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Product 483066

Line 6 Spider Valve 112 40W Guitar Combo Amp

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A perfect storm for guitarists, the Spider Valve 112 features a Spider III engine mated in perfect harmony to a genuine tube amplifier designed by fa...Click To Read More About This Product

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Ultimate tonal flexibility and luscious tube response!

A perfect storm for guitarists, the Spider Valve 112 features a Spider III engine mated in perfect harmony to a genuine tube amplifier designed by famed amp man Reinhold Bogner for unmatched performance and responsiveness. The amp is built around 2 - 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 - 6L6 power tubes. You can choose from 12 amp models and 7 Smart Control Effects. 36 user-programmable channels save your settings, or you can play through over 300 artist-created presets. All the tones are voiced by the legendary Celestion Vintage 30. Finally you can have the unrivaled versatility of Line 6 amp and effects modeling with the performance and feel of a world-class tube amplifier.

  • 40W Class AB tube amp through (2) 12AX7 preamp tubes and (2) 6L6 power tubes
  • 1X12" configuration featuring Premium CelestionĀ® Vintage 30 speaker
  • 12 dialed in amp models (channel voices) that deliver a complete tonal range from shimmering clean to insane grind.
  • 7 Smart Control Effects including Tape Echo, Multi-Tap, Sweep Echo, Flanger/Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo and Reverb.
  • 36 user programmable channels
  • 300+ artist created presets covering the greatest guitar tones of all time
  • PODĀ® 2.0 XLR direct out for studio direct tone.

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by PowerReviews

(based on 53 reviews)

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Most Liked Positive Review


The Future of Tubes

I tested and tried a lot of tube amps when searching for my latest purchase, and when I found myself looking at the Line6 Spider Valve 112, the best of amp modeling and the...Read complete review

I tested and tried a lot of tube amps when searching for my latest purchase, and when I found myself looking at the Line6 Spider Valve 112, the best of amp modeling and the warmth of true tubes, I had to try it. I ended up buying it and couldn't be happier with what I got.First, the good: This baby has -great- amp models of a lot of rather famous amps, and that makes it perfect for a person who changes tone a lot. It's also a high gain amp, and designed to be so, and so your tone doesn't diminish as your gain goes up. Also, you can actually bypass the digital preamp and plug directly into the tube power amp, meaning you can hear what your guitar sounds like as just itself, and still maintain warm tube tone. Dailing in tone can take some time, but it can be done with insane accuracy if you put the time in. The EQ knobs react differently for each amp model as per the amps modeled, so your tone's authenticity is maintained. The Celestion speakers are clear as a bell and give you great tone even at (actually... especially at) very high volumes. Not to mention the fact that you can use the amp's head to plug into other speakers with 8ohm and dual 4ohm outputs on the back. Some people doubt that the hybrid nature of this amp is a signal that it's not as responsive or tonally perfect as a real tube amp, and though that might be true in some cases, this amp is designed by Reinhold Bogner, and his ingenuity has made this amp able to maintain the perfect tone of many modeled amps and run it all over the perfect tube setup. Throw in an on-deck tuner and 32 slots for saving your presets and preferences and you've got one hell of an amp.Alright, now the bad. The on-board Modulation FX that Line6 puts on all of their amps, in my opinion, are a bit over the top. It's hard to dial in a tone that matches something you'd want on an old Black Panel, or something of the like, and the chorus/flange knob is sub-par for everything but metal. That being said, the delay knob is rather nice, especially with the unique Line6 sweep echo. The reverb is decent, and can be very modest or -way- over the top and sometimes it's hard to find just the right setting. The artist-programmed setups are cool, but really useless, especially for musicians who like to dial in their own unique tone, but since you still have more than enough room to design and save your own, it's not a big deal at all. One more great thing: FX loop. I think every tube amp should have a pre-out and pre-in but alas I've seen amps that lack them. This amp does indeed have an FX loop, and if you want to bypass the digital modeling preamp and just use your personal effects through the tube power amp, you can do that too.Overall, this is a great amplifier, and stands up to and beats many of the major tube amps in tone and versatility. Give it a good, long try when you're looking for your next amp and I think you'll agree. Happy hunting!


Most Liked Negative Review


This one is up to the player

I had this amp for 2 weeks and returned it. I'll just explain my scoring:Features 3.5: The presets are cool. You get tons of different tones with this amp. The problem is...Read complete review

I had this amp for 2 weeks and returned it. I'll just explain my scoring:Features 3.5: The presets are cool. You get tons of different tones with this amp. The problem is that it's not much of a step above the Spider III in terms of tone. Response is obviously better because of the tube amp build. You can hear a difference, but just not a big enough one. On top of that, the "smart effects" completely suck. They should have built this amp as a Flextone Valve. To get decent Line 6 quality effects on this amp, you're still going to have to buy a Pod or run pedals. Half the reason a lot of people move to line 6 is to eliminate that need.My Flextone III was superior to this amp in every way in terms of features, with the exception of the tube warmth and response. That just wasn't enough for me to keep a lower quality amp.Quality 4.5 : It was built wonderfully. Everything worked as it was intended, and the amp looks good. No complaints here.Value 3.5 : $700 for a tube amp with built in effects is not an unreasonable price, especially considering you're getting Celestion Vintage 30s and a Bogner-designed tube build. However, none of the preset channel volumes are adjustable and saveable, and the initial sounds on them are set way too loud. I couldn't turn the master volume on this amp past 1 without getting my head blown off. My room was literally shaking as I'd switch through the presets, making it nearly impossible to use them in an apartment. For 40 watts and 1 12" speaker, you get incredible volume, but it's excessive and there's not good way to quiet the amplifier without sacrificing all of the tube tone.Overall 3.0 : In my opinion, if you're looking for an effects-based amp with versitile tone options for a broad variety of music, get a Flextone III or Vetta II. If you're looking for a tube amp, consider saving a little more cash and going with a Fender, Marshall, Hiwatt, Mesa, Bogner, or countless other quality amplifiers. I think that others could be really excited about this amp and love it, because it does have great tone. There are a lot of drawbacks to it though, and for me, the positives just could not overcome them. I sacrificed the tube warmth and response for overall better tone, practicality, and usefulness from the Flextone III. Still, give this amp a try at your local store. It might right for you.

Reviewed by 53 customers

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Blown Away

By safeharborpro

from Kansas

I was used to playing on a 1963 Fender Deluxe tube amp so when I got this I was impressed with the fact that the tone was even better than my fender especially for playing rock/grunge/metal. I bought this from a local music store the day I tried it out it was that good. I even compared it side by side with a Spider III 150 and it was like night and day with the tone and sound. This thing has punch enough to knock you through a wall.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)



By Nesken

from North Carolina

See all my reviews

I bought this amp, but I only use the clean channel and run my distortion and effects thru it the only onboard effect I use is the reverb. With this set up I have the most outrageous sound ever, better even then my MK II marshal. However the rest of the amps effects and stuff is useless, but I'd buy it again just for the way I use it coz I've never heard anything better. I finaly found the sound in my head. I just wish I could get rid of all the ohboard effects and channel switching, for me its useless .

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Great amp, so long as you change the speaker out

By Karl Houseknecht

from Palmyra, VA

See all my reviews

I own the HD100 version of this amp and was looking for a small amp to use at home, for recording, and on smaller stages. I've tried this amp before and didn't like the Vintage 30 speaker at all. Too shrill and ratty for my taste. The cab I use with my HD100 has Celestion G12K-100's in it and it sounds amazing. Like a Marshall 1960 but with less of a mid scoop.So I changed the Vintage 30 out for a K-100 and it made all the difference. Nice, tight bass response, great midrange and even highs. Just what the doctor ordered. The interesting thing is that this speaker sounds great on every model on the amp. I get convincing plexi tones, hot-rodded JCM800, recto, AC30, glassy cleans, etc. I highly recommend changing the speaker out. No idea why Bogner would have specified the V30 in an open backed cab.I give it low marks on features for the lack of MIDI, the stock speaker, a non-adjustable noise gate, and the pretty lame built in effects and reverb. But as a raw amp tone machine, this one is hard to beat. I use a Line6 M13 with it to fill out what is missing in the effects and gate department. A match made in heaven.


Suprisingly good amp.

By Jon-hH6.E

from NY,NY

See all my reviews

I recently got to check one of these out and was really impressed at what Line6 was able to do with Bogner. I'm never liked the Spider series amps because the tone is just not there in my opinion, although I guess a lot of people like them because of the price. I've also heard a lot of horror stories about amps burning out after a short time of use. But it seems that the Spidervalve is a redeemer for the Spider line.The amp models actually sound good for a change! The tubes make the sound organic and much more natural than any other spider amp I've heard. Volume will also be a big improvement since most normal Spiders sound like crap when you crank them. The tube power section in this thing allows for some real great headroom. I suppose you could say this thing is like if you were to put one of their tonecore pedals in front of a tube amp. Probably pretty handy for home recording. The vintage 30 is a nice touch too. One drawback though is the effects which are the same type that are on all Spiders and in my opinion suck it hard. You really can't tweak them at all. I didn't get a chance to test out to many of the factory presets so I can't say if they're any good. I guess the head version of this will be available soon. I'd definitely consider getting it if I could.


Very Nice

By Gibsonman66

from Alabama

This is a great amp. It has great presets, good tone control, and a fabulous speaker. This thing is also very, very, very loud. It is great, but be careful with it. It seems very fragile and it is very hard to fix it well. Be careful, but this thing is amazing.


Hybrid amps = the future!

By Gibson_03342

from Toronto

See all my reviews

I have been shopping around for a good amp for a while. I knew I wanted something I could gig with, but cost was a bit of a limitation. I bought this AMP a few weeks ago and am quite impressed. The amp has real tubes which makes this amazing. The presets are amazing on the amp, when im doing a show its easy to switch from an ac/dc sound to metallica to johnny cash to the beatles. This amp makes it easy to dial in sounds and saves you the time of dialing in every single preset. For giging and recording this amp is great, save you time and effort. Its a must buy!!!


A great match..tubes and DSP

By mfcg98faK

from NY

1st and foremost - it offers a great sound, plus it has plenty of "modern" features. I love being able to set up different tones and storing them for instant recall at the touch of a button. I LOVE being able to bypass the DSP and plug right into the tube circuit to get a pure sound (I now know what MY guitars really sound like!). As noted already - the way pre-stored/preset settings are loaded when ever you turn the Amp model knob is bit...daunting (40watts!!) - be sure to make use of the Master volume to keep things under control atleast till you tweek the channel volume & drive to what you want. This amp's sound is (can be) very clean - no "ground loop" issues with the LP, no unwanted hiss or crackle. Excellent/precise control from the volume knobs(no deadbands).Overall - great sound, nice features, good quality - a great value.


Insane, just insane.

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

So first I'll start out with saying, this amp is way louder than 40w. I put it at half way, and i had to play in the hall instead of in the room, just way to loud for my music room. Now the distortion/overdrive. Its so versatile going from clean, to blues, to a nice stack feel, to metal, to beyond. If the Insane settings weren't enough, it has a hidden distortion boost feature accesible by the TAP button(also noise gate for background gain hiss and chromatic tuner). But you need the footswitch for this. So the tubes. very sensitive compared to anything else ive played, but that just makes you wanna play better to not make mistakes. I can really hear the warmth in the overdrive from them. On the back of this, theres preamp out and power amp in (AKA Send/Return) great for chorus/mod effects and delay and the like, which come after the distortion. Also a direct line out on the back (simulated cabinet) for recording and hookup to a sound board if yah don't like mics. NOW THE THING THAT SURPRISED ME! Its got output for external cabinets, just like a head. So forget the combo amp, this is also an amp head. Wow. Genius pure genius....


this thing is LOUD!!!

By lespaul420


I got this amp, and I was blown away! The clean channel has a warm, clear Bogner tone. This thing can play from 60's rock to modern metal! All I've got to say right now is, My fingers hurt!


Great Sound . . . Great Value

By AngusForever

from Cincinnati, OH

I have had this amp for about a month now, and I am really happy with my purchase. The best thing this amp does well is the high gain / hard rock genre. Without much tweaking, a huge AC/DC sound is obtainable. Same goes with Metallica and other newer genres. The cleans are also quite good. I do not like the blues settings for this amp . . . they sound thin and limp. For a top notch high gain sound, this amp is hard to beat.The great thing about this amp is that it can get quite loud, but sounds killer with the volume set to "baby sleeping" level. I have searched the world for an all tube amp that could acheive this, and the Spider Valve is the only one I have found. New parents and apartment dwellers will really appreciate this ability.


Finally! The real deal!

By SevenString

from Los Angeles

I've come full circle.I started out as a kid in the 70s and 80s using real tube amps, everything from Fender to Marshall to Ampeg and all the other usual suspects. In the late 80s, I eventually ended up with the ADA tube pre, into a valve rack-mount power amp voiced for guitar. Great stuff, for the time.Along came Line6 with the promise of tube-like tone in a fully programmable digital realm. I made the jump, eventually being an early adopter of the Vetta, followed by the aquisition of a SpiderII head for lower-end gigs where I expected beer to be spilled.Loved my Vetta, because it was so darned versatile, and I could get it dialed in to that "95% there" space with a tube-like tone. Operative phrase being "tube-like".That missing 5% always bothered me, somewhere in my subconscious. I got some great sounds out of the Vetta, and although I had myself half convinced, there was always a missing "magic", even if I denied it.Well, the missing magic is finally back, with the Spider Valve. This amp SCREAMS with that tube sound and feel. Not surprising, since it's a real tube amp designed by R. Bogner. Yes, a real Bogner design, and it shows in the attention to detail AND the lush, warm, compex sounds I can get out of this amp without even trying.This thing just "sounds good", without a lot of effort needed to dial in great sounds. Tubes will do that, I guess.I have the 1x12 combo, and it is capable of PUNISHING volumes without frapping out on the low end. But the volume is simply a side effect of a great sounding, well designed tube amplifier that just HAPPENS to have an incredible tonal variety in the bargain.How does it stack up to my old Vetta? This may be blasphemy to some, but SV sounds, to my ears, much better than the Vetta. And the SpiderII or SpiderIII? Not even close. I ditched my SpiderII on the day I came home with the Spider Valve because I couldn't stand the sight or sound of the thing.My recommendation? Go down to the music store, do an A/B/C comparison between the SpiderIII, the Spider Valve, and a high-end tube amp of your choice. I was amazed when I did this, and you might be as well. Line6 shouldn't have even called this amp a "Spider".If, like me, you enjoy the convenience and variety of modelling technology, but you miss that oh-so-sweet tube vibe, do yourself a favor and give this amp a shot. it's a major bargain if you care about that "tube magic".


Not Bad, But Not Great Either

By Yngwee

from Houston, TX

See all my reviews

This is not a bad amp really but I was expecting a little more. The sound is thin and a little bit fizzy. No EQ adjustment will help it. That's my biggest problem with this amp.The modeling is mediocre, but I could live with that if the amp didn't sound so thin and tinny. You will probably get better success with the line out feature than when micing up this amp. The presets are overkill in my opinion. There are hundreds of them but a lot of them need tweaking to actually resemble the artists they are supposed to model.You can get decent clean tones, decent low-gain tones, but high gain is where it shines the most. Although it is a decent sounding amp, by no means is it great.I A/Bd this amp with a Traynor blue. It was immediately evident that the Traynor is far superior in tone.It sounds exactly like a POD hooked up through the input of a tube amp. There is plenty of flexibility if you have some reason to model different sounds. Unfortunately this amp did nothing to change my mind about tube amps.

(0 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Great Sounding Tube amp

By Voxinator

from Florida

See all my reviews

This is a real tube amp, analog-digital>analog>preamp tube>driver tube>power tubes. Digital front end sounds just like the other Spider 3 series, same presets. Additional presence contol, 3 speaker jacks, premap out/main in, standby switch - has it all. Sound is very warm due to Celestion Vintage 30 and plywood cabinet. Does not sound exactly like the amps modeled, but does a good job. 36 user presets are sweet.



By archenemyfreak8984

from Crestview, Fl

There isn't anything that this amp can't do. From glassy, clean chordwork to hyperfast, hyperdistorted leads, this amp has all bases covered. I highly recommend this amp to all players.


Really Good but

By mickeyiotov-07QMb

from San Jose, CA

make sure you don't break it because it is almost impossible to repair. I had mine and it was great and i was loving life but after 3 months the amp died out on me and their were some technical difficulties. When i got it fixed... it wasn't nearly the same.


Bad Amp for the Money! Fair Warning...

By My7of9

from Altoona, Pa.

See all my reviews

This amp has a horrible tone. I regret buying it and now I am stuck with it. Fortunately you can bypass the entire preamp stage and use another preamp or pedals. That way it sounds pretty good. Looking on the bright side that is! What a waist of money. Horrible effects, distortion and overdrive modeling and the clean sound is nasty too unless you bypass the preamp that is.


Great Combo

By spiritcrusher

from New York City

I recently used a spider valve 112 at a local guitar center. I always loved line 6 and finding their super-flexible preamp in a all-tube circuit was a dream come true. The tones from this amp are incredible. It covers every sound you could ever imagine and will always have that warm tube fell and tone and we all love. Deffinately worth the money for any of the 3 choices in this series. If you're thinking about getting a new combo and want to go with tube, get a spider valve, you will love a spider valve.


awsome amp

By the crip

from orlando florida

I bought this amp from my local music store, and all I can say its awsome. I was never a big fan of modeling amps or line 6 until I heard this amp. I never would have considered this amp if it wasnt all tube because the biggest problem with them is when they reach a high volume level they sound terrible. Problem solved thanks to the bogner amps. I will say the amp is loud... however, it does sound good at low volumes, but it truely shines when it is played with a band.



By Shredfest-HThug

from New Youk

See all my reviews

Most amazing amp you will ever buy, has an absolutely incredible sound. This is the last amp you will ever buy, extremely versatile, insane gain and awesome clean. I didn't like line 6 before this but they really stepped up to the plate on this one.BUY IT!!!


Did I use a dud?

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I tried this thing out today, and it didn't go over well. All I can say is: noisy, buzzy and bad. Every patch I tried either buzzed or hummed. I was playing through an american telecater and at low volume. The buzz was not coming from the guitar at all. And when I went to go switch patches there was a huge change in volume that I nearly destroyed the whole store. I am truly dissapointed, I expected much more

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