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DigiTech RP350 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal   

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Accessing superbly detailed new amp models can't be easer than with the DigiTech RP350 Guitar Multi Effect Pedal. There are three easy steps to dial ...Click To Read More About This Product

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Up to 118 total models  and a unique way to blend them together fast.

Accessing superbly detailed new amp models can't be easer than with the DigiTech RP350 Guitar Multi Effect Pedal. There are three easy steps to dial in the perfect sound with DigiTech's Tone and Effects library knobs.

1. Pick one of 30 tone presets

2. Pick one of 30 effects chains

3. Dial in your effects level and rock on

You may never go any deeper into the infinitely-tweakable RP interface. RP tone and effects libraries let you access pre-designed combinations of models as fast as you can turn the knob. From mellow and bluesy to scorch-the-face-of-the-earth-raw, you're going to find combinations that fit your playing style. It's a modeling guitar processor with the raw power for real players  and tone that deserves to be heard on stage and in the studio. The DigiTech RP350's built-in expression pedal lets you alter parameters in real time to be more expressive.

USB connectivity for recording, preset editing/archiving/downloading and more. The RP350 is ready to talk to your PC or Mac computer: it has a built-in 24-bit 2-in/2-out USB interface. Lay down tracks with your favorite multitrack DAW software. Play back a mix or MP3 cut directly through your RP350 effect pedal and jam along with it. Download a free copy of X-Edit Editor/Librarian from www.digitech.com and customize presets, upload and download new tones, including those from magazine web sites and DigiTech's own thriving online player community.

400% more horsepower. No wonder the RP350 modeling guitar pedal sounds so good. You're looking at the one of the world's most advanced audio processors, the "engine" that gives RP models so much more raw impact and subtle detail. Many manufacturers use general-purpose, off-the-shelf chips. But creating the best guitar tone requires a 100% specialized, optimized processor. Being total audio processing fanatics, DigiTech "Chip Wizard" engineers set out to create a super-processor specifically designed to power a whole new generation of effects and models. The design team worked for over two years, literally re-defining audio signal processing at the chip level. Then "Tone Guru" engineers—fresh from Production Modeling triumphs like the Jimi Hendrix Experience Artist Series pedal—set to work taking advantage of all this new raw processing power. When you hear what AudioDNA2 does for the tone of the DigiTech RP350 you'll agree it was all worth it.

*Other product names modeled in this product are trademarks of their respective companies that do not endorse and are not associated or affiliated with DigiTech or Harman International Industries, Inc. Ibanez Tube Screamer, Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive, Guyatone Overdrive, ProCo Rat, MXR, Boss Metal Zone, Roger Mayer Octavia, Demeter Fuzzulator, Arbiter Fuzz Face, EH Big Muff Pi, Dunlop Cry Baby, Vox, Clyde McCoy Wah, MXR DynaComp, TC Electronic, EH Electric Mistress, EH Small Stone, Boss Octaver, Unicord Univibe, Fender Opto Tremolo, Vox Bias Tremolo, Maestro Echoplex, Fender Twin Reverb, EMT, Fender Tweed Deluxe, Fender Bassman, Fender Blackface, Twin Reverb, Marshall Super Lead, Mesa/Boogie, Hiwatt, Fender Tweed Champ, Soldano, Jensen Blue Backs, Celestion, Johnson Amplification and VHT Amplification are trademarks of other manufacturers and were used merely to identify products whose sounds were reviewed in the creation of this product.

  • Quick easy effect library access
  • Extremely versatile
  • USB connectivity
  • Built-in expression pedal
  • 30 settings from the Tone Library
  • 30 Effect Library combinations
  • 118 total models
  • 73 Effect models including classic distortion stomp-boxes
  • Up to 5 seconds delay
  • 27 Amp/Preamp/ Acoustic models with A/B switching
  • 18 Cabinet Models

Get hundreds of tone combinations - order today.


RP350 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

  • 1/4" instrument input
  • 1/4" stereo output with amp/mixer switch
  • XLR balanced outputs
  • 1/8" aux input
  • 1/8" headphone output

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Great Value

I play lapsteel and use this a few times a week for both practice and gigs. I've had it about 6 months and haven't had any problems with it so far. I needed a...Read complete review

I play lapsteel and use this a few times a week for both practice and gigs. I've had it about 6 months and haven't had any problems with it so far. I needed a volume pedal, so I figured why not get this for that reason and if the effects were an good then thats a plus. First thing, I highly recommend upgrading the firware and downloading the software Xedit so that you can tweak and save your presets. This can be accomplished by visiting digitechs website and downloading the software. It was very simple to upgrade firmware, install editing software & make changes to your presets. I play thru a Fender Blues Jr and didn't like many of the factory presets. I did not want to use any of the amp, pickup, or speaker cabinet modeling at all. I like the tube sound the JR gives me and the factory presets were just too much to me. So, using the Xedit I created about 10 basic presets of my own. 1) One to completely basspass without having to press the up/down button at the same time (can be a pain playing live if you don't save a bypass preset).2)chorus and the expression serves as a volume3)rotary with the expression pedal used as speed control4) a flanger5)a big muff pedal (I was actually able create a big muff preset that sounds almost if not just like my original big muff pedal.I have about 5 more presets using the above combinations with clean and distortion presets.Using these presets I'm able to use this pedal playing live and really like it. I couldn't imagine using this thing without making my own presets because 1) it take forever to skip from factory preset #1 to factory preset #69 and 2) each factory preset amp modeling sounds so different it mess with 'my sound'.I can say that I wish I would have purchased the RP250 instead becuase 1) I don't need 70 presets 2)I don't use the amp a/b switch at all and have no need for it 3)the RP350 is smaller.I do wish they would have given me battery capability, realizing that one 9 volt battery wouldn't run it.


Most Liked Negative Review



I would give this a poor grade due to it's marketing. I saw it in a guitar magazine months before it came out, and was intrigued by it's 'Computer Connectivity for recording...Read complete review

I would give this a poor grade due to it's marketing. I saw it in a guitar magazine months before it came out, and was intrigued by it's 'Computer Connectivity for recording USB', & bought it as soon as it came out. I own a Pod & J-Station- both are ok, but not great tone. This seemed like a new alternative, with lots of features. IT CANNOT BE HEARD ON YOUR COMPUTER! ONLY AFTER RECORDING YOU CAN HEAR PLAYBACK. I was told by Digitech support ' It can only be monitored thru it's own headphone jack, not thru the computer.' I want to hear what I'm recording, exactly as it's being inputed. It would be very easy for Digitech to add a simple conversion program allowing the sounds to be played thru the USB, converted to analog, and monitorable- what a joke! As far as a pedal- millions of features, millions of muddy, useless tones. I thought at least the distortion pedal models would be worthwhile- not so! They make no effect on the sound other than making it muddy. Reverbs were good- I think I could have gotten 1 decent sound out of everything- definitely a bad pedal. It was returned. Only but this if your are looking for lots of generic sounds with 0 tone.

Reviewed by 102 customers

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Overwhelmingly awesome

By Pensfan10

from Undisclosed

I went to buy a processor not expecting what I was getting. I came upon the RP350 and was blown away with all that it could do for such a good price. With all of the presets, you're sure to find something you like and if you want something changed on it, all you have to do is edit it and save your new sound. Also the X-Edit software you can download for this processor is amazing. You can control the pedal from your computer with the click of a mouse! With all of the amp models and effects, there are thousands of combinations to fine tune the sound you want. Definitely a good mid-level processor.



By Anonymus-FAb8u

from Seminole, FL.

This pedal is amazing. I got it yesterday and havent been able to dissappoint myself with it. It sounds like the real thing and its very easy to use x-edit to make it sound how i want it to. The usb connetivity is great and makes recording really easy. I love this thing.


DigiTech RP350 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

By billyfnStacy

from Texas

I couldnt believe some of the sounds I was able to get out of this pedal. The amps sound so real and powerful. The tube emulation is so accurate too if you tweak it right. I have only been playing through headphones and get an amazing sound. I cant wait to hear it through a half stack. Customer service was nonexistent when I needed them though but, the people at Digitech stepped in and helped me.


Its good just too digital...

By words of advice

from USA

I got this pedal and it was not cheap (300 at accent music). It was the greatest thing to me until the "newness" wore off. I am more of a classic rock, blues person and have a fender deville blues deluxe reissue. It very much a blues amp and doesnt have much distortion. I went to this pedal for distortion, but the pedal sounds kinda digital, not the sound I wanted or was hoping for. It is a good pedal especially if you're into metal and hardrock stuff, otherwise save your money for a good blues driver or somthing of the sort. The sound will eventually get old to you, yet in some situations it is kinda good. This can also be a fun pedal to mess around with. It has many features and options to choose from. If you're looking to buy this pedal, check it out first and make sure you like it.

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It's great to start out with but...

By Tone Seeker-dEoYy

from Churubusco,IN

See all my reviews

I got this pedal about five years ago as my first pedal. I thought it was amazing, until I started hearing other stomp boxes. It just didn't soud the same anymore. It's great for if your just starting out and for playing around, but if you are or want to be serios about guitar, this is not the pedal for you.


If you love your guitar more than your social life

By Not Usually A Digitech Guy

from SLC UT

See all my reviews

This is a fantastic machine. It has loads of features and excellent quality. I am an active musician with lots of gear that I own or have used. This is by far the top of the heat for cheap processers. It does everything you could really ask it to do.It seemed complicated when I first got it, as far as creating your own sound, but after reading on what everything does and controls, it gets very simple. You can creat an entire sound all your own, or just twist some of the fantastic factory presets.Alone, the factory presets are great sounding and extremeley easy to flip through and select, add on that you can take out the ones you don't like and will never use ("guitarbass" don't get me started...) and replace them with something entirely created by you.Soundwise, this is probably not a live or recording sound for me, but I haven't found just the right sound yet. It probably lacks amp sound as well as I have not been playing it through my main amps, but rather a good pair of head phones and a 15 watt practice amp so I'm not shaking windows.all in all: Excellent unit, especially for the price. sets you back a few hundy but the hours you put into this thing pays it off in no time. Because the headphone unit is so handy and quiet, I haven't had sleep in 4 days.Lost or stolen: definitally buy it again.



By Mongreljack

from tinley park, IL

See all my reviews

I can't imagine what effects you would want out of a processor that the RP350 can't do.I've only had mine for a few days, and I can't stop experimenting.


Good sounds but limited flexibility

By The Professor

from Denver, CO

The amp simulators alone make the Digitech RP350 worth the price of admission. No piece of solid state equipment can capture all of the nuances of tube gear, but this thing comes pretty darn close. The main limitation I found is that you can run only ONE effect at a time from the Chorus/FX module (delay and reverb are in a separate module). So running chorus and flange together is impossible. Ditto with phaser and pitch shift. My only other gripe is that the Marshall Plexi simulation could use a higher maximum gain level. For 70's hard rock sounds, I prefer my Sansamp GT2. For the price, this was well worth it. I just hope Digitech makes future models with two FX modules instead of only one.


Totally Impressed

By zeroGsmith

from Los Angeles CA

In a nutshell this thing is basically a bunch of major kick a** pedals rolled into one. A bonus is the killer cleans on this little box. Never really been into modeling proccessors much and fng honestly I've NEVER been a big fan of digitech but I will admit good tone when it flows out of a piece of hardware.This thing oozes good tone. Not pefect tube emulation, but very very believable. Honestly I like the metal and cleans on this and the effects are every bit as good if not better then the boss GT-8 (the other guitarist in my band has it and while good, it has that modeling smear of vasaline over all the noise).The RP 350 is the first modeler Ive ever purchased, the cleans have tons of headroom. There is no film or haze over everything like current line 6 stuff.After playing around with one at home and recording with it I purchased my own. 2 thumbs up!

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


If your going to buy a ME unit get boss or Line 6

By Dlawson2127

from Cincinnati, Ohio

See all my reviews

I have been playing guitar for over five years now. They may not seem a lot, but I have had expierence with many different pedals, effects, and guitars. When looking at this pedal, I can already see that it is what you get for 150 dollars. I still cannot see why someone would want to buy a guitar pedal, that looks so cheaply made. All guitar pedals are digital, but when the amp presets sound like a computer, your not getting that great tone that you want. This pedal would be good for practicing, dont buy this if you plan to play live, because you wont get what you want. If your looking for live tone, get a Boss ME-70, or any boss pedal. Don't get something that has a digital interface, because managing your tones just becomes a hassal. Check Boss ME-70, for real guitar tone.


No brainer

By I play music

from who cares

This pedal is the best investment I've made in music, ever. It has every single effect you will ever need. Why buy all those stomp boxes? You can do nearly everything you need with one, and EVERYTHING POSSIBLE with more than one RP350.I got even more than I bargained for when I hooked up a keyboard to the effects box. It's just like having a synthesizer. It even does some things a synthesizer can't. The only reason I put overall 4 and quality at 3 is because there is no on/off switch. Pulling the power source's cord in and out of the hole for the adapter will make it wear out and not work over the years. This is the one common flaw in digitech's multi effects, and I've met multiple people with broken rp series pedals because of it. Knowing this, I bought it anyway. It takes alot to wear it out, but fair warning, try to always keep your adapter in the pedal instead of pulling it in or out.Anyway, it's a no brainer. If your thinking about buying it, you really shouldn't have to.



By JerkyChid

from Louisiana

See all my reviews

My girlfriend's brother got this and it sounds awesome. Each effect sounds like it came from its own pedal rather than all comming from one. This is such an inprovement over the past models


Good solid pedal

By msingletary

from Florida

I have owned this pedal for about 6 months now and use it about twice a week live. So far it has not let me down. It comes with a lot of great preset effects, and if you dont like those, just tweake them or all out change them.The only problem I had with it was that I sent a lot of time tweaking different settings and creating my own sounds with it. I left it unplugged for about a week and when I came back to it, it had gone back to the default settings. Since there is not option to use batteries, make sure you dont leave it alone for too long if you have saved a bunch of settings on it.


Digitech RP350


from Oregon

See all my reviews

Okay, seriously, I babied this thing; I put it in the box when I wasn't using it, and I never once "stomped" on it. I never dropped it, either. But the middle pedal stuck into the body and it kept cycling through the presets. I was able to pull the pedal up enough to stop that, but it was still most of the way stuck in, and it was then making a terrible noise when I played anything on it. My Digitech Death Metal conked out on my too. Listen, this thing sounds great, but if Digitech doesn't make their products more long lived, I'm going Boss or Line 6.


Amazing effects processor

By Vrock-inEYJ

from Foley, MN

See all my reviews

I've owned the RP350 for a few months and this thing is spectacular. The effects are so crisp and there are so many of them. This costs about the same as a good wah pedal or the Digitech Wammy pedal, and it includes the wammy and three wah's plus so much more. It's very easy to use. I was creating my own user sounds in about ten minutes. I never play without running my '81 Gibson V through this before the amp. It adds a whole new element to the sounds that you can produce and it's an amazing processor. This thing is worth way more than the cost. A bargain and a great piece of equipment for any guitarist's arsenal. Buy this way before you buy any individual pedals. It's awsome!


This pedal is awesome!!

By Amo

from L.A.

I bought this pedal and a Kramer guitar a month ago. I run it through my 500 watt 5.1 home stereo. I shred in surround sound stereo! The included software allows me to record my original songs with my computer. Track 1,drums (it has a built in drum machine.) track 2, a bass line (it has a effect to make your guitar sound like a bass) track 3, a rhythm guitar (endless sound possibilities) track 4, I rip a sick lead solo. The final result is truly amazing..do yourself a huge favor, buy this pedal!!


Nice little swiss army knife

By Robert Fisher

from Round Rock, Texas, USA

See all my reviews

My Digitech RP350 serves as a replacement for my Digitech GSP-21. The RP350 is a lot easier to tote to gigs & setup. &--of course--has better & a greater variety of sound.The best thing about the RP350 is the fact that you can use it on basically 3 levels: 1. Just play the presets. 2. Choose from the "tone" & "FX" libraries. 3. Tweak each component separately. 4. Tweak patches with their X-Edit software on your computer.You can also freely switch between these levels. First I look for a preset to start with. If I don't find one, I use the tone/FX libraries. Once I have a baseline sound, I can then dive in & tweak either through the control on the device or on my computer.The two features that made me pick this over the RP250 were: 1. The A/B switch that lets you get two sounds from each patch. 2. Expanded EQ with a sweepable mid & a separate presence.Recording with GarageBand on my Mac over USB works great.I don't really have the experience to say the its sounds are authentic, but they sound great to me. It makes me feel like I have a stable of vintage gear available & in a much more usable form.I particularly like the acoustic guitar simulations. It's humbucker-to single- coil simulation also sounds good & is more convenient that using the coil-tap on my guitar.I'm using the expression pedal as a volume pedal much more than I ever thought I would.The drawbacks: I wish the A/B switch could switch everything instead of only the amp model, cabinet model, EQ, & amp level. Secondly, I really miss the 12-button footswitch from the GSP-21. (I don't miss carting around both the GSP & it's separate footswitch, though.) It'd be nice if the RP350 had more than three footswitches. Finally, I don't know why it requires a powered USB jack when it's got its own power brick.Oh, & speaking of power, an actual power switch would've been nice.Overall I've been very happy with the RP350.


Great Deal!!!!!

By dano b

from Hazel Green Al

See all my reviews

I've had the rp350 for a while now and even after the newness wore off I still love it. It has a wide variety of decent presets for all kinds of music interests. You can even go to the digitech websight and download tons more for free! With the software provided it makes it a breeze to tweak the presets to suit your sound needs. The included cubase recording software is really cool too. I couldn't believe all you get for the money. I was expecting way less and was plesantly surprised. I suggest the rp350 to anyone and for the price it as an absolute steal!! Thumbs up!!!


Sounds are digital. Distortion lacking.


from NJ

See all my reviews

I bought an RP350 because of all the hype and positive ratings. The sounds online even sounded promising. However, after getting it home and experimenting, I found it to be just another digital-sounding unit. This is an improvement over the old RP50 and RP80 Audio DNA tones, but the same digital tone is still there; it is just more subtle. I found the options and tweakability to be above and beyond and the only real perk of owning the unit. The construction, although plastic, is decent and sturdy. But the distortion tones are thin and brittle sounding and as much a let down as most of the digital units out there. Get individual stomp boxes for truly organic tones. This is not the answer for the serious player.


DigiTech RP350 review

By Turtlehands

from Boston

See all my reviews

This is a great little guitar processor. The amount of features it has is impressive. There are 70 preset sounds, so you can just plug in guitar and headphones (1/8th jack) or external powered speakers, and go. It has a great built in tuner. You can also use this as an effect, in a loop with your amp. You can edit your own sound with a PC and a USB cable. (that was a little tough to get through, you need to upgrade and install stuff. Also the learning curve for editing sounds is not THAT easy.) But I got through it. For editing your sound, you can choose different amps/cabs/effects and tailor it, and then save it on the unit and even edit the name if you want.Believe it or not I use it with speakers I bought at Walmart.I might upgrade those... You could hook it up to a surround sound system I bet... I might even try that, though for late night I'll stick with the quiet speakers.I'm less happy with it using it in an effects chain, but I didn't try it that way more than an hour. Right now it's my night time practice set up. And I can carry the whole set-up in a small bag, speakers and all if I want to.

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