Guyatone Mighty Micro HDm5 Hot Drive Guitar Effects Pedal  

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Go beyond full-drive amp distortion and make your sound sizzle with the Hot Drive.

The Guyatone Mighty Micro HDm5 Hot Drive pedal provides maximum stompbox distortion while still retaining note clarity. The Hot Drive Pedal easily creates rich, singing harmonic feedback, and makes your combo amp sound like a stack. Its brutal-yet-articulate tone makes the Guyatone Mighty Micro Hot Drive effects pedal perfect for use on bass or vocals as well as guitar.


Hot Drive's Controls:

  • Level: Adjusts volume. Turn clockwise to increase volume
  • Tone: Adjusts tone. Turn counter-clockwise to cut high frequency (hi-cut)
  • Mode switch: The HD-3 mode switch adjusts the peak frequency of the High-Cut Tone Filter, allowing for a greater variety of tonal options

Mode Switch Settings:

  • M1: Silky yet bright drive sound
  • M2: Coarse, coarse trebly sound with bite

Add the power of the Hot Drive's sizzling distortion to your arsenal—add it to the cart now.

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