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MF MD HG Labor Day Inclusion 8-22-14 EXT

Fender G-DEC Guitar Digital Entertainment Center  

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Product #480868

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    Solo over backing tracks and develop your chops in any style with an array of thrilling tones at your fingertips!

    Learning to play guitar can be hard, but the Fender G-DEC Guitar Digital Entertainment Center makes it easy and fun. As simple to learn as a new video game, the G-DEC has lots to offer for brand-newbies, guit-athletes, and songwriter-types alike. You can quickly plug in and solo over backing tracks and practice with a full-band arrangement to develop your chops in nearly any style.

    At the heart of the G-DEC is a 15W amp and 8" speaker combo with the familiar Fender look and feel. But that's just for starters. This one-of-a-kind combo adds a digital LCD screen; lots of guitar tones; selectable drum beats, bass lines, and other instruments; reverb, echo, and other effects; a tuner; a phrase sampler with line in and slow down; an internal synth with MIDI; and a shoulder strap for easy transport. So you've got the ultimate practice partner, rhythm section, and song-inspiration platform all wrapped up in an easy-to-use combo amp.

    The G-DEC is loaded with 50 Performance Presets that each include a drum loop, bass line, guitar amp tone, and effects. There are 50 user presets, tons of guitar tones, drum loops, a metronome, and backing tracks in nearly every style so you can build your own backing tracks. You can edit, move around, and store all the Performance Presets. Each preset includes a guitar tone (built from the following ingredients: Amp Type, EQ, Compressor, Timbre, Noise Gate, and Effects) and a drum/backing loop including rhythm instruments.

    70 drum/backing loops and a metronome are included so with the G-DEC you've got a drummer on tap anytime you want one. There are loops for Rock, Pop, Metal, Funk, Punk, Jazz, Country, Blues, Latin -- pretty much any style you would want to play guitar over.

    The amp settings are: Tweed (1-3), Blackface (1-3), Dynatouch (1-4), British (1-3), Modern (1-3), and Acoustic.

    There are standard tone controls such as Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Noise Gate, and Compressor, as well as special Timbre settings like Full Body, Full Stack, Razor's Edge, Bright Lite, Bass Boost, Nu Metal, Super Brite, and Acoustic.

    The effects menu includes mono delay, tape delay, stereo tape delay, ducking delay, reverse delay, autopan delay, sine chorus, triangle chorus, sine flange, triangle flange, phaser, tremolo, pitch shift, touch wah, fixed wah, Vibratone, Autoswell, Alienator, Resolver, fuzz, overdrive, and effective combinations like touch wah/fuzz, ring modulation/delay, fuzz/delay, overdrive/delay, chorus/delay, flange/delay, phaser/delay, and Alienator/delay. There also is an effects level control. Reverb selections include Ambient, Small Room, Large Room, Small Hall, Large Hall, Arena, Small Plate, Large Plate, Spring, and '63 Spring.

    All of the effects available with the Fender G-DEC have parameters that can be adjusted, so there are an infinite number of possible guitar sounds.

    • 15W power
    • 8" Fender Special Design speaker
    • One channel with dual inputs (instructor setup)
    • Headphone jack
    • Easy preset navigation
    • Tones from Heavy Metal to Jazz to Punk to Country
    • Selectable drum beats, bass lines, and other instruments
    • 70 preset drum loops and metronome
    • 100 Performance Presets (50 factory, 50 user)
    • 17 amp models
    • 29 studio-quality effects
    • 10 Reverbs
    • Each preset includes a drum loop, bass line, amp tone, and effects
    • LCD screen
    • Controllable tempo
    • Internal synth with MIDI
    • Lots of effects
    • Guitar tuner
    • Internal phrase sampler with line in and slow down
    • Future software upgrades loaded via MIDI
    • Shoulder strap for easy carrying

    Order the G-DEC today and introduce yourself to the world's first guitar entertainment center--a whole new way to jam and learn.


    G-DEC Guitar Digital Entertainment Center Specifications:

    • 16 lbs.
    • 15-1/2"W x 13-1/2"H x 7"D
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    Most Liked Positive Review


    Understand what you're buying

    Right up front, let me say that I love this little toy -- but be sure you want a TOY when you buy it.I've played guitar for almost 35 years, through a tremendous...Read complete review

    Right up front, let me say that I love this little toy -- but be sure you want a TOY when you buy it.I've played guitar for almost 35 years, through a tremendous variety of amps and with a lot of effects. If you want a top modeling amp with professional effects, lay out the four figures and buy it -- this ain't it! If you want a professional guitar synth/drum machine combo, same story; it's gonna cost you a lot more than $269. This little box is something you can buy with the spare change from your sock drawer. It's kinda like the old joke about riding a moped -- you really love it, but you hope nobody knows you're doing it...I use it to practice scales, leads, and chops, and to try completely new rhythms and tempos on old material. If you follow only what Fender has programmed into it, you'll have a great time for 48 songs and then be bored. A HUGE deficit, and one that I didn't realize when I bought it, is that you CANNOT CHANGE THE CHORD PROGRESSION of the programs -- if you're doing a 1-1-4-5 progression, you can do it in any key you want, but you can't change it to 1-4-1-5 and so forth; you're stuck with the progression exactly as given. As a lot of the programs are in a single key (E seems to be very popular), you're gonna riff in a single key over and over and over and over and over...Also, if you're a 3/4 fan, you'll be disappointed; there's a waltz beat and a grind beat (sort of a 6/8), and that's it. You can't reprogram the time signature, although you can speed up or slow down any of the tempos.The amp modeling is great fun, and the effects modeling is actually pretty sophisticated; I'm pleased and startled by the noises it will produce. One of the settings sounds an awful lot like the Ampeg VT-40 with spring reverb I used to use (through headphones, that is).As other reviewers have noted, play this thing through headphones (I haven't tried computer speakers) for the best sound. The speaker is just what you'd expect in this price range.You can play about 20 seconds of your own jam into the amp, and have it fed back to you in a continuous loop, with or without the drums and bass -- this is HUGELY helpful for practicing difficult chops over and over. I haven't tried to record from an MP-3 or CD yet, but it would be very easy (various ports in the back).Basically, this is karaoke for your guitar; a cheap way to try dozens of effects and model dozens of amps (and really, some of the models are startling!); and a way to force you into rethinking what you "should" sound like, or to spark new ideas when you're in a dead slump. Don't buy it to gig with - you'll be totally humiliated. Don't buy it thinking it's a powerful, professional tool. Buy it because it's a fun and cheap way to spark your creativity, and can actually make you WANT to practice! I can hardly wait to haul this to the next jam session with friends; I haven't had this much fun practicing guitar in 20 years.


    Most Liked Negative Review


    The buzz about the G-Dec

    I really wanted to like this amp, with the built in drum and bass loops, crapload of amp emulation and effects it seemed great when I read about it.The first time I tried it...Read complete review

    I really wanted to like this amp, with the built in drum and bass loops, crapload of amp emulation and effects it seemed great when I read about it.The first time I tried it in store, I was not impressed. I wasn't crazy about the sound. A few months later I was trying out the guitar and the G-Dec was the closest amp, so I plugged it in. I had a bear of a time trying to get a clean tone without the buzzing.2 weeks ago, a local store at the mall was closing and it had the G-Dec for 30% off and I figured I'd take a chance on it. The first thing I noticed when I powered it up for the first time was the buzz, dear lord what buzzing!Since I am an owner of the G-Dec, I figured I'd give it a good trail run and do a bit of research on all this buzzing. I've heard from other owner that you can tweak the settings to reduce the buzz, true enough but a $*** dollar amp should not have it's automatic first preset (Rockin' G-Dec) be a buzz-fiesta (amoung many, many others). I had hoped that Fender would have put on their site a "revised" version of the presets to be downloaded via MIDI, but no they leave that up to the individual user. What Fender should have done is release it with usuable versions of presets, having the Rockin' G-dec with it's intense buzzing as the first preset that comes up is just nuts. Marketing was asleep at the wheel. It also would have been nice to have a slot for like a compact flash with the ability to store MIDI files so you won't have to be tethered to a computer to play MIDI through the G-DEC, being able to control via (optional) footswitches would have been supreme. All of these are "little" (ie: fairly inexpensive) improvements that would have made a HUGE difference in this product that otherwise is a true pioneer. Hopefully Fender's competitors will up the ante with an improved version of the G-DEC (Roland are you listening???)On the plus side, the display was fabulous and easy to read and the tuner was really good and easy to use also.I'm not impressed with the overall sound quality either, it seemed somewhat inferior to my little Roland Microcube (which honestly stunned me), so while I mention in this review that I am an owner, I will not be for long for this barely used amp is on it's way to ebay.

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    By jon b.

    from dalton,Ga

    i have had this amp since its been out about 3 years and it's amazing all around trust my it will work just don't punch the screen. the only complaint i have is that its hard to work it

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    By Jimbo-7P06k

    from Forked River, NJ

    When I first bought it I was happy. It's hard to find a group to play with so this is fun. The selector switch on mine fails to work. It's become a paper weight. Hopefully the 30 amp model has a better switch. Don't buy this model it's junk.

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    This Amp is good.

    By Stoneager

    from Reno, NV

    I have had my G-Dec about 4 months. Mine is th wood cabinet model bought when they closed them out. Other then the cabinet they are the same amp.I have no trouble with this amp at all! The tuner in mine is great. all effects are easily adjustable. Saving my settings is easy and works every time, I don't know why you other guys have so much trouble. It might not mean anything but I studied the manuel, and used it as I learned how to use all its fetures.

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    An Underestimated Gem

    By SuperDave

    from Indianapolis

    As a new player I let my 15w G-DEC sit as an underestimated and underutilized "regular amp" for a year before I had a new teacher somewhat force me to key in and jam along to a few of the tracks I only partially liked. I did this along with using the easy to learn minor pentatonic blues scales and natural minor scales or ?boxes? the teacher just taught me. All I can say is - holey freekin cow - what a difference! Even if you only partially like the backing track, you won't really notice it when your soloing is what is making the music groove ?and (gasp) begin to sound good! I cannot stress enough that my ability to solo has gone from almost nothing to "through the roof" (ok, it?s thru the roof to me, but when you start to hum your own music in the shower, you KNOW you?re improving). To summarize, initially I simply didn't get what this thing can do. So, learn from my time wasting mistake - you must give the G-DEC back track jamming function an honest and persistent chance! This little gem is the best you can do if you can't get a band together for regular jamming and regular jamming is the biggest factor in improving as a guitarist.

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    (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


    The Newb Amp

    By Hendrix Jr.94

    from Bossier City, Louisiana

    This is amp perfect for begginers. Here me out guys this is also good for professionals like me I was looking for somthing that could have backing tracks. I chose this and man was I blown away. Me and my friend sit around the house and play country music and blues. This thing is amazing. The quality and sound are amazing. The presets don't sound cheap like on a Marshall. It has everything from playing Zakk Wylde to Hendrix to BB King. This is one hell of an amp.

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    Good practice amp...but a little overboard

    By Ace-014

    from Kansas

    This am is fun to mess with. Not very loud, but it's a practice amp so it's not like you should intend on paying gigs with this. The play along rythyms though bug me. Really cheesy and I hate the bass on most of them. If I turn of the bass I can play with some of the drum rythyms, but the rest I just don't like very well. Also I think they might have went a little overboard with the different presets. I don't even use half of them. And if you want to ust get yourself a nice sound without any effects, your going to have to find one (I suggest messing around with voltage, it's alot easier) and turn off all the effects and mess with the distortion on stuff on your own. One last little complaint, the clean on this amp is not very good in my opinion, the amp actually crackles (atleast with mine) when struming hard on chords and such when doing cleans.Overall, if you look past the overboard effects, the bad clean, and the slightly annoying drum presets, it's a great practice amp. You can get mostly what you want out of it if you mess around with the sounds enough. Buy this if your looking for a nice amp that you can get a taste of lots of guitar effects at a cheap price.

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    It is what it is...

    By Dan-87Or9

    from Colorado

    I never intended to buy one of these amps, ever, but I really wanted that Nighthawk and the amp was part of the trade, so there you go...I was pleasantly surprised, and I ended up playing along with the cheesy backing tracks for hours the first night. I agree that the sounds, models and effects are not the best, but it's not meant to be a gigging/recording rig. It's designed for practice and learning. For that it is great. It is what it is. I must say, I did use it onstage for an unplugged gig, and it worked just fine after downloading the software and creating a clean patch with a bit of chorus.I think if I actually bought one of these I'd get the bigger G-DEC 30 for the extra $, for the advanced features and more power.

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    G DEC review

    By Furious Rick

    from The Colony TX

    I purchased the G-DEC at a pawnshop. I own a Carvin SX-200 full stack, a Crate 2-12 120 combo and a Kustom 15 watt pratice amp. I have a digitech GNX4 and an old TEC 8G. The effects are pretty good for a practice amp the ability to play along with backing tracks is pretty cool too. I don't know how the MIDI would affect a live gig with the amp, but it would be great to warm up with.

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    Good little practice amp

    By DigitalJedi

    from Austin, Texas

    It's a great little amp- but it's not very loud. I'm used to playing through a 65w Fender Ultra Chorus. It's got amazing features and sounds- plus you get the fender name- but the loudness thing gets me. With all it's many sounds and features, the price is worth it. Instead of having to buy tons of pedals, they're all built in, and great for rehearsal/jamming.

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    By SGLover-wnDkL

    from Gunnison, CO

    Alright, so I played this at my friends house with his Epiphone Special II (he has an Explorer but I like the Les Paul better) and it blew me away. I've only been playing for like two months but I even sounded pretty damn good on it. It has all kinds of effects for your guitar that you would normally nedd hundreds of dollars of effects pedals for and it also has tons of preset bass and drum backing tracks that you can customize, speed, or slow to your liking. It also has preset combinations for certian songs, genres, and band styles such as Think Floyd (that would made me laugh). The point this thing is sick.

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