Furman SPB-8 Pedal Board   

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Get your effects together.

The Furman SPB-8 Pedal Board is the perfect solution to stage clutter. Thre are some fantastic all-in-one effects processors out there, but some of us just love our dedicated stomp boxes and their custom effects. The drawback is a big mess at your feet on stage. The SPB-8 Pedal Board is the long-sought answer, effectively integrating all your favorite pedals into one compact, safe, versatile unit. Up to eleven boxes mount on a no-slip panel. True stereo effects return, external effects loop. Amp outputs. Eight individually protected 9V DC outlets. 3 120VAC, 15A outlets. Strong, light polycarbonate platform with steel housing and Velcro sheeting to secure pedals. Dual stereo loops. Toroidal transformer eliminates hum. A padded soft carrying case is included.


  • Eleven box spaces
  • True stereo effects returns
  • Amp outputs
  • Eight 9V DC outlets

Banish your stomp-box spaghetti pile today. Put it in the cart.

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