Fargen Amps Fargen Retro Classic 25W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp   

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Creative engineering gives you 25W of freedom.

The Fargen Retro Classic combo amp is designed without compromise. Created to capture three classic sounds in a single channel amp. Get late 50s tweet bassman tone, Clapton Bluesbreaker tone, flip it into the '68 position for 12000 Series Superbass.


  • Post phase master volume
  • Mercury custom vintage replica transformers
  • Fargen Custom Shop carbon comp resistors
  • SoZo Vintage signal capacitors
  • Vintage aesthetics
  • Variac Sag high/low voltage switch
  • Tung Sol reissue 12AX7 and KT66 tubes
  • GZ34 tube
  • Hand wired vintage layout and construction

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