, but decent enough. It's pretty shape-able and the reverb gives...Read complete review

This head, especially for the price, is one of the best you'll find out there. The clean channel isn't too terribly great, but decent enough. It's pretty shape-able and the reverb gives it some extra glassy tone. The rhythm channel gets a nice crunchy vintage style distortion. With just a slight bit of gain you can get a good blues tone. Shape the EQ a bit and crank up the distortion and you get get an excellent 80's metal/hard rock sound, good for AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and even some old punk style stuff. The solo channel is where this amp head shines. More distortion pours out of that thing than any pricey tube amp I've ever jammed through. I scoop the mid freq, turn the treble all the way up, and the bass about 2/3 up, the gain at half, and with the shape control cranked all the way you can get an absolutely gut wrenching chunk out of it. It stays tight a percussive for lots of attack. Obviously great for any kind of metal. The durability of this thing is top notch. I've gigged and traveled with it more times than I can count. It's been dropped, bumped, slammed, smashed, and had sodas spilled on it, and it's still holdin up fine. Since it's a solid state, you don't have to worry about the fragility of tubes. This is definitely a great amp, especially for metal(what else would you expect from crate?), and worth more than every penny.


Most Liked Negative Review


I guess...

I don't really know what to say about this thing. It's ok, but for some reason I can't seem to get the volume or tone I want out of it. The distortion sound...Read complete review

I don't really know what to say about this thing. It's ok, but for some reason I can't seem to get the volume or tone I want out of it. The distortion sound is fine when you play it by itself, but once you get it in the mix with another guitar, a bass, and some drums, it really doesnt cut through at all. Solos are drowned out, power chords are muddy and real sloppy sounding..It just really isn't that great. Is it worth the money you spent on it? If you have a job and stuff then yea, but if you are buying this head on a whim then I would suggest taking your three c's and getting the b-52 lg head. It sounds much better than this and is the same amount of money. I'm not sure about the cab that comes with this head in the half stack package either. I ran this through a marshall cab and it sounded decent, then I bring it back home and play it through the crate cab and it sounds muddy again, so I don't know what to think. I would just suggest getting either the B-52 half stack, a Peavey half stack, or even maybe a more expensive Randall, but make that your last choice. Go with the B-52. The clean channel on this head is good, however.

Reviewed by 50 customers

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By IWillCryOut

from Spencer, IA

For a super cheap solid state head, its not to bad.My current setup is a Gibson SG VoodooPeavey 6505 and a Marshall TSL100Vader 4x12 and a Peavey XXX 4x12A friend brought this head over because he just got it and i wanted to see it. If you put alot of mids on the rhythm channel, its actually a pretty good sounding amp. Once you get it past around half volume you start to realize the fault in low wattage solid state heads. Its starts clipping terrible and the tone dies.In the end, you would be much better getting a tube combo over a cheap solid state half stack.But. If all you care about is looking cool with a big amp, go for it.


Good, but not durable

By Spiffy

from Jacksonville, FL

I bought this amp a while back and was pleased with the overall sound. The clean channel is great and the gain channels are above average for the price of the amp. The downside to this head, is its lack of durability. If you bump it at all on anything (such as a cabinet as you are setting it down) it has a chance of knocking something loose on the inside. Im not rough with my gear at all, and my head broke within 2 months of me playing. I have heard the same story from many others who have owned this amp, so it isnt just me. Overall this amp is great if you are short on cash, but i wouldnt get this if you play gigs on a regular basis.


3 channel beast

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

This amp can handle anything. Tuned down to C through my Crate GX412XS cab it doesn't sound like a 15w fender. Instead it sounds like a Marshall halfstack. The preamp does sound like a tube amp, but just isn't as loud. But this is all I need for now.


For the price...

By Hummerhater

from Whitewater, WI

See all my reviews

This is a great amp for the price. Features only got a nine because there's only one speaker output. However, with the matching cab, you can use the second input to connect two cabs as a series circuit. The reverb is great, and I highly doubt it's digital, because when I loaded this up for practice, I heard springs moving around, exactly like my dad's ancient Gibson amp which has spring reverb. The distortion channels are just that, nice and gritty. Clean is perfectly clean. Had this for almost two years, no problems yet.


great for those starting out

By nathan nelson

from Atlanta, GA

Compared to my first head, a Marshall HDFX100, the Crate GT12000H performs 110% better. For all those starting and playing metal and hardcore on a budget, this head is for you. It pushes every single watt that it possesses. It lacks Effects, but the digital reverb makes up for it. Its a great item for those on a budget.


its Ok.........

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Well I first bought the head and plugged it into the crate cab I had and I was not impressed. The rythem channel and solo channel are not good what so ever, and I Just use it for the clean channel so I can run My pedals through it, Your better off going with a better head


Crate Rocks!

By WyldeFan1415

from Oklahoma

See all my reviews

This head is the single coolest head I ever played! It is simple, Clean, Solo, & Rhythm. Durable, tough, and mean as a SOB! I dont think youll be needing another head for awhile and I dont think its gonna crap out on ya! Looks like you could beat the crap out of this head and it would still work! Its a Crate, What else do you need to know?


This amp rocks

By I rock-kG_Y_

from swartz creek mi

See all my reviews

This is really the best sounding none tube amp ive ever hearsdi just recently bought it. i was at my local guitar center. i plugged into this amp and had the volume at about 2. the clean channel sounded almost acustic. then i switched to the solo channel and cranked it up. wow. if you use the solo channel and palm mute it sounds so ammazinly awosme definitely buy this head.


Sweet head

By zeroskatern

from Cheverly, MD

this head sounds awsome and is very cheap for such a good head. to me crate amps sound the best.


Crate GT1200H Guitar Amp Head

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

The crate head was my first. I use a peavey cab for it and it sounds insane. For the price its great.


Very pleased

By Austin-x.z7R

from Baldwinn City, KS

See all my reviews

The Ibanez tone blaster and this head were about the same price when I was shopping around for an amp. The deciding factor for me was that this one had 3 channels. I'm in a three piece band, so I do a lot of rhythm guitar, but also break into solos. Having 3 channels gives me a good tone for powerchords, and still gives me a louder set and raunchier tone for lead riffs. This is an amazing amp, I highly recommend it. The only reason I gave it 9 stars on features is because it would be nice if the solo channel had a 3 or 4 band eq instead of a single "tone knob" (which still sounds awesome).


Greate amp head

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Crate has got to be the best brand out there. This is a great sounding, and very powerful amp for a great price. If you're an active musician and wanna put on a show, this is a good cheap amp that will give you power and an amazing sound.


great for the price


from Duvall, WA

See all my reviews

This is my first amp head, along with the matching GT412 cab. The guitar I play is an ESP-LTD Deluxe Viper 1000 with dual EMG-81's. I played this and a Marshall 350-watt full stack at guitar center and this actually sounded better. I feel like the cab is holding it back though. The only things I don't like about this head are 1)it only has one speaker output 2)the rhythm channel distortion sucks (WAY too thin) 3)the lead channel volume goes up to 5 and then doesnt change, just gets muddier(at least with the cab I currently have) and 4)the clean channel volume jumps around (up and down) when it's below 1 (i dont have a smaller amp). I use a Rocktron Metal Planet through the clean channel, which sounds really good. If you play metal, this is your head as long as you run a distortion pedal through the clean channel.


Excellent for buyers on budget

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

For the price, this amp is great. I considered waiting and spending a ton of money on a mesa head, but couldn't wait around so I got this head instead. It is perfect for what I need right now. For anyone who needs a decently priced head that can put out serious metal and clean tones, get this crate. The features are lacking, but if you are just looking for an amp that puts out serious tone, then this is the one. The rhythm channel doesn't sound too great, but the clean channel is very crisp and clear and the solo channel tone and crunch matches all of the metal I listen to and play (Lamb of God, Nile, Mastodon, etc.) For metal guitarists looking for a cheap amp to give them serious crunch, GET THIS AMP. I recommend the behringer cab with the Jensens, makes it sound brutal!


Dont look back

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

this is the 1st and only amp you will ever need i play metal through it, i have and esp with a set of EMG 85 and this amp will give you the most hardcore sound. I'm not a big fan of the shape feature yet i found if u ad jus a lil bit it cuts back on the feedback. GREAT AMP nuff said


Save your money

By MPplaysGuitar

from Illinois

If you're looking for a loud head, don't get this one. If you're using the solo channel it sounds awesome but having the volume at 10 is the same as having it at 5. The only good things about this head are the price and the clean channel.


Outstanding value

By Dyetech_2000

from Southeastern Indiana

I have had this amp for a little over a year now. I hooked it up with a Legion 4x12 and it sounds amazing. I play at church, so it's not like I am pushing it. For the money, you cannot get a better sound. Controls are very basic and I like that, plus you have the foot control which makes it very versatile. Well worth twice the price.



By Guitarman88-7qSJ6

from Chicago, IL

This guitar head was a pretty good deal for the Price. I bought it seprate from teh cab and placed it onto a 340 watt Hartke Cabinet to handle more resistance and bottom end. I am very Impressed witht eh sound of its preamp gain. The Overdrive sounds spectacular aswell. Definitly worth what I payed. I just wish it had more flexibility witht the tone of the amp.


Crate has done it again!

By Sixstringshooter

from Orlando Florida

When I saw the price on this amp I thought to myself, this thing has to be a piece of crap. So I decided to give it a run for it's money, and well it blew my mind away. It puts out such a great clean sound and the built in Distortion is perfect for Metal fans, I personally hate Metal but the tone is so good, you can't help but love it. And the footswitch is very durable. A great Solid state Amp. Perfect for a starter head. And believe me it kicks the Marshall MG to the curb. Enough said.


Kickass Head

By FaYd

from Brackettville Texas

This is an awesome head for someone who doesnt have the money to dish out hundreds of bucks. Im still in high school and needed a head for my self made cab and when I plugged into that thing i shook my whole house! so if ur on a tight budget buy this cab u wont be disappointed it does give off some feedback but nothing a noise gate cant fix. HURRY AND BUY!!PS. FOR METAL KEEP IT ON SOLO AND TOGGLE THE LOW MED AND HIGH KNOBS FOR BADASS DISTORTION!!

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