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Ibanez WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp   (Used)

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Product #H71755
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DSP-based limiter and built-in effects provide clean jazz tone even at high volumes.

Ibanez have been making some of the finest jazz guitars on the market for over 30 years with the George Benson model. It's only natural that they make jazz guitar amps of comparable quality.

The Ibanez WT80 was made to provide clean jazz tone at a loud level. With a 15" speaker pumping 80W of power, this amp does just that. A DSP-based precision limiter ensures your sound will stay clean even at a high volume.

The 80 watts of power and 15-inch speaker pack plenty of punch, while the arsenal of Chorus, Reverb, and 3-band EQ with separate Tone control add a variety of tonal options at your fingertips.

Chorus & Reverc Effects
Chorus and reverb controls allow you to add depth and space to your sound. The Aux inputs separate volume conrol lets you blend just the right amount of backing tracks with ease.

3 band EQ+Tone
Aside from its 3 bad EQ, an additional tone control allows you to adjust the overall tonal character of the amp.


  • Watt Dedicated Guitar Amplifier
  • 15" Custom-Made Coaxial Speaker
  • 4-Band EQ
  • Small size, Light weight
  • Switchable Chorus With Speed And Depth Control
  • Reverb With Level Control
  • Aux in W/ Level Control

Put more tone in your jazz-guitar playing. Order today.


WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp Specifications:

  • output: 80W@4Ω
  • speaker: Special Tuned 15" Speaker
  • controls: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Tone, Master-Volume, Aux-Volume, Chorus, Reverb
  • i/o's: Input, Aux Input, Headphones Out with Stereo FX
  • cabinet: Ported Cabinet
  • size (mm): 440(W) x 366(D) x 500(H)
  • size (inch): 17.3"(W) x 14.4"(D) x 19.7"(H)
  • weight: 17.6kg [38.8lbs]
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IbanezWT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp

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Reviewed by 9 customers

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(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Unique Amplifier , Makes Guitars Jazzy !

By Mr. Guitar

from Appomattox, Va

About Me Experienced

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Verified Buyer


  • Colored Tone
  • Good Warmth
  • Makes Any Guitar Jazzy
  • Portable


  • Difficult To Use
  • Limited Functions
  • Mid Control Is Dominate
  • Odd Tone Circuit

Best Uses

  • Amateur Recording
  • Chord Melody Arrangements
  • Events
  • Home Studio
  • Performances
  • Professional Recording
  • Small Jazz Band
  • Solo Performance

Comments about Ibanez WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp:

This amplifier's tone is highly colored. I believe it will make any electric guitar sound like a jazz guitar. The mid control is the dominate control in the tone stack and I think the control labeled tone shifts the frequency range of the mid control. It is my opinion that this amp is better suited to laminated maple top archtop guitars or to archtop guitars with mini-humbucking pickups. Carved spruce topped archtops with top mounted full size humbucking pickups seem to have too much midrange projection and sound muddy to me, this may actually be a condition of having too much warmth from a guitar and amp combination.

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(7 of 9 customers found this review helpful)


Mine went bad after a week

By Armon Haumer

from Cleveland, OH Rock Capital of the World!

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    • Overpriced
    • Poor Sound Quality
    • Too Heavy To Lift

    Best Uses

      Comments about Ibanez WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp:

      I owned this amp for one week.
      At first, it sounded good (not great as compared to a Roland JC-120).

      The volume was almost 80-watts (at a given higher-frequency).

      After 3 days of using it, the amp developed a loud fuzzy-sound when I played any string (on any guitar that I plugged into it), even at the lowest treble setting!

      I only used it for about one hour, for each of the three days prior to the noise.

      Nonetheless, I sent it back.

      I exchanged it for a Fender Rumble Bass amp to use as a jazz amp for my Ibanez AF55 Artcore. Yes, I am using a bass amp for lead guitar; it doesn't matter and a bass amp can handle more wattage thrown at the speaker (than a regular guitar amp).

      The Fender Rumble helps with guitars that sound jazzier and mellow, and it's more like a Henriksen Jazz110.

      The sound of the Fender Rumble was lively, more defined, and had better jazz quality than the Wholetone.

      Also, the fidelity of the Fender Rumble bass amp was much better than the Wholetone and the Rumble's price was a lot less (not to mention the Fender was louder).

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      (7 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


      latin jazz player

      Comments about Ibanez WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp:

      This amp to me is in a class by it self. The 15in. speaker is a nice touch as is the chorous. The amp is very user friendly. If you like all kinds of jazz this is the amp to get. This amp in my opinion is a serious toy for those who like jazz guitar.
      I love this amp though I'm getting it on layaway. A friend of mine owns one. It lacks the # on ea. nob. Also it could use a line out or external spkr. jack. The 15in. spkr is a different change than that of 1 or 2 x12 in. spkrs. All the nob names seem to be selected well. It is easy to manipulate. If it says jazz amp it means jazz amp
      In quality it can compare to polytone and henderickson as far as sound and quality. It has a good sound and richful jazz tone/sound. I recomend it to any one who likes a jazzy punch/bite. The chorous has a nice ring/sound to it. I like that Ibanez added it to the amp. This way I don't have to buy a boss pedal an spend xtra money
      For the money I think it sound as good as those other guys I mentioned. It has a sound you'd expect from those pricey guys also. Ibanez better go with thier bad self because to me it's what Ive been looking for plus at an affodable price to me who could go wrong.

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      (28 of 29 customers found this review helpful)


      Wholetone Jazz Amp Review

      By ERod1944

      from Undisclosed

      Comments about Ibanez WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp:

      I purchased the Ibanez WT-80 via the web. After using it for about a week now, it hasn't disappointed. The amp delivers an honest Jazz tone from my Ibanez AFS-75 (thin hollowbody), Ibanez AG-75 (fat, smaller hollowbody) and Telecaster with neck Humbucker ala Ed Bickert. The Tele sounds really good. I have to admit that it took a day or so for me to "bond" with this amp and I finally did it by making adjustments "at the bedroom level" and then working my way up the loudness scale from there.

      The amp is all about EQ & HEADROOM. It's colored to produce a sweet jazz tone and has a lot of Dynamic Headroom making each note pronounced and quite punchy. One thing to note is when you turn the amp off, it takes over 16 seconds before you hear the speaker go "thump - I'm off" which indicates that the power supply probably has a large value of capacitor energy storage - storage which is used when playing dynamically, to allow the power supply to deliver large, clean transit power bursts to the power amplifier. Result: The Notes Stay Immaculately Clean.

      LOUDNESS concerns were noted on some comments concerning this amplifier but my experience is that when feeding this amp from a moderate Humbucker, provided that I have both the WT-80 Gain and Master controls well turned up, the levels produced out of the speaker are uncomfortably loud for me and remembering that this amp is all about headroom, the dynamic note transits are pretty physical coming out of the 15" speaker. The GAIN control has to be quite UP to get loud.. I use the amp in a tilt-back amp stand. For reference, I used to play in some pretty loud R&B bands and have the tinnitus to prove it.

      I tried EFFECTS with the amp using my Boss ME-70 effects pedal and while a person could probably use effects pedals with the WT80, the amp is quite "colored" and causes a lot of fiddling with the amp controls every time a different pedal patch is applied. For Example; a clean, heavily chorused "Rush" patch which sounds really Bright and like Shimmering Chrome on my clean Combo amp sounds kind of "Brown" when attempted with the WT80. The results on the WT80 never sounds like the Combo. Also, the insertion of the pedal between the guitar and amp seems to "limit" some of the guitar dynamics even on clean patches. It just seems more punchy with a guitar plugged directly into the amp. As a closed-back amp, the WT80 doesn't suffer the tone-changing effects of out-of-phase, rear-cabinet signals bouncing off a back wall. The guitar tonality does not change as you get farther away from the amp.

      The REVERB is quite usable at low reverb settings although the delay is set too long for my tastes (cathedral-length) and if you're playing dense-dissonant chords, you can find the last two dense chords clashing with the one you're currently playing so I keep the reverb level pretty low but it's very nice reverb and very usable.

      The CHORUS? It's not THAT bad. It's only got 1 setting which is variable only by the amount of chorus desired. I'll call it "Chorus for Emergency Use Only".

      The TONE CONTROL is interesting. It's a Variable Low Pass Filter that will lob off a good portion of frequency energy above a frequency of your choice between 800hz & 6.5Khz - noting that the highest fundamental note on the guitar neck is around 1,400hz.
      (300hz = D at Fret 700hz = F at Fret 1 1500hz = F# just above the neck)
      I adjusted the tone control by leaving it at full clockwise (6.5Khz), then setting the Bass-Mid-Treble controls to my tastes and then rotating the Tone control counter-clockwise until I had the high frequency tonality of the guitar under control - especially the two unwound strings.

      The GAIN CONTROL is novel. This control has to be way up to derive decent power output. I've got this knob set at about 2:00 and use the Master Control for my "level ride" which I keep at about 9:00-10:00. The gain control does not produce distortion and using an overdrive pedal to try to get distortion would probably be a bad thing. It's a clean jazz amp.

      My GOAL was getting close to that "Wes" tone and this amplifier has provided a real move in that direction and I'm thinking that my fingers should eventually supply the rest. High Levels-Soft Touch. The WT-80 allows my hollowbody guitars to sound sweet and makes my work as long-term Jazz Guitar student a lot more enjoyable. I've never used any of the classic, expensive jazz amps for comparison, but considering the price of the WT-80 amp and the jazz tonality delivered from the 15 incher, I feel like I got a real bargain and I'm glad that I made the purchase.

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      (9 of 13 customers found this review helpful)


      This amp may not be for you?

      By Tom Gorbonso

      from Orlando, Florida

      Comments about Ibanez WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp:

      Again, not rated a 10, per some minor issues I had. But, I do love the amp, per it fits my needs.
      Here are 12-points to consider:

      (1) Chorus is very poor,

      (2) Reverb is great,

      (3) No plug-in jack for effects pedal (on/off Chorus or Reverb),

      (4) The Gain knob does not produce distortion. It just makes it louder volume and clear tones,

      (5) There are NO numbers (0-10) for any of the control knobes, so you guess whee it is at,

      (6) For an 80 Watt amp, is is not very loud max volume. Seems more like a 25 Watt max volume,

      (7) The on/off switch is in the back like a tube amp. I find this very annoying,

      (8) The amp is very square, clumsy to carry, and hearier then it looks,

      (9) It stays clean tones maxed out, but you may need to Mic it for large rooms,

      (10) I do not know how it will sound with a multi-effects pedal hooked-up,

      (11) Keep in mind this amp was designed for clean Jazz Tones.

      (12) So, if you are into Distortion, you may wish to look at a tube amp.
      I did not give it a "10" per some minor things (not sound quality) that I mentioned in my 12-point list in the Ratings Section.
      I think that if Ibanez corrects the minor features that I mentioned in the 12-point list, then I would give it a 10 as a CLEAN TONE Jazz Amp.

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      (10 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


      The Jazz Soloist's Amp

      By Jazz Man

      from Canada

      Comments about Ibanez WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp:

      The Ibanez Wholetone WT80 amplifier is definitely colored with a very nice nasal (jazz type) tone and for me sounded best using the neck pickup with the pickup s tone control almost fully open (contrary to how I would normally use the control with my Fender Jazz King). I tested the amp using both hollow and solid body guitars. In both cases the low end was diffuse and my preference was to dial down the amp s bass control to 9 o clock leaving all other controls at 12 o clock to obtain a tone that was very close to (for lack of better examples) that of Frank Vignola or Jordan Officer. The amplifier s 80 watts (into a 4 ohm 15 inch speaker) makes this amp ideal as a practice amp or for small gigging sessions but it would lack headroom on larger gigs. When connected to the AUX IN, external music source is untainted by the amp s tone bias. The music comes out clear and loud (lots of volume on the AUX IN). The amp s overall sound is surprisingly clear, very clean, no clipping or distortion at all even at full-volume, and very-very-very crisp as if the amp had some type of integrated compression circuitry although that may be the integrated limiter. In summary, and in my opinion, this amp is probably ideal for the jazz soloist , like me, using a neck-mounted pickup guitar with or without tone control. I don t see this amp being used much for anything else but jazz.It has everything you need for a jazz practice or small gig amp.Built like a tank
      Good price for exactly what a jazz solo guitarist needs

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      (4 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


      Love the tone but...

      By HollowBOD222

      from North Carolina, USA

      Comments about Ibanez WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp:

      OK guys,I will make this short and simple,for the simple reason that I don't an extensive list of factors to discuss. First of all, I have no objections to the size and weight of the Wholetone-it is fairly light and not overly large. I really do like the tone of the amp. It produces a deep, round sound-perfect for jazz guitar in my opinion, a fuller sound than I have heard from plenty of other amps. And it IS clean. The Wholetone simply was not loud enough for my needs. To my ears it doesn't sound like a full 80 watts. That sums it up.

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      (10 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


      Solid Jazz Guitar Amp!

      By JazzCatJapan

      from Japan

      Comments about Ibanez WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp:

      I'm so glad I took the chance on this amp! I've got to admit, I was a bit worried about it being made by Ibanez. (A company that isn't known for making quality guitar amps). But their Jazz Archtops are lately becoming known for their quality builds at an affordable price, so I decided to give this a chance as an "impulse" buy. To be honest, this amp is truly designed for only one thing: Clean Jazz Tones. And it does that job extremely well. The Treble-Mid-Bass knobs provide a wide and responsive frequency control to shape your sound, and the Tone knob really helps to round out your overall tone. The 15-inch speaker sounds GREAT and really accentuates your lower and mid frequencies. Unfortunately, the Chorus effect is not that good at all; (in fact its kind of cheesy and unusable, in my opinion). But the Reverb is rich and full, though I never set it beyond 9 or 10 o'clock, as it begins to muddy up my tone. I also have a hard time believing this thing is 150watts. I mean, it can get pretty loud,... but it sounds more like 50watts - not 150watts.I've played it Live on several occasions with good results and no backup. I own several jazz boxes to include: A vintage '69 Yamaha AE-11 (ES175 lawsuit model); a D'Angelico EX-SS; a Carvin SH-575 custom; and a Heritage H555 custom. In both Live and Rehearsal situations, each guitar maintains its own unique character and tone through this amp, which reflects the preferred traits of a good Jazz amplifier.Overall, I am very pleased with this "impulse" buy and recommend it to those looking for a reasonably priced Jazz guitar amp that compares well with its higher priced competitors.

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      (9 of 9 customers found this review helpful)


      jazz amp

      By some dude-_hGLs

      from Chicago

      Comments about Ibanez WT80 80W 1x15 Wholetone Jazz Guitar Combo Amp:

      Excellent solid state amp. Prefer this to polytone mini brute 2 and 3. For the price this amp takes the lead over the henriksen and evans re200. It really does hold its own against all the amps mentioned in a blindfold test and you save hundreds of dollars. I've owned all the above amps and always felt I paid too much. This is a great example of good quality and price. I sold all the amps mentioned above and switched to tube I'm keeping this one. The aux input and headphone jack is great for late night or early morning practice.

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