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Product 482255

Line 6 Spider II 30 Amp   

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Line 6 packs the wicked little Spider II 30 Amp combo with four insane amp models and seven psychotic effects. You get Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Tremo...Read More

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Designed from the ground up to drown out
the voices in your head!

Line 6 packs the wicked little Spider II 30 Amp combo with four insane amp models and seven psychotic effects. You get Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Sweep Echo, Tape Echo, Distortion Boost, and Noise Gate. Genuine Celestion 12" speaker cranks it out. The headphone jack makes it a hot choice for practice.

  • 30W
  • Celestion 12" speaker
  • 4 amp models that deliver a complete range from clean to insane
  • 7 Smart Control effects (up to 3 simultaneous) including: Tape Echo, standard Delay, Sweep Echo (all with tap tempo)
  • Chorus/Flanger
  • Phaser
  • Tremolo
  • Reverb
  • 4 user-programmable channels
  • Headphone/direct out for practice or recording

Get your Spider II and begin weaving webs of sonic madness today!


Spider II 30 Amp

  • 20-1/2"W x 20"H x 11-1/2"D
  • 30.4 lbs.

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(based on 114 reviews)

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Most Liked Positive Review


Great amp for the money...Line 6 knows thier stuff

I've been playing electric for about 15 years, [not a superb guitarist] but after playing & purchacing this little monster, I was in LOVE! This may not be the amp for...Read complete review

I've been playing electric for about 15 years, [not a superb guitarist] but after playing & purchacing this little monster, I was in LOVE! This may not be the amp for everyone, and reviews vary, but if you want an overall practice amp with great tone, easy to use features and unreal distortion and cool basic effects without all the damn tweaking, this might be the amp you seek. This thing is frickin' loud for it's size, and the celestion speakers are excellent. I've tried alot of amps and after years of searching for just the right amp to sit on Friday nights at home w/a 6 pack to jam along with anything from Zeppelin to ZZ to Rush to Priest to Megadeth to Slayer to NIN...and lots of other jams! The knobs are smooth & easy to access, tone is almost dead on whatever I'm looking for quickly, the presets can be changed by a push and hold of a button saves your preset. Four amp models, basic easy to use effects which ARE very good [it's a Line 6, ya'all!] for such an amp...besides, you can always buy and use whatever effects you like anyway...I actually stopped using all my pedals for basic home sit around practice fun. The qualtiy of construction is great too, this amp is solid! These guys know what they are doing and seemed to have read my mind as far as what I use it for...brilliant! Plus, it IS loud enough for basic jam night practice, you might just need to mic it through your PA...which you should be doing for gig practice anyway! Drawbacks...all effects can't be used at once, effects parameters can't be adjusted much, the delay is short but sweet, reverb is decent,I don't use the phaser too much, but it's good, flanger is nice and the tremelo is also one I'd trade for say, a more modulated 'wah' sound and the volume gets so loud so quick, it's a bit touchy when switching without saving presets...careful in your apt., you might just startle your neighbors! I love this little spider II...I play guitar every day now and I love it's ease of use...and the overall channel noise is very low for an amp at this price...which is what I wanted in an amp all along. I only gave it a 9 because I really wanted the twin 12, but didn't need the extra power all that it's a ten to me in reality! I won't name names, but don't waste your money (like I did) on the other amp makers for a practice amp...if you want great sound, don't have tons of $$$ and just need a good 30 watt for what I use it for [personal jam night fun and practice playing mostly rock & metal] THIS is the amp you playing has improved ALOT too, BTW ;)And I have EMG 81's & 85's in one guitar and Seymour Duncan buck shot & scorcher in another guitar and it sounds perfect, sweet and clean to my ears...[ dude said his Gibson SG overloaded it...whatev dude! ] Line 6 is my fave amp makers now. Oh yeah, it has no line out for speaker monitor or piggybacking :( But does have a 1/8th inch input jack for connecting your CD/IPOD, what have you... :)


Most Liked Negative Review


Good amp, for the 2 months that it worked

I ordered this amp and was super happy with it. It arrived on time and in great shape. At higher volumes it clipped, but overall, a good solid amp, for 2 months....Read complete review

I ordered this amp and was super happy with it. It arrived on time and in great shape. At higher volumes it clipped, but overall, a good solid amp, for 2 months. Right at the 2 month mark it developed a loud hum, no control setting changes, guitar changes or anything effect the volume of the hum, just constant noise as if something inside is toasted. I checked the fuse, and no problem there. I recommend a fender frontman series amp if this is the wattage you are looking for, as I have owned a 25R for 3 years with no problems with it. My next amp will be a Behrenger I beleive, as I am definitely done with line 6 products. For this price you can definitely do better.

Reviewed by 114 customers

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Great Amp, Great Price.

By JT-Osy.l

from Charlotte, NC

Great sounding, excellent effects, and a really good price.Also very loud.I love this amp.


Great amp for practice, and even smaller gigs!

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

This amp is better than what people give it credit for. I got this amp a few months ago, and I've been really satisfied with my purchase. It has 4 channels: Clean, Crunch, Metal, and Insane. All of the channels are great. The clean could be a lot better, though. It also has some cool sounding effects. When you first get this amp, I recommend deleting the presets and manually setting the volume equal to each other, because if you don't you'll get an extremely loud feedback when you switch channels. This is the loudest 30 watt amp I have ever heard. I definitely recommend getting this amp.

(2 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Crappy Sounding Amp

By Sg_Man_Forver

from TX

I really don't know where this amp gets it's good reputation from. No one I know likes Line 6, but I gave it a try anyway. It sounds all around awful. The distortion sounds fizzy, and has no mid level or bass to it, the clean mode sounds just awful, has no treble, and I'm either left with this empty, dead sounding tone, or a hollow, squalorous roar that sounds like you could knock it over by blowing at it. The effects sound cheap and cruddy(the echo effects sound absolutely horrible). I really can't recommend this amp to anyone looking for any good tone at all.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Good Value - Feature Combo

By Axe&HornGuy

from The O.C.

I've had this amp for 5 months now, and have had no problems with it. Some people complain about delay and volume problems when switching channels - well guess what...All 4 channels are set at different factory levels (along with different effects settings). It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. It took me only a few moments to delete all the factory settings, and maintain a constant volume level between the channels. In fact, the clean channel was so loaded with factory effects, that I didn't even recognize it when I was through - it really is "clean" now. There are also 2 secrets that you won't find (unless you actually read the manual)...the first is the noise-gate noise reduction feature, and the second is the distortion boost - both which work quite well. I use this amp mainly with my Epi-Les Paul and it sounds great. It is not a tube amp, but it comes close.


Line 6

By MeTaLextremeguitarist90

from Cambridge ohio

My friend owns this amp. I have the 75 watt version. A side from not having the other features that amp has, its great. Only problem is when you turn it up too loud the sound distorts. Great Price! I`ve seen it for a lot more. BUY IT !


Gig-worthy little beast......

By The Singer

from So Cal

I bought this as a practice-only amp, but it's proven to be my most-used amp, light, reliable, loud & versatile... First off, use the 4 presets as a starting point - when you've tweaked them just right, (and probably gotten rid of the cheesy echo on the clean channel..), just hold down the "lit" channel button for a couple of seconds, and your changes are saved - I use this amp every week with my Variax guitar for local L.A. corporate gigs, with Drums, Bass & 2 guitars - This little monster holds it's own, plenty loud, even compared to our Bass player's 100 watt GK amp, & 2nd guitarists 2 Pro Jr's.... I don't use the Metal or Insane settings, but I get a nice "AC-30'ish" clean channel, and a cool David Gilmour'ish solo sound using the crunch channel. I've played some fairly good sized rooms with this rig, & have NEVER needed more volume... I would recommend this amp to anyone, and have gotten lots of compliments on the sound - Totally simple, no pedals, just a Variax & amp..... just buy it.....


nice PRACTICE amp

By well, it was nice knowing you.

from leavenworth ks

I bought this thinking that with a 12 inch speaker, it should be able to keep up with a drummer. Well it can if you don't like being really really loud and it still sound ok, like you should. The channels are nice, all usable. There is a pause when switching channels, just to let you know. When you turn it up a lot the speaker will start to sound like a horn, which amazed me that only 30 w could make it do that. if you want a loud sound that sounds good, get an amp that is too big and too loud, and just don't turn it up full blast. all in all, if you want to use it for jamming alone or with just other guitarist, go for it it sounds amazing, otherwise go bigger.


Volume troubles

By mike wi

from racine, WI

I bought this one then bought the III model and they had the same issue. The volume would jump dramiticaly after initial power on and switching channels. I could not get it to maintain the desired volume level after making adjustments. The tones from the amp are very good. I would recommend the foot switch. I am pretty sure its loud enough but with the volume jumping around it became a pain. I returned both items.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Nice features

By Me, too

from RI

This amp has a nice sound, great speaker it's loud and has some cool memory pre-set features not offered in other brands; pretty smart Line 6. This amp has 4 channels which have been preprogramed to factory settings by Line 6. The clean channel has the tremblo automatically tuned in heavy so when you select that channel it echos way to much. Its annoying because you have to physically remove the effects then choose the desired sound on that channel. The up side of this is you can choose the settings you like and this amp has the capability to remember your settings when you follow the directions in the manual and change the actual preprogramed settings from factory; cool concept if your a little technical and take your time and reprogram all 4 channels to your taste in sound rather than what Line 6 believes you may want. All the other channels each have effects preprogramed so you can actually do this for all 4 channels. I was impressed and confused at the same time, go figure. This amp must have a memory chip inside it. This was my first Line 6 amp and it's pretty impressive but not the best choice for anyone whom dosen't like to read owners manuals, hee hee.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Line 6 Spider II Amp

By theterroristman143

from MD`

Ive owned this thing for almost 2 years now. This amp is a nice effects amp and it has great speakers that sounds for like a 50 wat amp if you put the volume up to like 7 on both channel and master.The Spider II has 4 different channels: Clean, Crunch, Metal, and Insane.The clean is the most horrible thing they could ever do. The sound is ok, but it keeps on echoing, which makes your riffs sound really crappy. I just leave this alone, and I used the Crunch with no drive as a clean. The crunch effect is a really good choice for a combo amp as a lot of people like the 70's and 80's rock like Zeppelin and it also has this Aerosmith sound.Since you have Insane to do your hardrocking stuff, that makes the metal channel useless. It DEFINATElY doesn't sound like metallica. The Insane channel is the best thing about this amp. It has good sustain and has the sound 2nd to Marshall amps. I personnally like the Insane the best, and use Crunch for my clean chaneel, even though i like the crunch a lot for the classic rock stuff.Then there are those smart control effects. I like the chorus flange and the phaser, the phaser gives me a similar sound to unchained. the tremolo is also useful but I don't use it much. I also think the tape echo is good, but the sweep echo and reverb suck completely. The tap delay time effect also sucks cuase it delays your already echoing clean channel. Buy this amp for its good stuff and don't pay attention to the useless stuff. It'll be like a Crate amp with a few better effects.

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