Jet City Amplification JCA Series JCA5212RC 50W Tube Guitar Combo   

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Enjoy 50 watts of all-tube guitar tone pumping through two 12" Jet City Custom Eminence drivers, all for an amazing price.

The 50W Jet City Amplification JCA5212RC guitar combo amp uses Jet City's finest amp components to create a beautiful boutique tube combo that is priced within reach of working musicians. This combo boasts the JCA50H head and two Jet City custom Eminence 12" speakers, with 2 channels, and independent EQ control. Easy-access speaker connectors on the rear panel allow JCA5212RC to drive external cabinets either with or without the internal Jet City Eminence Custom driver.

With 2 Jet City Custom 12" Eminence drivers, the JCA5212RC 50W guitar combo is a straightforward tone box. 50 watts from its 6L6 power tubes makes this combo ideal for gigging musicians who need plenty of stage volume with some nice power amp distortion.

With 2 channels of Soldano tone and 50 watts of pure tube power, JCA5212RC 50W guitar combo is a compact but crushing tube-tone machine. The Clean channel has plenty of headroom to deliver clear, bright clean tones and can be driven hard enough to get downright raunchy. The Overdrive channel is the circuit that made Soldano famous. It's been modeled and imitated, but this is the real-effing-high-gain-deal. With 50 watts, a bunch of tubes, a tube-buffered effects loop, and two channels (one being the legendary Soldano overdrive), the JCA5212RC delivers the utmost in tone, while being affordable enough for musicians slugging out a living on the small stage.

Jet City Amplifiers are designed in Seattle with a very simple "no bull" philosophy. No goofy "DSP" or "marketing knobs" to get between you and your sound. It's pure all-tube toneā€”from shimmering clean to thick 'n raunchy. If you wanna play smooth jazz, buy someone else's amps. Jet City's "Keep It Simple, Soldano" approach to tube amp design speaks for itself; with simple controls, cool cosmetics, and sensible pricing, Jet City Amplifiers offer a taste of the good life, at a fraction of the cost. The JCA100H is meticulously hand-built and rigorously tested, ensuring 100% legit tone and unflinching reliability.

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