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Line 6 POD X3 Guitar Multi Effect Processor   

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POD X3 multi-effects processor will inspire and amaze you with the most complete collection of POD-quality guitar amp, cab, stompbox and studio effec...Read More

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Get inspired all over again, like the day you got your first guitar.

POD X3 multi-effects processor will inspire and amaze you with the most complete collection of POD-quality guitar amp, cab, stompbox and studio effect models ever. The Line 6 Pod X3 arsenal of rare vintage treasures, modern boutiques, and perennial classics the offers nearly unlimited creative possibilities. Create your own tones or instantly play through any of the 200 professionally dialed-in presets.

For those in search of greater tonal possibilities, POD X3 effects pedal gives you more power than ever before to create entirely new sounds. Split your guitar signal and play it through two guitar amp and effect signal chains at once. Add bass or vocals using the bass amp and high-end mic preamp models now included in the POD X3. You can even plug in two instruments at once, each with its own independent tone processing. Whatever your music calls for, the POD X3 pedal has the power and flexibility to deliver.

POD X3 includes all of the inputs and outputs you need to practice, perform and record. Use the 1/4" instrument input for guitar or bass and the XLR microphone input for vocals and more. During practice, use the stereo headphones outputs to keep the noise down. For performances, plug in front of your amp or directly into the sound system. When you're ready to record, use the stereo balanced line outputs or digital S/PDIF output for traditional recording. Or use the new USB 2.0 connection for pro-level multi-channel computer recording.

Whether you choose to recreate the sounds of the past or turn tradition on its ear, the Line 6 POD X3 comes fully-loaded with most inspiring collection of POD-quality amps and effects to let your sound break free.

Features & Benefits

Electric Guitar

POD X3 guitar pedal offers a whole new level of control over your guitar tone.

Plug straight into any one of the 78 ear-shattering guitar amp models for pure, unadulterated guitar tone.

Combine amp and cab models with the mouth-watering collection of 98 stompbox and studio effect models to build out your rig.

Take your sound to the next level by blasting your guitar through two guitar rigs at once to create a massive wall of sound that even guitar heroes of the past would respect.

Or plug POD X3 in front of your favorite stack or combo to pile on up to nine simultaneous effects, including vintage overdrive, scorching distortion, beefy fuzz, endless delay, lush reverb, ethereal chorus, irreverent flanger, wah-wah to name just a handful.

Acoustic Guitar

Whether miking up an acoustic or plugging in an acoustic-electric guitar, POD X3 will showcase the natural warmth and beauty of your instrument.

Warm up your acoustics with the high-end tube mic preamp and compressor models to bring out the natural tone of your acoustic six or twelve string.
Apply a touch of color with a full palette of reverbs, choruses, delays, EQs, and other essential effects.

Bass Guitar

Whether you seek stadium rock, a Motown groove, or modern grind, look no further than POD X3.

Dial in classic bass tone using the 28 incredible bass amp and 22 bass cab models.

Bring a direct sound to life by using the modeled mic preamps and high-end compressors instead of traditional bass amps and cabs.

Add a combination of the 98 stompbox or studio effects to tweak your bass tone to perfection for practice, performance, or recording.


POD X3 includes an XLR input for your microphone and an amazing set of effects for your vocals.

Six studio-grade vintage and modern microphone preamp models are included capture the natural warmth and richness of your vocals.

Smooth out your sound with studio grade compressors, EQ's, gates and de-essers.

The comprehensive collection of studio-quality post effect models at your disposal include rich reverbs, vibey delays, lush choruses and more.


POD X3 is the ultimate sonic toolbox for the creative songwriter.

With its massive set of models for guitar, bass, and vocals, POD X3 pedal will elevate your creative sketches to polished works of art.

When inspiration strikes, record your guitar and vocals all at the same time to capture the magic of the first take.

Harness the Power and Flexibility of POD X3

Computer Recording

POD X3 fits right in with whatever computer recording solution you use.

With USB 2.0, POD X3 can send processed and unprocessed signals to your recording software, so you can always change your tone and fix it in the mix.

POD X3 can record 2 fully-processed instruments at once.

Split your guitar signal and record each virtual rig on separate stereo tracks to create rich, layered sounds.

With on-board, real-time processing, the Line 6 POD X3 takes the load off of your computer and eliminates annoying latency.

Use the S/PDIF digital output to plug into ProTools systems and other pro-level audio interfaces to add legendary POD tone to your recordings.

Play in front of an amp

Use POD X3 as the ultimate pedal board with your favorite combo or stack.

With 98 stompbox and studio effect models, you have more freedom over your tone than even the largest, heaviest pedal board could ever offer.

Stomp - Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive, and more.

Mod - Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Rotary, Phaser and more

Delay - More than one of each type of delay: Analog, Digital, Tape and a mix of specialty echoes you won't find anywhere else.

Reverb ” More than one of each type of reverb: Room, Hall, Chamber, Plate and Spring models.

Miscellaneous ” Compressors, Gate, 4 Band Semi-Parametric EQ, Synth and Filters, Wah and many more.

Use up to 9 effects simultaneously to build the sound you're looking for.

Create rich blends of two entirely different effect chains to create a screaming wall of sound.

Plug into the PA

Plug the POD X3 guitar pedal directly into the PA system for bullet-proof live sound that rocks.

Leave your back-breaking mountain of gear at home, and make set up and tear down easier than ever.

Take the guess work out of getting a great live sound every time.

Use the XLR outputs to plug directly into the mixing board without a direct box.

Reasons to Upgrade from POD XT

POD X3 delivers a ton of new features to inspire your music and simplify the creative process more than ever.

POD X3 effect pedal comes fully-loaded with the most comprehensive set of POD amps, cabs, and effects models ever. Includes models of 98 guitar amps, 24 guitar cabs, 98 effects, 28 bass amps, 22 bass cabs, and 6 vocal preamps.

Split your guitar signal and run it through two amps or two guitar rigs at the same time to create entirely new sounds that will blow your audience away.

The new, enlarged display shows a complete end-to-end signal chain for each tone at a glance. Change amp or effect settings on a single page for quick and easy editing.

Add studio-quality POD tone to your acoustic guitar, bass guitar, vocals--or any other instrument you mic up--for incredible recordings and live performances.

Use the XLR input or _" instrument input to play or record two instruments simultaneously”each with its own independent tone processing.

Use the USB 2.0 connection for professional multi-track channel recording with your favorite computer recording software. Simultaneously send a dry unprocessed signal and wet processed stereo signal for each instrument/input to your computer for convenient and flexible computer recording options.

Use the S/PDIF digital output to record digitally into Pro Tools and integrate smoothly with other audio interfaces.

2007 Line 6, Inc. Line 6, POD, Gearbox, A.I.R. ToneDirect, FBV, FBV4, and FBV Shortboard are trademarks of Line 6, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Inputs & Outputs
  • 1/4" Instrument Input
  • XLR Microphone Input (w/ Trim Adjust)
  • USB 2.0 for Computer Recording & Tone Editing
  • S/PDIF Stereo Digital Audio Output
  • Stereo 1/4" TRS Balanced Line Outputs
  • 1/4" Stereo Headphones Out
  • FBV Connector for optional Pedal Controller
  • Controls
  • Expansive Backlit LCD Display
  • 8 Chrome "Amp Control" Knobs: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb, Tone Volume, Master Volume
  • Tap Tempo/Tuner Button
  • 5 Stompbox On/Off Buttons: Amp, Stomp, Mod, Delay, Verb
  • Dedicated "Dual Tone" Control Button
  • 5 Context-Sensitive Parameter Edit Knobs
  • Dedicated Input/Output Configuration Buttons
  • Amp, Cab & Effect Models
  • Massive model set for Guitar, Bass & Vocals
  • 78 Guitar Amp Models
  • 24 Guitar Cab Models
  • 98 Stompbox and Studio Effects
  • 28 Bass Amp Models
  • 22 Bass Cab Models
  • 6 Vocal Preamp Models
  • A.I.R. II cab/mic modeling with 4 mic options each
  • Additional Features & Benefits
  • Send Guitar through 2 Complete Amp/Effect Signal Chains Simultaneously
  • Independent Tone Processing for 1/4" and XLR Inputs
  • USB 2.0 Multi-Channel Digital Computer Recording (Stereo Wet/Dry Per Input)
  • Studio-quality 24-bit A/D and D/A Converters and 32-bit floating point processing
  • Up to 9 Simultaneous Effects Per Signal Chain, with Pre & Post Amp Routing
  • Tap Tempo Control for Time-Based Effects
  • Precision Chromatic Tuner, with Audio Mute & Bypass Options
  • USB 2.0 Cable Included
  • External Power Adapter Included
  • Guitar Amplifier Models based on*:
  • 1. "Wide panel" Fender Deluxe Reverb
  • 2. Fender Bassman
  • 3. Fender Deluxe Reverb
  • 4. Vox AC-30
  • 5. Marshall Super Lead
  • 6. Marshall Super Lead ("jumped" channels)
  • 7. Roland JC-120
  • 8. Marshall JCM-800
  • 9. Soldano SLO-100
  • 10. Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier
  • 11. Marshall 1974X (18W Reissue)
  • 12. Orange AD30TC
  • 13. L6 Treadplate
  • 14. L6 Chemical X
  • 15. L6 Insane
  • 16. L6 Piezacoustic 2
  • 17. L6 Spinal Puppet
  • 18. L6 Tube Instrument Preamp
  • 19. Bogner Uberschall
  • 20. Cornford mk50h
  • 21. Diezel VH4-Lead
  • 22. Diezel Herbert
  • 23. ENGL Powerball
  • 24. Marshall Silver Jubilee
  • 25. Marshall JCM-900-Clean
  • 26. Marshall JCM-900-Dist
  • 27. Marshall JCM-2000
  • 28. Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier
  • 29. Peavey 5150 II
  • 30. Bogner Ecstasy
  • 31. Diezel VH4-Crunch
  • 32. Fender Vibroverb
  • 33. Fender Dual Showman Head
  • 34. Marshall JMP-1
  • 35. Vox AC-15
  • 36. Mesa/Boogie Mark IIc+
  • 37. Fender Bassman Head
  • 38. Gretsch 6156
  • 39. Fender Mini Twin Reverb
  • 40. Gibson GA-18 Explorer
  • 41. Marshall Super Bass
  • 42. Marshall Major
  • 43. Silvertone Twin Twelve
  • 44. Supro Thunderbolt
  • 45 . Vox Fawn Non-Top Boost AC30
  • 46. Dumble Clean
  • 47. Soldano SP88
  • 48. Marshall JCM 2000
  • 49. Marshall Super Lead Variac
  • 50. Matchless DC-30
  • 51. Blackface Fender Twin Reverb
  • 52. Marshall "Block Logo" JTM-45 head
  • 53. Matchless Chieftain
  • 54. Supro S6616
  • 55. Fender Tweed Champ
  • 56. Hiwatt DR-103
  • 57. L6 Big Bottom
  • 58. L6 Fuzz
  • 59. L6 Octone
  • 60. L6 Smash
  • 61. L6 Sparkle Clean
  • 62. L6 Throttle
  • 63. L6 Clean
  • 64. L6 Mood
  • 65. L6 Agro
  • 66. L6 Class A
  • 67. L6 Variax Acoustic
  • 68. L6 JTS 45
  • 69. L6 Lunatic
  • 70. L6 Bayou
  • 71. L6 Crunch
  • 72. L6 Purge
  • 73. L6 Sparkle
  • 74. L6 Super Clean
  • 75. L6 SuperSpark
  • 76. L6 Twang
  • 77. L6 Chunk Chunk
  • Bass Amplifier Models based on*:
  • 1. Ampeg SVT
  • 2. Ampeg B-15A
  • 3. Eden Traveler WT-300
  • 4. Fender Bassman head
  • 5. Gallien Kruger 800RB
  • 6. Hiwatt DR-103
  • 7. Hiwatt 200DR
  • 8. Fender Dual Showman
  • 9. Fender Bassman Combo
  • 10. Mesa/Boogie Bass 400+
  • 11. Polytone Minibrute
  • 12. Sunn Coliseum
  • 13. SWR SM-500
  • 14. Versatone Pan-O-Flex
  • 15. Vox AC-100
  • 16. Marshall Major
  • 17. Marshall Plexi Super Bass
  • 18. Acoustic 360
  • 19. Aguilar DB750
  • 20. Alembic F-2B
  • 21. L6 Tube Bass Preamp
  • 22. L6 Classic Jazz
  • 23. L6 Brit Invader
  • 24. L6 Super Thor
  • 25. L6 Frankenstein
  • 26. L6 Ebony Lux
  • 27. L6 Doppelganger
  • 28. L6 Sub Dub
  • Stompbox and Studio Effect Models Based on*:
  • 1. Teletronics LA-2A
  • 2. EP-1 Tube Echoplex
  • 3. Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
  • 4. Uni-Vibe
  • 5. MXR Phase 90
  • 6. Fender Deluxe Reverb Tremolo
  • 7. Leslie 145
  • 8. Arbiter Fuzz Face
  • 9. Ibanez Tube Screamer
  • 10. Big Muff Pi
  • 11. ProCo Rat
  • 12. Maestro Bass Brassmaster
  • 13. Sans Amp Bass Driver
  • 14. Arbiter Cry Baby
  • 15. L6 Vetta Comp
  • 16. L6 Sub Octaves
  • 17. L6 Slap Plate Reverb
  • 18. L6 Male De-Esser
  • 19. L6 Female De-Esser
  • 20. L6 Vetta Wah
  • 21. L6 Digital Delay
  • 22. L6 Six band semi-parametric EQ
  • 23. L6 Flanger
  • 24. L6 Sine Chorus
  • 25. L6 Noise Gate
  • 26. L6 Standard Spring Reverb
  • 27. L6 Brite Room Reverb
  • 28. L6 Medium Hall Reverb
  • 29. L6 Cavernous Reverb
  • 30. L6 Bender pitch effect
  • 31. Boss CS-1 Compressor (treble switch)
  • 32. Tycobrahe Octavia
  • 33. Binson EchoRec
  • 34. Maestro EP-3 Echoplex
  • 35. Boss DM2 Analog Delay
  • 36. Roland RE-101 Space Echo
  • 37. Square CE-1 Chorus
  • 38. A/DA Flanger
  • 39. Boss CS-1 Compressor
  • 40. MXR Dyna Comp
  • 41. Vox V847 Wah
  • 42. Custom Vox V847 Wah
  • 43. Colorsound Wah-Fuzz
  • 44. Maestro Boomerang Wah
  • 45. Cry Baby Super - Jen Electronics
  • 46. RMC Real McCoy 1 Wah
  • 47. Mu-Tron III Down
  • 48. Moog and ARP style synth filters
  • 49. Moog Lead
  • 50. ARP Solina / Elka Strings
  • 51. Boss Metal Zone MT-2
  • 52. Chandler Tube Driver
  • 53. Fender Vibratone
  • 54. L6 Sweep Echo
  • 55. L6 Reverse Delay
  • 56. L6 Stereo Delay
  • 57. L6 Ping Pong Delay
  • 58. L6 Small Room
  • 59. L6 Lux Spring
  • 60. L6 Auto Swell
  • 61. L6 Auto Pan
  • 62. L6 Large Hall
  • 63. L6 Vintage Plate
  • 64. 64 Mu-Tron III
  • 65. 1960 Vox AC15 Tremolo
  • 66. L6 Tiled Room
  • 67. L6 Rich Chamber
  • 68. L6 Large Plate
  • 69. Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
  • 70. L6 King Spring
  • 71. L6 Dark Hall
  • 72. L6 Chamber
  • 73. Boss Metal Zone
  • 74. L6 Vetta Juice
  • 75. L6 Boost & EQ
  • 76. L6 Clean Sweep
  • 77. L6 Seizmik Synth
  • 78. L6 Double Bass
  • 79. L6 Buzz Wave
  • 80. L6 Rez Synth
  • 81. L6 Saturn 5 Ring Mod
  • 82. L6 Synth FX
  • 83. L6 Synth Harmony
  • 84. L6 Squarge Chorus
  • 85. L6 Expo Chorus
  • 86. L6 Random Chorus
  • 87. L6 Square Flange
  • 88. L6 Expo Flange
  • 89. L6 Lumpy Phase
  • 90. L6 Hi-Talk
  • 91. L6 Sweeper
  • 92. L6 POD Purple X
  • 93. L6 Random Sample and Hold
  • 94. L6 Tape Eater
  • 95. L6 Warble-matic
  • 96. L6 Low Rez Delay
  • 97. L6 Phaze Eko
  • 98. L6 Bubble Eko
  • Vintage and Modern Preamp Models based on*:
  • 1. API - 512c with API 550b EQ
  • 2. Neve 1073
  • 3. Avalon Vt737
  • 4. Requisite Y7
  • 5. L6 Solid State Console
  • 6. L6 Lo-Fi

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Quanity not Quality?

This effects processor is great for guitar players that like to make there guitar sound different with different songs because it has about a billion presets and a billion more combinations to which you can set for youself. The best feature is being able to make your own effect because you can match about any song you can think of, but If you have 100 more dollars I'd suggest go ahead and get the POD x3 Live because you can use its pedal on stage and it was a looper which is just awesome. Overall the effects come by the billions, but I feel that the quality is a little bit lacking. Its still fun to mess around with. And I have used it in a live gig so its not all for play, but the POD X3 Live would be way better for live gigs.

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Time Consuming but Useful

By arasys

from San Diego

If you are looking for a tool to practice at home without worrying about neighbors, or a "small box" with many tonal options at an affordable price: GO FOR IT.BUT; first you must get a good headset. I've been using this unit for about two years now, I first started using it with regular earphones I use everyday for listening to music. I decided to buy a headset ( Sennheiser HD 650 ) and it improved the sound quality more than I imagined. If you're planning to use this unit with regular earphones, you'll most likely hear very similar decent tones along with a constant fizz ( I'm talking about high gain tones ).One other important thing about this unit is that it really takes some time to really understand what pod x3 has to offer. Some people say it gives you very similar tones, yet most people I talk to really don't know how to use it. For example; if you're using the same stompbox: Screamer for every preset, try playing with TONE % in order to hear the amp models' tones or to change the way you're using the stompbox. Same goes for other variables. For high gain settings; noise gate and EQ change a lot of things. You'll be surprised. In short for best performance: 1- make sure you get a high quality headset ( most of them are called referential headsets ~ earphones, I suggest Sennheiser ), believe me you'll be able to hear the extreme difference2- sit down and play with everything this unit has to offer, and read the manual. This is not as good as Axe FX for sure but x3 is one of the best processors in the market for the price.

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Crawling with bugs...

By Turnips In My Bottom

from Brownwood, TX

Sounds GREAT when working properly. But most of the time the sound is murky and indistinct. Tweaking knobs, buttons, or even switching amp models has NO effect. Turning it back off, then on no longer helps. Heard their website has downloads to correct known issues. Got their apeman download or whatever. But then Magilla couldn't connect to my x3. I've heartily learned my lesson; from now on it's tube amps and stompboxes ONLY. I knew the tube amp purists were very negative toward digital-- now I see there is a sound basis for this. Leave digital alone, people. If you can't afford a nice amp, a Fender Frontman will sound better than this.

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Make sure you have alot of time on your hands!

By Jaki54321

from Undisclosed

This is a Very nice unit. Has great sounds and has so many features that not even a simple review can explain... However, if you don't have alot of time to kill, its going to be hard to make this work. You have to take time and be patient with this unit and once you get the tones you want, you will be soo happy you own this thing!Features: Almost every sound you can get with guitar! And not just cheesy tones but real nice ones. It has recording abilities and they work well. POD farm allows you to customize your tones on the computer more deeply and MUCH easier then on the POD X3 Interface! What I don't like is it would be nice to maybe have a headphone jack... I mean the Live version(The HUGE floorboard) has a headphone jack... which on the floor, would be a lil difficult? I guess thats why they made the Pocket Pod.Sound Quality: I have ran this through a tube amp and for digital, its really nice... Very warm tones and sound pretty nice... the issue with me is I play Metal, and for metal tones, you really gotta get deep into the EQ and noise gate settings because the Amp modeling inside of it seems to give off dry metal tones until you tweak it for a while. But it is well worth it once you get the tone you want! I like the Built in noise gate which is a HUGE bonus for high gain and metal tones and the EQ is very versatile as well, just make sure you know how to work with an EQ, and not a graphic one. I have not used the mic preamps but I hear they are ok, but this is a Guitar processor, so don't just buy this for the mic preamps =)Ease of use: Takes a while... At first it will seem like its a rocket scientist's job to use this thing but once you get the hang of it, everything will be just fine and you will be quite satisfied.Overall: This has come a long way from their original POD, and it has massively improved. More versatility as well as new tones and much more. No latency on recording either. I have used this on a Schecter Hellraiser C-1FR and it gives off shredding brutality to nice clean and very fat and warm tones. I recommend running this through a tube amp for best quality and tonal abilities. If your looking for a good multi effect processor, no matter the type of music, this Pod will not let you down! I am a tube guy, but I like to try things, and even though I will always be dedicate to the world of analog, Digital has come a long hard way and they are getting much better. So why not try a hybrid? Pod X3 through a tube amp. I did and I am impressed.

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By Selsaral

from Ann Arbor, MI

I've owned this for about 5 months now. I've played four gigs and many band practices with it. It replaced a conventional pedalboard which I ran into a Peavey Delta Blues and a Traynor YCV40. Now I run the POD X3 into the Traynor's fx return. I use the small FBV pedal with it.It's great. The sounds are at least as good as my former rig, and better in many situations. It responds almost exactly like those tube amps. I get great clean and overdriven sounds out of it. It's been brilliant at performance volume in the mix. It cleans up when rolling back the volume, it responds perfectly to picking attack, it will feedback if desired, and the overdrive will sustain and sing when dialed in. The clean sounds have depth and character and I detect absolutely no harshness or digital coloring at all.The convenience is incredible. No more velcro on my pedalboard and troubleshooting the maze of connections. It's way lighter. And I chose the bean instead of the floorboard version because it's lighter and smaller and because it's way easier to manipulate when it's at eye level, as opposed to bending down in the middle of shows tweaking settings on the floor. Programming it on the computer is very nice and easy. Not having to pedal dance at all is great. I just switch banks for each song and everything I need is set up perfectly.The effects are excellent IMHO. I had plenty of boutique pedals (Barber, VisualSound) and I am just fine with the POD X3. Besides my old pedalboard didn't have a tenth of the effects of the POD. The square analog chorus, the u-vibe, and the rotating speaker are some of my favorites and i put them to good use.I even really like the Wahs, and the expression pedal on the FBV is fine. I've only owned two wahs in my life, an Ibanez Screaming Demon and an original crybaby. I find the wah models on the POD to be at least as good, though I do wish it supported step-on-to-active and other types of tweaks.The sheer variety is invaluable. My band plays a lot of covers and the POD gets me everywhere I want to go. I've found uses for many of the amp models, particularly the 65 plexi, the line6 boutique, the double verb, and the tube pre-amp among others. The dual-tone feature is actually really nice and blending clean and dirty amp sounds can be great. I have not explored any of the mega high gain models as that's simply not my thing. We play Bob Marley, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, SRV etc.I sold my old pedalboard after owning the POD for 2 weeks. Now months later I don't regret it at all. Our last gig was outdoors and I loved my tone all the way through, cranked and bouncing off of buildings. I primarily use a Fender Lonestar strat.

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By Matthew S.

from Yakima,Wa.

What a fun processor! Bought this from this company recently and it has been in use nearly every night after a long day at work. Very easy to get the hang of tweaking controls. Headphone usage gives lush 3D quality sound. Some of the effects are not so good sounding, but most are very good! Amp simulations are tasty and varied. The microphone options and placement options are incredible (to my ears anyway). I have loaded it with a lot of very cool sounding patches and have lots of room left. I can't imagine not liking what this unit has to offer, realizing that nothing will be like the real thing. It is a close second to owning thousands of dollars worth of amps and effects and they are very useable. My guitar playing has really improved due to the fact that I never practiced as much as I have with the Pod. Also, my cat enjoys when I plug into the Pod with the headphones as he can continue to sleep while I dig in and wail, unlike when my little practice amp is howling away.

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They've come a long way...very nice...

By BritLuv

from Vancouver

I got it home and plugged in my Strat, put the toggle switch on the rear & middle pickups and dialed up "Clean Chorus". That sold me. I had to take my phones off to remind myself that this was a simulation. Thick and fat like my JC 120. Same goes for the AC 30 Top Boost. I have one of those, and this comes real can get that nice Brit break-up. I can leave my "baby" at home now. Don't care for some of the more gimicky FX but then I'm more traditional in my tastes. All the people who say this unit is fizzy, my advice is to use an above average pair of headphones like my Senn HD 555's. Works wonders. Ear buds just don't cut it with this won't even hear the palm mutes this thing can dish out.

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Very nice and convenient

Is this gadget a marshall, fender, and mesa tube amp all rolled up into a little box? No. Of course not. It is a really nice piece of gear though. As with all Line 6 stuff, you have to put in a little time to figure out the tones you want. The great thing about this is you can take it with you and plug into any amp. If I play out now I always use the house amp, put it on the clean channel and put the X3 in front of it or I plug the X3 straight into their PA system. In my own house I put the X3 in front of my hot rod deville or my little super champ practice amp. I also use the headphones with no amp and plug it into my computer to record some stuff. The beauty of it is my stored tones are now very portable to all these different outlets.What it does not do is exactly replicate all the amps it models or all the pedals it models. Is it close enough? Yes. We live in the digital age. Old school tube guys like myself need to accept it. With that said, I get my best tone from the X3 by putting it in front of the clean channel on an all tube Fender twin reverb. The versatility of this thing makes it worth the money.

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Incredible bang for your buck

By Pat-cdr4Y

from Canada

Pod X3 is just a fantastic little piece of gear. I've been a guitar player for 37 years and this little box is just about the best piece of gear I've ever owned. And I've owned a lot of high quality gear. Pod X3 is truly the best bargain I've purchased in years.The Tones are great. The presets are great. The quality is great. I use if for home recording into Cubase 4 and the sound of the modeled mic pres alone are worth the price of the box.I set it up to record acoustic guitar and vocalusing an M-Audio Sputnik position front centre.I selected there "Modern" mic pre model based on the Avalon 737. Tweaked up their compressor, a model based on a Universal Audio LA-2A. Turned up my head phones and was completely blown away by what I heard. I couldn't believe the sound coming out of that little box! HUGE!!!This is a complete one stop solution for recording guitar and vocals into a daw.The only draw back is the lack of 48 volt phantom power. But you can always go out and get a little phantom power add on unit if you really need it.

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Buy a Fender G-DEC

Don?t Waste Your Money?Buy a G-DECWell I had read glowing reviews on this product from multiple websites and I must say that I was excited to receive my POD X3. I was hoping this unit would allow me to practice efficiently without having to take my Fender G-DEC on trips and gigs etc, however I was wrong.Pros: 1. Has the ability to run both guitar and vocals (with effects) through this unit out to a house PA. Makes gigging easy. However you cannot run your backing tracks through this as well for practice or live use. (see Cons #1)2. Has great guitar tones modeled after your favorite guitarist that you can download for free to your PC and the POD X3 (pretty neat).HOWEVER: Fender G-DEC has many tones already built into its unit that sound just as good and it has a speaker and CD/mp3 input to boot?and cost less.Cons:1. No 1/8? CD/mp3 input for jamming along with your favorite tunes (contrary to what is advertised on MANY music retail sites for the POD X3)?be warned it?s not there this is only available on the POD X3 Live.FENDER G-DEC has a cd/mp3 input which makes practicing easy and fun.2. This unit (as do other line 6 devices) ALLOWS you to join Guitarport online, which gives you access to download songs (backing tracks) to play along with your favorite artist, however if you terminate your user account these backing tracks can no longer be played using the proprietary Line 6 software (Gearbox), as I was informed this by line 6 when I terminated my membership (So what are you paying for?). The last thing anybody wants is another monthly service fee for something! 3. The backing tracks only have the bass and guitar removed so if you wanted to play guitar and sing using these tracks you are SOL. My vote is to find the backing tracks you want in the HAL LEONARD series of Play-Along cd/book combos.FENDER G-DEC comes preloaded with Generic backing tracks for all styles of music (no online membership BS)4. Customer Service: Once you can get to a rep it is good HOWEVER?Try and find their phone number on the line 6 website OR an email address, to contact Line 6 directly. Maybe I am an idiot, however I had to CALL their NON-toll free number to get questions answered (because one of the OTHER Line 6 products I tested hoping that it was as good as described was the Guitarport and I found that this had been previously registered to another customer so I HAD to contact Line 6 to straighten this out (returned the Guitarport, and was foolish enough to try the POD X3 thinking it would be a better product).Conclusion: Don?t waste your money, buy a Fender G-Dec which has tones of ?tweekable? tones and NO silly online membership stuff. Stay away from proprietary software that limits the use of backing tracks. As a performer who relies on backing tracks to play and sing over I found the whole membership thing pretty stinky.PS Remember this is only one man?s opinion, however I am jaded by the ever increasing industry of monthly service cost that are adding up in my household and think that Line 6 should allow you access to the lessons and tracks for FREE because I already PAID for the stupid product.Buy a Fender G-DEC

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