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Product 481246

Kustom Quad 100DFX Guitar Combo with Digital Effects   

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The Kustom Quad 100DFX 2-Channel Combo features lead and rhythm channels (footswitchable with optional footswitch) with 2 high-gain preamp choices in...Read More

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Shimmering clean tones to extra-thick distortion!

The Kustom Quad 100DFX 2-Channel Combo features lead and rhythm channels (footswitchable with optional footswitch) with 2 high-gain preamp choices in the lead channel and 2 clean preamp selections in the rhythm channel. The 100W Quad amp pumps your sound through 2 - 12" Celestions and is fully tweakable with dual 3-band EQ and a complement of 8 - 24-bit digital effects. The lead channel offers a boost switch while a CD/tape input lets you riff with your favorite prerecorded sounds.

  • 100W
  • 2 - 12" Celestion speakers
  • Channels: lead and rhythm
  • Preamp modes: 2 high gain, 2 clean
  • Digital effects section
  • Dual 3-band EQ
  • Boost switch on lead channel
  • CD/tape input

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Quad 100DFX Guitar Combo with Digital Effects

  • 28"W x 19"H x 12-1/2"D
  • 54 lbs.

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Most Liked Positive Review



Okay, so I looked all around for an amp. I wanted something that is quiet enough to play in my room, and something that I can jam with friends or gig with if...Read complete review

Okay, so I looked all around for an amp. I wanted something that is quiet enough to play in my room, and something that I can jam with friends or gig with if I ever get in a band. I looked all over forums and read every review I could find. I almost got a Vox AD50VT or a Crate GT212, I'm sure they are great amps, but I'm way glad I got the Kustom Quad 100. This mofo is LOUD. In my room, I can't put it past 3 without hurting my ears way bad. Everyone rags on the effects because you can't program the rate of them, but I personally think the effects are great. The flanger/reverb gives a freakin' neat techno sound, and the tremolo is also nice. Reverbs also good. You can change the level of the effect you are using, which is kinda the same thing in a way, but it limits your control on the effects. One thing that isn't too great is that you can't program which effect you want for which channel. Ex. Playing hall reverb on clean then switching to the distortion channel and using flanger won't happen unless you are right there moving the dials over. But all in all, thats about the only flaw. The clean channel is very smooth, and the option of another preamp is great. If you work with the tone knobs a bit, you can get a SPECTACULAR sound out of the clean channel. And for the distortion, I will say it is very good. If you play jazz, indie, punk, etc.. this amp has great distortion for you. I'm not so sure about metal because I don't play metal, but if the distortion isn't good enough for you on this amp, run a pedal through the clean channel and POOF, distortion like no tomorrow. But just like the clean channel, you have to work constantly with the tone knobs to dial in what you want. But once you get 'er dialed in, it is AWESOME. I'll say it again so you can hear me.. AWESOME. And the truely great thing about this amp is the speakers. The celestions are very crisp and amplify your tone VERY well. Another great thing is that if for some reason the *****' insanely loud dueling celestions isn't loud enough for you, you can buy a cab and hook it up to that and blow everyone away. Okay, this has been a reeeaaally long review. Thank you for reading and I hope you get this amp because you won't regret it.


Most Liked Negative Review


Look Elsewhere

So I bought this a couple years ago. For awhile it was fine, with a better clean tone than I expected. It also has an overdriven channel, which always sounded fairly awful....Read complete review

So I bought this a couple years ago. For awhile it was fine, with a better clean tone than I expected. It also has an overdriven channel, which always sounded fairly awful. The digital effects are surprisingly decent, but obviously no match for pedals; however, I won't hold that against the amp. Then, after a year and a half of ownership, the overdrive channel just gave out. It now plays at a small fraction of the volume it should, for reasons beyond me. So basically, I spent a bunch of money for a year and a half of use of a not-great amp which is now pretty hard to sell, even to trade-in, and isn't worth my money to fix. My advice, therefore, is to avoid it. I guess it's okay on its own merits, but for this amount of money you should just look into a Fender Frontman, a Vox, or a Marshall. They're all better bets.

Reviewed by 68 customers

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Great amp for the price

By John

from Minneapolis, MN

I bought this amp used and have used it as my main amp for about 5 years. I like the tone of clean tube amps but needed something that could take a beating and stand the cold (I live in Minnesota). This amp has a great tone on the clean channel and with the right amount of digital reverb you can make it sound a good bit like a Fender Twin Reverb. I only use clean channel as the distortion channel is too heavy. Overall, great sounding amp for the price.

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It's an okay amp.

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I bought this amp a few years ago and really liked the clean channel. But the Rhythm channel is no good. you can play for about 45 minutes to an hour but eventually the thing goes crazy. like you flipped a switch and the whole thing goes fuzzy. like a really crappy fuzz distortion. I tried to return it and tell Kustom what was going on and got no help at all. But I still have to agree with a previous review that if you use external pedals the clean channel really sounds good. and you can do a lot with it. but I, and anyone else that owns this amp, should get 75% of their money back because it only works for 75% of the time.

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(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Great For The Price Which Was Free

By JadeBoy90

from Tahlequah,OK

I got this amp free for an amp I had 'come' across. This has helped me out so much it's great for practice or shows just mic it up if you're playing an arena lol. It perfect for most music just a pedal is all you need, cause the distortion is okay, but after you use a pedal you realize it can be so much better. Warm cleans you can't beat that especially an a solid state amp. The reverb are great, but you have to be picky to not like them. The affects are good if your on a budget I would want more control n them though. I plug in a 71 Les Paul and a Les Paul Junior just perfect for Blues to Metal to Indie. JUST PERFECT!!!!!!!

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Good for smaller area shows.

By Dime-O-Fan

from Minnesota

I have owned this amp for about 4 years now. the clean is very warm and thick on the other preamp. The distortion could be better. It has the potential to get very loud if you want it to. But after about three years i started having some difficulties with it. If i ran the stock distortion instead of a pedal it would overheat, i'm not sure if its the amp or the speakers but after about a half hour of runnng on stock distortion it would become very flat and have no attack to my sound, almost like it cuts out when i hit the strings. I have ran many guitars through it, Ibanez RG770 and AR200, a Dean ML, a 74 Gibson SG standard, schecter S1 Elite, they all sounded great through it. the other guitarist in my band has a Marshall MG100HDFX and this little 212 cranks better in my opinion the sound is fuller and the effects are better. All in all if it werent for the dificulties it would be 5 out of 5

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This Amp Gets The Job Done

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I've used this amp for 5 years. It throws down. I've used it on countless shows and it has never failed me. The celestions really cut through the mix and have a distinct sound and creates a perfect mix with drums, bass, vox, and other guitars. I would highly recommend this amp.

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Okay for a while

Profile Image

By fawwx

from superior, wi

Ask me a question

When I bought this amp at a local music store, the guy tried selling it to me for the full price until we both realized that the effects level knob didn't work, so he cut the price down. Fair enough, I didn't care. Had an effects processor to take care of that. I was just looking for something with volume as the sound guy at my last gig complained that my amp was too weak. Well I had this for a month or so, and it was plenty loud no doubt, but then it started to not work. I would turn it on and it would work for a minute, and then suddenly there would be no sound, even though it was still turned on. Anyway I got rid of it, and I now have a Marshall MG100HDFX, and contrary to the previous post, it is an AWESOME amp. I've hauled it around a lot, and it's consistently worked, no problems. And the FX work=D

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Put in your ear plugs, this thing is LOUD

By jerrodmn320

from Minnesnowta.

I got this at the music store yesterday and it freaking KRANKED. For this price range, you shouldnt even bother with a Marshall MG100. This amp blows it clearly away. Great Quality, and It sounds terrific through my LTD EC50. I dont even have it past 1 and its great for practice. This isnt just a bedroom amp, guys. This thing is LOUD.

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Better than average

By Themanshan

from Denver, CO

I picked this amp because it has a nice clean sound, better than the Fender FM212, better than VOX and any of the solid state amps of similar price. I wanted an amp without too many useless effects and thats hard to find anyway. The distortion will be inadequate without a distortion pedal if youre a heavy rocker, the clean channel is warm, quiet and both channels have pleasing tone. The mono effects are useless to me. I have tons of pedals that sound great with this amp, I don't need cheap sounding effects. I play everything from death metal to jazz and this amp sounds good across many styles with your favorite pedals.

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one of the best amps

I've had this for a year and play it all the time and it was USED!! Even so it is one of the best amps I've ever played. I played a Peavey Valve King Stack don't get me wrong but it is a great amp also but this is a little better maybe not as loud but sounds very good!!

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Quality Amp

By Wes-cvlU.

from Bradyville, TN

This is a great amp for people who like to play and experiment with alot of different styles of music. Alot of quality features for this price range too: a dedicated effects loop to cut down on tone loss, an XLR line out, and some really good built-in effects (especially the reverb settings). The clean channel has a nice, warm tone and the distorted channel is pretty versitile but, can get a little muffled at high gain settings. I bought one of these about 3 years ago and have definitely gotten my moneys worth out of it, it's been thrown around from gig to gig, knocked over, had numerous beers spilt on it, and aside from a little crackle when I turn the volume nob on the clean channel(caused by one of the forementioned beers) this amp is still the centerpiece of my tone. If your looking for that Marshall tube amp sound...then your better off taking out a loan and buying a marshall but if your looking for the most bang for your buck this is a good amp to try out.

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