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Product 153327

Electro-Harmonix Classics Double Muff Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

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The Electro-Harmonix Double Muff Distortion Pedal stuffs 2 classic transistor Muff Fuzz effects from '69 into one box to give you double the trouble!...Click To Read More About This Product

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A deadly duo!

The Electro-Harmonix Double Muff Distortion Pedal stuffs 2 classic transistor Muff Fuzz effects from '69 into one box to give you double the trouble! Using just one gives you a hint of milky distortion. Cascading the second lets you turn your milk into outrageously thick cream. The Double Muff pedal's simple 2-knob operation makes it easy to dial in the perfect level of fuzz.


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Most Liked Positive Review


Outstanding pedal

A few months ago I came into my local store with my ts9dx, hoping to trade it in for something.I went through a couple of pedals, discarding the ones that sounded too much like...Read complete review

A few months ago I came into my local store with my ts9dx, hoping to trade it in for something.I went through a couple of pedals, discarding the ones that sounded too much like the ts9 (nothing wrong with that sound, just wasn't what I was looking for), and the ones that sounded like a boost and nothing more. I got left with only about three pedals in the end: the vox big ben overdrive, the t-rex mudhoney, and this pedal.Now,the vox big ben was an amazing pedal, but was far from what I was looking for, and didn't give me much more then I could already achieve just with my amp. Same exact thing goes for the mudhoney.But this pedal here, I was truly amazed at. It opened up a new realm of sounds to my rig, without compromsing the quality of sound.The first muff is great, and works especially well in adding colour to already slightly overdriven amps, as well as being a great overdrive by itself.The second muff is nothing less then what you'd expect from the world's most famous fuzz. Thick, know how it goes.I truly do recommend this to anyone whos tierd of the same old overdrive pedals that do nothing but act as a boost.


Most Liked Negative Review


Electro-Harmonix Double Muff

The sound clips do not do this pedal justice. The bad part of that is that I adore the sound clips.I really had my hopes up for this pedal, but soon after it's...Read complete review

The sound clips do not do this pedal justice. The bad part of that is that I adore the sound clips.I really had my hopes up for this pedal, but soon after it's arrival, it went back into the box. First of all, mine has a HORRIBLE buzz, worse than my Behringer pedal. I had to mutilate my tone just to get sound out of it. On that note too, I can't see how it's a distortion pedal at all. Mine only seems to adjust the gain on Muff 1, and the distorted sound on Muff 2 comes from the heavy mudded tone nearly ratting out my amp speaker. I've tried multiple adjustments to the pedal, the amp, the guitar, and even used an EQ pedal and can get nothing out of it but a deep, damaging sound. The overdrive on the amp can actually overpower it.After hearing the clips, I really hoped for this to be the pedal I had been looking for, but sadly, it's one of the most horrible things I've touched. It might just be damaged, but I severely doubt it. I got it today, and I'm returning it tomorrow. Definitely test one before buying it.

Reviewed by 47 customers

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By synthiman

from Illinois

See all my reviews

I'm only a teenager, but I know a good sound when I hear it. If you believe the advertising, you will be VERY dissapointed. This is more of a boost pedal. By itself, its not the greatest sound in the world. Very buzzy. However, if you know what your doing, you can expirement with different dist. Pedal combos-using this as a boost. I play a Danelectro '59 and a strat into a vintage '69 fender super reverb. This pedal sounds good when used as a boost with a EHX metal muff (at low gain) overall it is a good pedal if you know what you are doing...


Double Muff

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I was originally going to get a Big Muff PI, but I am so glad I found this baby. I mean it gets the Big Muff sound and adds another overdrive circuit on Double mode, so there is no reason to get a Big Muff. The only weird thing, and this is for all EhX pedals the adapter input is smaller than usual ones.



By GalacticDoom

from NY

I've been playing blues for a good 5 years, now and I decided for a change. I figured, I'll buy some distortion pedals. And unlucky for me, this was my first. This thing has no bass, it sounds terrible on an overdriven amp, Muff 1 is useless...This is probably the worse effect I've ever heard. I just put this thing on the shelf, and ordered myself a Zakk Wylde overdrive, which I highly recommend, and a 535Q wah wah...I love both of them.


Pretty Awesome

By Jerolin

from Texarkana, TX

See all my reviews

I bought this new and I have to say it's really good. Played on my Blues Jr. amp with a MIM Telecaster it's got a classic blues-rock kind of sound which is perfect for me. I find myself just using the single muff function more often, but for heavier stuff the double has a very nice "thick" sound.The only bad thing I can find with this is that it hums when on double muff, but honestly I sort of expected that.It's a really great product for anyone looking for a classic rock or old blues-rock/heavy blues sound.


not bad for the money

By Thor the Dragonslayer

from everywhere

See all my reviews

this pedal is not an actual distortion pedal it's more of an overdrive. i can understand why so many people would give it bad reviews. but before you send it back, trade it in, throw it away, etc. try it simply as a light overdrive, i mean just enough to slightly color your tone when it's on. my friend has one and at first we really didn't care too much for it but after awhile we realized how to actually use it. he uses it as a base for his dirty tone and to color his clean tone a bit. i considered getting one but already have an ehx graphic fuzz that i use in a similar manner (except it has more gain and the ability to sculpt any tone you could ever need).


Not much fuzz, but great 60's overdrive!

By Hungry4fire

from Florence, AL

Hey. I've been wanting some sort of fuzz box lately, but wasn't sure what to get. My parents got this for me on my birthday. To me, it's not the fuzz I was looking for, but man does it have some killer classic rock overdrive! I'm totally into players like Henderix, Townshend, and others who blast their amps to get a cerain tone. However, in my opinion, this pedal will get ya that tone without losing your hearing. Great pedal! A lot of users are complaining about it not having any bass: that's what your amp is for! I just wish the controls were a little easier to use: maybe two stomp switches and two horizontal knobs instead of two vertical knobs, one stomp switch and a flip switch. Regardless, this is a great pedal - soft or dirty! Thanks.


All that and then some!!

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

An awesome pedal right out of the box, muff 1 is very classic rock sounding it almost sounds like there is a compressor built in this pedal. muff 2 is muff 1 on crack!!! Go get this pedal! You won't regret it!!!



By USAfenderstrat2

from Green, OH

See all my reviews

You have got to have this effect, the double muff is the most amazing pedal that I have ever used. It's got style, its compact, it sounds awsome, and all that for a wonderful price. The single muff is a great fuzz for playing something a little bit softer, but when you switch it to double muff, it is like a distortion plus super overdrive, but its not to heavy metal sounding. It's great for solos and rhythm guitar. This is a must have pedal for all rockers. Check Out ~Sunday's Sorrow~



By Jordan-BsNg2

from NC

This pedal is actually very good. It takes a little bit of time to understand it, though, just like any instrument. It will do what you want it to, after you find the premium setting for your setup, and after a little bit of messing with, the thing can be seriously sick. It can be either retro or very raw. It's all really a matter of preference, but this thing can really cook with some gas. A+


Its that D@MN light

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

The only problem is the fact that the light stays lit even when the thing has died. Play it on "Muff 2" for the best sound and keep the bottom knob on max just tweek 'round with the top knob to get you sound right. I suggest you put the amp high on 10 just for this pedal ('cause it just sound better like that) but that light is still a pain.



By Seoul Train

from OH

See all my reviews

I think this pedal is really cool. I actually use it out with my acoustic. If i'm playing electric, i just run my guitar through my overdriven amp, but when i play acoustic and want a fuzzy acoustic tone, i stomp on this thing. of course this thing has feedback with my acoustic, but i can't think of any od/dist/fuzz pedal that wouldn't. my acoustic pup has a volume knob so its not a big deal.I'm not a big fan of gain pedals but this has stuck around for awhile. I use it sometimes with my electric. I'll slightly overdrive my amp then put the double muff on single mode and i get a really smoothe woman tone.If you want a fuzzy od/dist, i definitely suggest checking one out, but you have to check it out with your type of guitar. this thing sounds A LOT different from guitar to guitar. i mean, the difference between my les paul and my sheraton aren't that big, but if you own a strat, dont test it with an SG, ya know?



By Guitardude814

from Chelmsford

This is an underated product. I own it and love it. Its very simple to use with two knobs yet its surprisingly versitile. The first channel is good for Zeppelin or any classic stuff and the second is more AC/DC. the only thing is the channel switch is not foot accsessable.


Cool Pedal

By John-O-peqS-

from Detroit, MI

This really is 2 pedals in one. I love it because the single/double muff switch really turns it from one pedal to a completely other distortion pedal. With my current band, the single is perfect. With my old band wich was more punk rock/metal sounding, the double is awesome sounding. I play A modified Epi Dot through a Fender Twin and some pedals weren't ant better than the distortion on the amp itself. And some were way to "metal" sounding for me. This one is perfect.


Awesome Fuzz!!!!

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Awesome Fuzz!!!! Great 60's sounds!! Great for classic rock!



By Dr. Tito

from Gulfport, Ms

See all my reviews

This pedal is pretty awesome. I play with both muffs turned pretty far up usually, because I play pretty rockin' music. For many songs, though, I turn it to single, and turn it pretty low and it gets a reallll fat, fuzzy, not quite dirty tone, and I love it. My good friend has a big muff, and I would much prefer the double muff. It is more versatile, and, when turned down, isnt so dirty like the Big Muff. If you have money and you like to rock hard, buy this pedal.~~~~ Dr. Tito and the O'Show Gang


Not Impressed

By RAILhead

from Texas

See all my reviews

This isn't my idea of a fuzz/distortion. It's just way too noisy and fuzzy for my tastes, and I was never able to get a good sound with it.



By Shaydedude.

from Highland, IL

I bought this instead of the Big Muff Pi, and I enjoy it. I bought it because Jack White uses a Big Muff, so I figured this was it just plus the single. Its verrrry similar, but I do think that the Double could use a tone knob. Its a little muddy at times, but it still is a really good pedal. Cheap Too! I usually use it for solos, and sometimes I run it at the same time as my Boss BD-2 Blues Driver. Sounds soooo good. It crunches and tears when I hit the note, but its so overdriven, it becomes smooth. Love it. Get it.


Great pedal for the price!!

By HarmonyRkt67

from Rockton, IL

Got this pedal a few months ago and I haven't stopped using it since! out of the 10 overdrives i own this one jumped right to the top of my favorites and most used. great vintage overdrive to a nice distortion can be dialed in using the 2 knobs. A little limited on overall features but it does what it does very well you can't go wrong!


Good pedal, badly advertised.

By Ben-XLWUo

from Maple Valley, WA

See all my reviews

If you're looking for an all-out, dirty fuzz, just buy the Big Muff. This pedal is more of a classic overdrive effect. Muff 1 doesn't do much, maybe a good setting if you just want a little gain. Muff 2 turned all the way up gives you about as much gain as Black Sabbath. For what this pedal does, it's great, but don't expect an insane amount of gain. For metal I don't recommend it, but if you're into classic rock, it's a must. Overall a good pedal.


Awesome Sound!!!

By dustydawg2017

from Muncie, IN

See all my reviews

I went to the local large chain music store to check out some pedals. I had originally thought I would buy a Tube Screamer. I tried the tube screamer which was the TS9, tried all the Boss distortion pedals and then found this pedal right as I was about to purchase the TS9. I was totally blown away with this pedal. It is perfect for my style of music. I think it is also very well priced!! This is a great pedal.

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