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Product 156606

DigiTech RP150 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal   

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With the Digitech RP150 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal, accessing superbly detailed new models has never been easier. In three steps, you can dial in the...Click To Read More About This Product

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Instant access to 77 models with lots of tweakability!

With the Digitech RP150 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal, accessing superbly detailed new models has never been easier. In three steps, you can dial in the perfect sound with DigiTech's Tone and Effects library knobs.

1. Pick one of 30 tone presets, 2. Pick one of 30 effects chains, 3. Dial in your effects level and rock on.

You may never go any deeper into the infinitely-tweakable RP interface. DigTech's RP tone and effects libraries let you access pre-designed combinations of models as fast as you can turn the knob. From mellow and bluesy to scorch-the-face-of-the-earth-raw, you're going to find combinations that fit your playing style. Modeling guitar processors with the raw power for real players  and tone that deserves to be heard on stage and in the studio.

USB connectivity for recording, preset editing/archiving/downloading and more. The RP150 is ready to talk to your PC or Mac computer: it has a built-in 24-bit 2-in/2-out USB interface. Lay down tracks with your favorite multitrack DAW software. Play back a mix or MP3 cut directly through your RP150 effects pedal and jam along with it. Download a free copy of X-Edit Editor/Librarian from www.digitech.com and customize presets, upload and download new tones, including those from magazine web sites and DigiTech's own thriving online player community.

400% more horsepower. No wonder the DigiTech RP150 sounds so good. You're looking atthe world's most advanced audio processor, the "engine" that gives this generation of RP models so much more raw impact and subtle detail. Many other manufacturers use general-purpose, off-the-shelf chips. But creating the best guitar tone requires a 100% specialized, optimized processor. Being total audio processing fanatics, "Chip Wizard" engineers set out to create a super-processor specifically designed to power a whole new generation of effects and models. The design team worked for over two years, literally redefining audio signal processing at the chip level. Then DigiTech's "Tone Guru" engineers — fresh from Production Modeling triumphs like the Jimi Hendrix Experience Artist Series pedal — set to work taking advantage of all the raw processing power. When you hear what AudioDNA2 does for the tone of the RP150 guitar effects pedal, you'll agree it was all worth it.

*Other product names modeled in this product are trademarks of their respective companies that do not endorse and are not associated or affiliated with DigiTech or Harman International Industries, Inc. ProCo Rat, MXR, Boss Metal Zone, EH Big Muff Pi, Dunlop Cry Baby, Vox, Clyde McCoy Wah, Fender Twin Reverb, EMT, Fender Tweed Deluxe, Fender Bassman, Twin Reverb, Marshall Super Lead, Mesa/Boogie, Hiwatt, Fender Tweed Champ, Jensen Blue Backs and Celestion are trademarks ortrade names of other manufacturers and were used merely to identify products whose sounds were reviewed in the creation of this product.

  • Quick easy effect library access
  • Extremely versatile
  • USB connectivity
  • AudioDNA2 DSP super-chip
  • 30-preset Quick Start Tone Library
  • 30-preset Quick Start Effects Chain Library
  • 77 total models
  • 48 Effects models — up to 11 at a time
  • Mild-to-wild classic distortion stompbox models including TS-808*, DOD 250, ProCo RatTM*, Big Muff Pi* etc.
  • Genuine Lexicon reverbs
  • 3 Wahs
  • 5 seconds of delay
  • 17 Amp/Acoustic models
  • Vintage models of '57
  • Deluxe*, '65 Twin*, Vox AC30*, Marshall® Super Lead* and more
  • Modern rectifiers and boutique amps
  • 12 cabinet models based on vintage Fender®*, Marshall* and Vox* and more
  • 50 Factory / 50 User presets
  • High quality drum machine with 60 patterns
  • Power supply included

RP150 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

  • 1/4" instrument input
  • 1/4" stereo output with amp/mixer switch
  • 1/8" headphone output
  • 1/4" control in
  • USB 1.0 2x2 input/output
  • 24 bit — 44.1kHz

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by PowerReviews

(based on 64 reviews)

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Most Liked Positive Review


Amazing Pedal!!

This is a great product for any level electric guitar player. Yeah having experience with effects may give you an edge with this pedal, but who cares. If you take the time to...Read complete review

This is a great product for any level electric guitar player. Yeah having experience with effects may give you an edge with this pedal, but who cares. If you take the time to read through the booklet that comes with it you'll know what each effect is designed to do. It's great that each effect is tweakable. I highly recommend downloading the X-Edit software from the digitech website. It gives you more parameters that you can control and having the computer interface is alot easier than trying to mess with the knobs on the pedal itself. The factory presets are good minus the detune and octave patches. Everything is tweakable though so maybe you could get them to sound descent. I love the ability to create effects. I've made 5 or 6 new patches which have worked out very well for me. I play on 2 different worship teams in my church and this pedal has been very effective. I don't have to lug arount my 60 pound crate chorus amp anymore. The pedal is ultra quite. It has a built in noise gate which is excellent. The tuner is pretty good and a very nice feature. Having the amp/mixer button is a plus. I run it direct into the board and it sounds great. I read one review on here that bashed the 150. It said all the effects sound the same. This is not the case. If you take the time to try out each effect you'll be able to hear the differences. For example the synth swell and the chimey patches, if you down strum one time on both effects they sound very similar. The synth swell though has a soulful kind of organ/strings vibe to it. You can't strum away at it. It's designed to let each chord ring out. The chimey effect is designed for picking out or strumming. For single note leads it acts as a trem effect. The point is by listening closely you can pick out the differences. Maybe 2 distortions sound similar, the difference may be that theres a delay on one and not on the other, or chorus, or reverb ect. You can scroll through effects pretty quickly. Hands down it is the best multi-effects pedal for the money. The only draw back for me is that the chimey-ness of my Tele doesn't shine through, but I still have my amp when I want to experience that again. One last word of advice, it helps to tweak the volume levels of your effects, some can be much louder than others which can no doubt drive sound engineers insane. A good volume pedal is always an option as well.


Most Liked Negative Review


Not that impressed

I bought this purely based on price, hoping that it would just provide a few more options to play with when I record. Being that I have owned other recent Digitech units that I've...Read complete review

I bought this purely based on price, hoping that it would just provide a few more options to play with when I record. Being that I have owned other recent Digitech units that I've been fairly happy with (GNX1, RP200, RP300) I was expecting some good things from this one too. But I've had it for several weeks now and in all honesty, I am pretty let down by it overall.I was expecting a decent leap up from the previous RP models (100/200/300), but in fact many of the features/tones have been down right disappointing. The distortions/amps/cabinets are all harsh & slightly weak sounding to me...I think I have a decent sound going & then I'll A/B it against my old J-Station or POD 2.0 & the RP150just sounds very weak & cheesy, even with twice the tweaking and EQing time I would've with either of those older units.I honestly prefer the older RP200 in many ways...I won't get too over the top with naming them all...But to my ears, the new RP units just do not seem like much of an improvment over their predecessors. I personally feel like my $ would've been better spent buying a backup for my J-Station.Also...the lack of an On/Off switch is just flatout ridiculous..even on a product in this price range. I didn't rate it extremely low in any one category, since for the price it does have a lot of features that people are looking for. I just don't feel that it does any one of them all that well.

Reviewed by 64 customers

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Limited playback options

By Freon

from WA State

I bought this while working in Iraq. Great sounds out of this little box. I play this through a Line 6 Spider III amp. All the effects on the RP-150 sorta negated the use of effects builtin to the amp. Mixing amp effects and RP-150 effects together gets pretty crazy.The ONLY issue I have is that the USB connection from the RP-150 to my computer forces MP3 playback from the computer to skip my desktop speakers and play through my amp. I have yet to find a way to split this. I would prefer to control the effects with the X-Edit software and have the guitar go to my amp but play MP3's to the speakers connected to the computer. One solid way to circumvent this is to use 2 computers, one for X-Edit software control and the other for MP3 playback... but theres gota be a way to get it to work with 1 PC. If any know a fix for this, please post =)


Great value pedal!

By Musicman3-.HBpC

from Lexington, SC

See all my reviews

This pedal is great, especially for beginners or professionals who want a small, compact pedal but still with good quality. The pedal does get kinda old after a while and the wah isn't the best, but overall it has lots of great effects for a great price!

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Can't beat it for the money!

By Rob L.

from Westchester, NY

See all my reviews

I've had this for about a year and I currently use it through the effects loop of my Marshall DSL50 head. I use it mainly for the delay, chorus, flange, reverb, noise suppressor and even a little EQ. When I'm not using it through my amp I use it to record direct into Protools. Ok so as far as the effects I use through my effects loop, I think it's a very versatile unit. The delays are great and are very tweakable. I have owned several expensive delay pedals and this does it just as well. I think the Chorus sounds are great. I use the flange and phaser a little for a few things like when I play Van Halen. They are decent. The reverbs are very usable as long as you learn how to tweak them. I use the noise gate mainly for my strat to help get rid of some of that Strat 60 cycle hum noise and it doesn't destroy my tone. I also use the EQ section and this helps to balance the bass, mids and highs with certain effects. When I use the RP150 to record direct into Protools I find many of the pre-sets very useful. I often create my own sounds based off the Marshall JCM800 and Plexi models which I think sound better than the Line6 POD. I also like the Metal Zone model on the RP150. I think it sounds very close to the real thing when you spend the time to dial in the correct parameters. This also sounds great going into the front of the amp. I am a tone nut and have played through and owned many different amps. Modulation effects tend to sound better going through an amps effects loop where as distortion pedals are designed to go in front and this is why I stress that I use the delay, chorus etc through the effects loop. I think the key to using the effects on this unit are tweaking the levels on each effect until you find a sound that works for you. Finally, although it's not a selling point for me, the drum backing tracks on the unit are decent and can be used for practice or for timing when you are laying down ideas when you record.


Great pedal

By ogr bassdude

from Undisclosed

See all my reviews

I got this multi-effects pedal about 2 years ago. I use it quite often and it sounds great. I love how it has a wide selection of different stomp boxes all in one. It can be usefull from playin lively country to Heavy metal. I recomend this to anyone looking for a multi effects pedal. Although it doesn't always have as good as sound as the regular pedals, such as the crybaby wah pedal. Overal I love it and would buy it again if I needed to.


Very Happy with the RP150

By Scott Grafton

from Upper Michigan,by Lake Superior

See all my reviews

I've had the RP150 for about 7 months and it is great. You can spend hours playing around with this,If you can think it, the RP150 can do it. Perfect for solo artists and recording. Very tweekable with tons of choices.


Okay pedal for 80 bucks

By Jon LeQuaid

from Abilene, Texas

See all my reviews

Although I wish I had my RP50 back, the RP150 may prove itself. Right out of the box I was not happy with it. The noise gate has issues, and the pedal overall in the hi-gain/distortion ranges produces a hissing sound, which is no good for recording. The past 2 times I sat down to play guitar I have done nothing but turn dials on the unit. Sending it back sounds like a pain, so I will live with it.


Good Processor

By wolfin' 09

from Charlotte, NC

I've owned this unit for a year. I recently started playing with the praise band at my church and have gotten numerous compliments on my sound. I use only the RP150, a pedal tuner and a volume pedal - small and simple rig. I'm very pleased with this item.



By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I bought my RP150 about half a year ago and I still use it often. For the record I play on a Fender Roadhouse Strat out of a Fender Blues Junior Amp. The distortions really take some tweaking because they sound "robotic". But even after you tweak them it sounds like something is just missing. The clean effects are outstanding on this pedal though. The delay is solid. The reverb is okay. The wah is a joke, it sounds like complete garbage. So if you're looking for a cheap Multi Effect, this is the right one, just be prepared to tweak the effects to your need.


this thing kicks serious @$$

By www.myspace.com/perditionofficial

from Erie, Pa

See all my reviews

Im a vocalist/guitarist for a blackened symphonic-death metal band and with a need for distortion and other effects. I bought this thing on a budget- what a great investment- the audio samples on this page do no justice to this monster. This thing pumps out the gain and tone any metal player would ever need-the multitude of amp models, cabs and effects (compressor, noise gate) offer unlimited combinations to get any guitarists' dream tone. This run through a clean channel makes ANY amp into a devastatingly hellish piece of equipment any player can enjoy shredding/grinding and playing through. Also it is great for recording..the drum/metronome loops are super useful and with the right tweaking of pedal gain, this thing makes for the perfect direct in effects modeler.



By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

This is a great peddle for the price. It comes with tons of different effects, allthough I must say that more than half of them you may never use. It has a built in drum machine that is great for practicing with. This thing just sounds great in my opinion. I would definately recommend this for any type of guitar player, and for anyone who has a small wallet.

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