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Product 482271

Line 6 Spider III 120 60Wx2 2x10 Stereo Guitar Combo Amp   

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The Line 6 Spider III 120 Guitar Combo delivers killer amp and effects models, and a ton of presets created by some of the world's most notorious gui...Read More

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The full Spider III package in stereo.

The Line 6 Spider III 120 Guitar Combo delivers killer amp and effects models, and a ton of presets created by some of the world's most notorious guitar stars from bands including 311, Thursday, Lacuna Coil, Hawthorne Heights, Slipknot, Ash, Albert Lee, Athlete, John 5, and many more.

Line 6 has also given the Spider III 120 another 150 song-based presets—sounds from such classics as No More Tears, Enter Sandman, Stinkfist, Back In Black, Bark at the Moon, and many more! These presets combined with 7 quality effects models, make the Spider III a giant of tone that give you any sound you want, already dialed in. Now you can rule the stage with the Insane model with its truly massive gain or explore your sensitive side in the studio with the Clean model. It's all up to you.

New to the Spider III is a huge range of killer mid-gain guitar tones. A critical advancement was made to the sound and feel of the Spider III line when a discerning panel of artists focused in on the venerable "mid-gain" range of tone to deliver the complex, layered and dynamic amp tone we all appreciate from classic and boutique amps.

Amp Models:
Clean: Red LED - Select this Amp Model and adjust the tone controls to get crisp, amazing clean tones, great warm jazz tones, and all the high-end shimmer you'll need with a generous amount of bottom end.

Glassy: Green LED - Line 6 developed this Amp Model to emulate those late 60's and early 70's clean tones. It is like a 1973 Hiwatt Custom 100 with an extended tone control range and tightened up low end.

Twang: Red LED - This Amp Model draws on the mid 60's Fender® amps, including the blackface '65 Twin Reverb® and blackface '64 Deluxe Reverb®. It has classic glassy high-end tone, with some snap and bite.glassy high-end tone, with some snap and bite.

Twin Twang: Green LED - This Amp Model is based on* a number of vintage tweed amps: a '53 Fender® tweed Deluxe Reverb®, '58 Fender® tweed Bassman® and a '60 Gibson® Explorer® to create a swingin' Rockabilly tone.

Blues: Red LED—Based on* a mix of a '65 Marshall® JTM-45, a '58 Fender® Bassman®, a '63 Fender® Vibroverb and a Supro®, this Amp Model slides between gritty swamp-infected cleans to syrupy smooth, walloping drive tones.

Class A: Green LED - This Amp Model is based on* a fawn Vox® AC-30 amplifier with an updated and expanded tone control circuit. It captures that early British pop rock tone that the Beatles and the Stones are so well known for.

Crunch: Red LED - This sound was crafted from studies of the '68 Marshall® Plexi 50 Watt. This type of Marshall® amp was used by a number of early metal bands. Crunch provides a wider range of tone control settings than the original Marshall® amp had.

On Fire: Green LED - This Amp Model is based on* a '68 Marshall® Plexi 100 watt with a few added extras; The combination of a Variac and the jumped input channels creates that infamous brown sound.

Metal: Red LED - This Amp Model is based on* the Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier®. Use this Amp Model to get a tight and punchy, high gain Metal sound.

Spinal Puppet: Green LED - This sound was created to be an aggressive high gain Amp Model with a unique Mid control that will sweep though an entire spectrum of tone on one knob. The Mid knob for this Amp Model changes the character of the distortion. When set to minimum, the distortion exhibits Fuzz pedal characteristics. When the Mid is set to noon, it mimics the creamy modern high gain amp tones. And when the Mid knob is turned up to max, it's very much reminiscent of that Class A sound.

Insane: Red LED - This model is a "dialed in for shredding" version based on* the Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® red channel. It combines the intensity and impact of Metal Red, but delivers more midrange and teeth for that bone-crushing, brain piercing insane grind.

80s Solo: Green LED - The goal with Insane is to provide you with as much input gain distortion as possible short of complete meltdown. You get an obscene helping of distortion, while still retaining tonal definition and character.

A great amp isn't the only part of a great guitar sound. With Smart Control FX, an exclusive Line 6 feature that automatically dials in different effect parameters, you spend more time playing and less time tweaking. Simply find the effect that you want, turn the knob to your desired intensity, and you're done. You can even use multiple effects at the same if you wanna get really crazy.

Effects Models (Up to 3 effects simultaneous)
Sweep Echo
Tape Echo

Ins & Outs
When you're playing with your band on stage just drag the Spider III on stage and crank it up. When it comes time to record, use the headphone/direct out and plug it straight into the mixing board for world-class POD® 2.0 direct tone used in pro studios and stages everywhere! You can also use the same out with headphones for practicing in your bedroom. Want to play along with your favorite songs? Plug into the CD/MP3 input and you're good to go.

Plug in and separate yourself from the posers.

*All product names used in this webpage are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6's sound model development.

  • 12 Custom Amp Models from Clean to Insane
  • 7 Smart Control FX (up to 3 simultaneous) including Tape Echo, Sweep Echo, Standard Delay (all with Tap Tempo) Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, and Reverb
  • 250 artist-created presets
  • 150 song-based presets
  • Plus 36 user programmable presets
  • Built-in front panel tuner
  • 2 - 10" Custom Celestion® Speakers

Review Snapshot®

by PowerReviews

(based on 81 reviews)

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Most Liked Positive Review


3rd Line 6- I love em !

I did not fully understand just how the Line 6 amps worked at first, but now, after buying three of them, I have it all figured out. First of all, the knobs...Read complete review

I did not fully understand just how the Line 6 amps worked at first, but now, after buying three of them, I have it all figured out. First of all, the knobs are not pots. They are digital encoders, tied to a sub routines of each sound preset. When you change one knob you probably will loose all other effects. This is correct, and the way it should be. Reason is, when you chage a knob setting, your changing a line of digital code. After likeing and not likeing the Line 6 amps, I now understand them and I am impressed. For a test, I sat a Fender Super Reverb next to my 120 Line 6, and tweaked for three days. I wanted it exact, and I finally got it. This preset I made, is an incredible copy of the Fender Super Reverb. Then I sat a Fender American Tube Series 40 watt Deluxe next to the line 6 and went to work. In a few days, I was able to also match exactly the Fender Deluxe FAT series amp. ( 1996 made in America Model). Then I got out my Fender Twin, and once again, set it next to a 150 Line 6 amp, and after getting the hang of it all, yes, I was able to duplicate the Fender Twin, I don't think now I can even tell ANY difference now at all. Amazing amps. These were three of Fender's best amps, and the Line 6, is simply incredible. A great value, and as I collect amps, I wanted to not use my Fender FAT (Fender American Tube) amps as they are in a collection. Fact is, I can't tell much difference when I plug in my Fenders now I have from the presets finally perfected. Most people add to much effects. To much or too many effects equals garbage. Be a pro programer, and take it easy on effects. And first of all, learn to play the guitar, as effects, do not make you a guitar player. It takes understanding of the scales, and how the guitar is played, also makes music. The amp, is I would saw however, 3/4 of your sound. I have played crap guitars on good amps, and electric guitars by price is a bad way to select one. You want to match pickups to the speakers, impedance and ohms, and also setting your pickups up right, is critical, that is, height of the pickups, and actually, the Humbucker works better not close to the strings. Be paitent if you buy a Line 6, as it WILL give you the sound you want, and if you can't get it, well, it's not the amp. I consider the Line 6, as good of an amplifier I will ever need, for any venue, stage or at home. When you program, don't stay up all night as in the morning that great preset you made, will not sound as good as last night. It takes me about one week to do one really good preset. This takes a good ear, and paitence, so I learned the Line 6, is a real nice piece of electronic gear, that will do what you want. Just go slow, and learn the feel of the amp, and take breaks and come back later so you can hear it again before you save the preset. The Line 6 works just as well with Humbuckers, P-90s, Seymour Duncans, Fender Telecaster pickups, Fender Stats, and Les Paul Guitars, it is a good pick if you also use single would and humbuckers or even high power battery pickups. It plays them all. Best Wishes to all Guitar players, this is my 50th year and while I am still playing Beatle songs, the electric guitar is one of the best rewards in my life. I used to go see Les Paul live year ago, and many bands over many years, and the one thing that makes a band good, is simply talent. I consider myself a fair guitar player, not great. I am still working on Stevie Ray Vaughn stuff, and hey, it's not easy. But I love my Line 6 amps, and they will be here used for many years to come. I highly recommend Line 6 products, they are a real bargain, and they kick butt on stage too. I am really happy I took the time to learn the Line 6 amps, they can be very rewarding if you really work to get that right preset done. It's a real tool you need, I will always have a Line 6 around here.Keep on Pickin'


Most Liked Negative Review


What can we say...

I have just purchased the spider 3 120 for using in the house for practice mainly, as my fender amp is now getting a bit old and grafted, but still sounds great. I...Read complete review

I have just purchased the spider 3 120 for using in the house for practice mainly, as my fender amp is now getting a bit old and grafted, but still sounds great. I use a Marshall 800 lead series with a 4x12 for giggin.I found the frequency response on the spider 3 120 to be limited on high tones, but good on the low to mid. The overall sound is a bit hollow, I assume this is due to the combination of the cabinet and the speakers, which I have used a blanket in the back of the amp to dampen the effect. As I said earlier, the higher tones are lacking, so I turned all effects off and used a seperate sound processing system, the Zoom G2.1u or the DOD D3 seems to work well with it in this config, plus, you can add extra tone to suit your needs. There are no background hisses or hums from this amp, it's super quiet in that respect, which is good. It also makes a big difference what guitar you use with this amp, I have tried all my guitars on this amp, the Peavey V-Type limited edition sounds good as does the Ibanez Jem 7 and the fender Strat, the Les Paul came out very bassey, the SG sounded ok....ish. Overall though, a good buy. This amp is perfect for the starting out guitarist and also for those with experience to practice with.I think it is important to get the right combination of guitar and amp, although, it is also down to personal preference.There's plenty of pre programmed sounds to choose from and saving one as a favorite pedal selection is easy. The MP3/CD input is usefull, especially if you have something like a qy300 from Yamaha linked up to a PC for backing music plugged in.Overall, good value for the price and worth buying.

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Great Amp


from Undisclosed

I think this is a great amp for experienced guitar players, or ones first starting out. It comes with an amazing variety of sounds, and it is very reliable. However, it does tend to feedback, and screech alot, but with the distoted stuff i work with its normal. Anyways, GREAT buy, the only negative is that my pedals dont always cooperate with it, and also that its a load to carry around if u travel with your amp. Otherwise, BUY IT!

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I got this amp 1 year ago ...


from Undisclosed

I got this amp 1 year ago on the 4th of July and still can't get myself off of it. Very diverse range of sounds and effects. Coupled with only a few pedals I could see this as one of the best combo amps (definitely for how little it costs) on the market.

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Sounds Too Fake


from Undisclosed

I have to admit, This is a pretty nice amp!but it sounds too fake and crummy! Not a big fan of Digital Distortion! this amp has alot of effects but in my opinion, if you want a good amp, get something that sounds real, not this crap!

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it's better than a marshall

This thing is a beast. This is the only amp that lets me play blues, metal, hard rock, anything you want...it sounds amazing. It's one hell of a deal for the price. It's louder than hell, with 120 watts blistering back @ you. I won't play any other amp. I'm 17, and if I ever become famous this is waht I'll be using. All Line 6 amps are great for the price.

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LOUD as HELL and

This was my first "real" amplifier since I got a puny 10 watt crate amo about 7 years ago. I'm just starting to get serious about my guitar playing (since I'm really pianist) and this amp is LOUD man, but the only problem I have is the price and the lack of really good presets. I really like the Satriani preset, but most of the others are useless, and the Crunch setting is a little weak, but maybe that's just my lousy pickups.

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from small town to the universe upgrad3!!!

I'm going to be honest. At first, I thought I would hate it because my friend has one and I wasn't allowed to mess with his settings, which was probably why I hated the amp period. then, I went amp shopping to get rid of a marshall 15 watt(was alright, but time for upgrade) and trade in for a serious amp. My first thought was crate, considering it was perfect for most hardcore/death metal musicians. I played a bc rich through this amp in drop a, and I absolutely just desired more out of it because it was so clear. I chose this over a 50 watt Vox, which was suprising, but overall, I love it because it has helped me create new riffs because of it. I strongly recommend it for making your neighborhood yelling at you and playing live. And if anyone who has bought this amp plays death metal, please suggest a custom setting perfect for death metal.

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Pretty Great Amp!


from Waynesville, MO

I got this amp about 7-8 months ago. I loved it at first because I was upgrading from a crappy 30 watt Crate FXT combo amp. I got the amp, and a new Dean Dime O Flame n I loved my set up at first. Then after awhile, I started 2 h8 the way my amp sounded. I couldn't get a decent sound 2 save my life! Well, I ended up getting rid of the Dean and got a Jackson Rhoads w/ and EMG 81 in the bridge. Surprisingly, my amp sounded 100 times better!. I love my amp now, I guess it just depends on your guitar when it comes to this amp. Active pickups deffinitely make this amp shine. I can get light crunchy sounds for AC/DC type stuff and real low, thick distortion for my heavy stuff like Trivium and Job For A Cowboy. The cleans are pretty great also, I can get amazing Metallica sounding cleans out of my amp. GREAT AMP FOR THE MONEY!

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from Canada

I don't know what the guy below me has up his butt. This thing sounds great if you don't have active pick-ups. I have both a Strat and Les Paul and they sound great and clear. The tones you can get out of this are amazing. not only do you have great artist presets that make you sound just like the record, but all the channels are based some of the best amp out there. I found the perfect Led Zeppelin simply. But you can litterally go from playing Country to Death Metal and this amp can pull it off. Its loud enough to do gigs so its a real great buy. I recommend this to anyone.

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Killer Combo, Killer Price


from alberta

Just got this amp and after sitting with it for about 22 hours I think I've tried almost every setting on it. The tones available from this are amazing! Deep lows, killer mids and crisp highs. The effects sound very digital but what would you expect rom line 6. I'm playing an LTD V-500 with active EMG 81's, and the amp gives me a great clean tone both with the artist setting and with my own settings. And you can dial in any distortion sound from crunchy blues to naplam burn distortion. If you have a les paul, duncans or a hollow body. This amp is not for you. I tried this thing with a Zakk Wylde les paul with EMG-HZ pickups (inactive) and the amp sounded sucked out. But with active humbuckers this amp will give you endless hours of great tones,effects and fun. You can go from great smooth country twangin' to face melting metal schreeching with simple turn of the knob. BUY This AMP!! You Won't regret it. P.S. This thing has no footswitch with it. Get a footswitch cause it sucks having to bend down to change channels on the amp.

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What an upgrade!

I got this amp on Christmas and right once I tore off the wrapping paper I tore into that box took out the amp and started playing. I played for like 4 or 5 hours straight and it was just amazing! I made some pretty cool settings, it takes awhile to find a really cool setting but you just have to mess around with everything until you find something cool then you can just save your setting and come back to it when you want to use it again. At first I thought the distortion was a little "off" but then I found a good crisp sounding distortion. And the clean settings, absolutely amazing! I upgraded from a 15w fender frontman to this beast and I recommend it to all musicians!

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