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Product 485053

Fender '57 Combo Amp   

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The Fender '57 Amp is a limited-edition 12W, hand-wired tube amplifier with a 12" audio speaker, housed in a stunning split-grille cabinet with all-n...Read More

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A limited edition of 300.

The Fender '57 Amp is a limited-edition 12W, hand-wired tube amplifier with a 12" audio speaker, housed in a stunning split-grille cabinet with all-new hardware and black "piano lacquer" finish.

The original Tweed Deluxe amp of the 1950s is well known as being one of the finest tone machines ever devised. Fender has taken that platform to another level by using the extremely desirable Celestion Alnico Blue speaker in an all-new custom-designed maple speaker cabinet with all-new knobs, handle, and other hardware. Each amp includes a Leather Collectors' Portfolio containing Certificate Of Authenticity, designer's notes, factory photos, and other surprises.

Fender fans & collectors will have to move fast as there will only be 300 of these amps built! Guitarists who want a beautifully appointed tube amp for home or studio and tube amp enthusiasts who appreciate the unique qualities of hand wired, hand-built models will be absolutely thrilled with the Fender '57 Amp. American designed, American made!

Original late '50s hand-wired 12W 5E3 circuit is one of the most touch-sensitive, dynamic amp sounds of all time; manageable volume level for studio or small venue; natural compression adds sustain, even at clean settings.

Solid maple cabinet gives the tone a natural wood resonance with a strong fundamental.

Groove Tubes 12AX7 preamp tubes provides sensitive, higher-gain tone; user may install a 12AY7 for the original lower-gain sound, if desired.

Celestion Alnico Blue speaker is one of the most complex-sounding speakers ever; powerful and sensitive, it sounds nice and sparkly clean at low volume settings, then "barks" when you hit it hard.

  • Hand-wired all-tube circuitry on eyelet board
  • Late 1950s 5E3 circuit produces about 12 Watts
  • Matched pair of Groove Tubes GT6V6 output tubes
  • 5Y3 rectifier tube contributes to compression and "sag" when amp is played hard
  • Two 12AX7 preamp tubes, one of which may be substituted with a 12AY7 for the original '50s lower-gain sound, if desired
  • Mic and Instrument channels; Each channel has individual volume controls and High & Low inputs
  • 12" Celestion Alnico Blue speaker
  • Dovetail-joined solid Maple cabinet
  • Black "Piano Lacquer" finish
  • Holographic diamond-cut "57" badge on front of amp; "One of only 300" badge on rear panel
  • Premium heavy-knurl "Roll-Easy" Telecaster knobs with engraved "57" logo
  • Solid aluminum speedboat handle; metal hex-head screws throughout
  • Blue jewel light
  • Meguiar's Mist & Wipe Kit includes finish enhancer spray and cloth
  • Custom embroidered plush padded cover is included
  • Leather Collectors' Portfolio contains Certificate Of Authenticity, designer's notes, factory photos, and other assorted collectors items

'57 Combo Amp

  • Type: Tube Amplifier
    Output: 12 Watts
    Ohms: 8 Ohms
    Speakers: One 12 Inch Celestion Alnico Blue Speaker (P/N 007-3313-000)
    Channels: Two (Instrument And Microphone)
    Weight: 36 Lbs (16.3 Kg)
    Height: 18.75" (48 Cm)
    Width: 20" (51 Cm)
    Depth: 9.5" (24 Cm)
    Tubes 2-12AX7

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Most Liked Positive Review


Hand Built Steal!

Limited run with a hardwood cabinet and upgraded speaker at less than the price of the Tweed Deluxe. Whats not to like? This is a great pro level amp. Likes pedals, but who...Read complete review

Limited run with a hardwood cabinet and upgraded speaker at less than the price of the Tweed Deluxe. Whats not to like? This is a great pro level amp. Likes pedals, but who needs them with such great tone? Buy two, store one. A GREAT investment.


Most Liked Negative Review



I was lucky enough to try one of the 300 of these amps made and I learned one thing, it's awful!!! I thought that it would sound similar to an origional 5e3,...Read complete review

I was lucky enough to try one of the 300 of these amps made and I learned one thing, it's awful!!! I thought that it would sound similar to an origional 5e3, but it doesn't. It's extremely clean and almost sounds solid state. I know that it has an alnico blue, but really, it's still a Celestion, it won't give you the tone of a real vintage Fender. These amps are supposed to break up real easily, but this one doesn't even have a bit of distortion on volume 12 on either channel! My tweed Blues Junior NOS with a Jensen C12N sounds a million times better than this. If you have this much money anyway, buy the real thing, not this garbage!!!!

Reviewed by 11 customers

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Best Amp I Ever Played hands Down

By Paul-XmtHq

from Manassas VA

Wow what a find. This is one amazing amp. One reviewer mentioned should keep up with a drummer? You gotta be kidding. This amp is loud loud. In fact it may actually be to loud for some gigs if you like to crank it. The sound is just to die for. And like all the other reviewers it is very touch senditive and you can do everything from your guitars volume control. Another nice thing is it loves all guitars single coil or humbucker. It also takes pedals. The cingle volume single tone is a godsend to me. I hate spending hours tweaking an amp for every guitar. And on a boogie heaven forbid you have to change your volume you have to do all tone controls alll over. I cant say enough about this amp. All my musician friends agree this is the best sounding amp they ever heard.


Sticky fingers

By Reivaj

from Spain

I have this amp for two days I can't make a proper review, but a couple of things are for sure:-Features: well you should know what you're buying. Features are for me: almost the least possible knobs = purity in tone, the Blue Celestion, the simple and thus effective circuit, a good cabinet...-Mick Taylor: if you want the Rolling Stones Sticky Finger's sound this is Perfect for it. Con una Les Paul me recuerda muchisimo al sonido de Mick Taylor con los Rolling Stones.-Loud. Not really loud 100%clean sounds(at least with Humbuckers, though it competes easily with say, a Piano) but quite loud overdrive sounds. I think it can be enough to play with a drummer. -Aesthetycs: Extremely beautyful.The reviewer saying that this is an imposible to overdrive amp must have had a broken couple of valves or something. Almost solid state sounding? Impossible, couldn't be farther. It's the opposite. Reminds me a lot of my ex-bedroom amp, the Fender Champion 600, but the overdrive specially is in another league. Also reminds me of the Ampeg Jet-20 (being the Ampeg clearly louder). As far as I can recall I prefer this Deluxe over the Ampeg, but I suspect that the J-20 needed biasing and may be a better rectifier (it came to me with a different valve rectifier from the one stated on the manual).My ratings are placed mainly trying to compensate the first reviews: Combos doesn't make sense for you? then don't buy a combo!!I got it for a great price and I think I did a great choice. It's very promising.My previous amps: Fender Champion 600, Fender Blues Jr(one of the old & way too dark sounding USA made Jr's) and an Ampeg J-20 (if I had it serviced may be it could be with me now, but it blew a couple of power tubes and I wanted to get rid of it, still wondering if that was caused by a bad biasing and uncorrect rectifier tube...).

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Best Amp Ever

By James-5AK8u

from New Jersey

With a great luck, I got this Fender 57 Limited Edition amp in February of 2009. I think I was one of the last persons who got this amp. I have been playing for about 30 years and in the past I have used amps like Boogies, Marshalls and Fenders among many others.This is a very simple amp - I have basically never had this simple of an amp - that is why 3.5 for features. With this amp, I use Fender Custom Shop Strat, a rack mount signal processor and a tube based Boogie distortion pedal. With this set-up, this is the best sounding amp I have ever heard, period. The clean is crystal with power - with some reverb and chorus, the dynamics are incredible.When distortion is engaged, it just blows my mind. It just is the best sounding set-up I have ever come across. Even when the amp volume is set for, say, 3, it would generate incredible sustain at basically any note - and the best thing about it is that the distortion dynamics are so well controllable ? just with the volume on the guitar. For such a small amp this price or beyond is expensive and one may think that there are better choices. My way of thinking is that; 1) this is all hand made in USA ? one of the best presentation by Fender; 2) highly collectable due to limited production of 30 3) one of the best sounding base/foundation set-up due to its utter simplicity; 4) best reflects/brings the best out of one's instrument and processors due to its one volume and one tone simple yet quality layout; 5) a great speaker and cabinet set-up that produces ambience; and therefore, this is clearly the best amp ever. I am looking to get another one so that I can have the set-up in stereo. Currently, I run the set-up in stereo with another amp ? Having two of 57s may not be necessary because I feel that one amp basically supports the main one, in this case Fender 57 LE. This awesome set-up will make one a so much better, more innovative and skillful player.The set-up, this amp, it is just the best there is, period. James


Fender '57 Combo Amp

By Telebob-LDnej

from Nashville

She's a thing of beauty to look at and the tone from this amp is just simply amazing. Gorgeous cleans and dig in for some of the juiciest breakup you have ever heard. If you have thew money buy one!


Collectors & Persnickety People

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Beautiful looking amp. It reminds me of a Steinway Grand!The first thing to do is get the amp BIASED correctly with high-end tubes. Some people say the amp sounds cold and powerless...uh, duh? Run the tubes at the proper voltage to give you the desired sound.Replacing the stock tubes with a killer set, you can customize your tone and get higher fidelity.I would also say give it time for the speaker to "break in." - People that buy this amp should know what they are getting into. Talk to an expert.


Awesome sleeper amp*

By telemaster

from Pacific Northwest.

This amp kick! The amp makes any telecaster sound amazing. The black piano finish makes this amp hard to see on stage, yet the blue power light really looks cool on stage. It definitely cuts with any drummer or bass player. The celestion blue alnico speaker really contributes to this amps sweet rich sound. A few of my professional musician buddy's love the amp and are always asking me to borrow it. A good collectors piece for the future. Kind of a retro vintage Cadillac look to it* Try it out before it is gone. Definitely better sounding than the Fender tweed deluxe reissue amp. Rock & Roll.

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Hand Built Steal!

By Emmett-p6FkU

from The great West

Limited run with a hardwood cabinet and upgraded speaker at less than the price of the Tweed Deluxe. Whats not to like? This is a great pro level amp. Likes pedals, but who needs them with such great tone? Buy two, store one. A GREAT investment.



By TelesCanRock

from Indiana

The "Blue" in it kind of sounds like an old 50's AM radio. At 1st it sounded cool, but after a couple of hours it started sounding flat or sterile to me. I have heard this amp in a Vox AC15 and thought it sounded sweet but here it was a bit "cold" - My PRRI sounded better clean of course but this amp was made for dirt and at about 3-4 on the knob it gets dirty, BUT its so loud by then I cant turn it there due to my family members. (I only play at home)Build quality is nice and the amp looks beautiful. The sound kicks in at 2 on the knob and seeing it has no reverb or ANY effect it sounds plain unless you can crank it (which I can't).I played it for 4 hours and started digging it until I plugged my princeton back in. The 57 LE in comparison sounds cold and you cant get a good low volume tone from it. I would love to have one for the times I can just let loose and crank it but if I kept this I would have to get rid of the PRRI (can't afford both) and I cant bring myself to do it. At $1199 its a good buy though you can get much better sounding amps for that price. Seeing this is a LE and only 300 were made, and its the best LOOKING amp I have ever seen, it is worth the $1200. $1500, not so sure. For that you can choose from some amazing sounding amps. If the 5E3 is your thing though, this may be the one for you. Less expensive than the standard tweed with the lower end speaker. Once they are gone, they are gone so get it while you can. NIce amp. Just not a versatile amp.


Cool Look, needs work

By Klattu

from Earth

ALL stock tube-amps need some TLC to be their best. This is a perfect example. The idea of putting a tube amplifier in the same case with the speaker is stupid. It always has been and always will be. Combo-style amps are for convenience, not common sense. Speakers rattle and torture the sensitive tubes when they are this close together. If you play at low volumes, that might not be much of a problem. For today's versatile players, this is not an ideal amp configuration. The design is cool though.Kudos to Fender for at least trying to respect their funk-fifties heritage. This amp was designed by artists, not techno-savvy players.If you need versatility, pro-features and reliability, sorry, will have to look elsewhere. If you have no budget limitations, then you can buy two of these to go stereo, have your tech remove and modify the amp sections, and get your custom cabinet-maker to match the speaker cabs with heads. Of course, if you have that kind of money, you can get a much better amp for thousands less.This is a will be a collector's item in fifty years. If your evil profiteering daddy has nothing better to do, make him buy you six of them and keep them in the boxes in a warehouse.In fifty years, if the Earth still exists, we might see you on the Traveling Antiques Road-Show.


You get what you pay for.

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

But sometimes you don't--you get more. This being priced below the "normal" 57 Deluxe outta the custom shop is amazing. Can you say heirloom?The GT white label tubes in this amp, the maple cabinet, teamed up with the Alnico Blue (delicious!) make this like a louder, more precise 57 Deluxe. After playing both extensively, they're in the same family (heck--they share the exact same 5E3 circuit design and components). This version is better mannered--does what it is told to do, whereas the Tweed can get (beautifully) bossy at full volume.Either one will fulfill your dreams. Why not get both?!? :-)

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