Markbass MoMark EQ7G Bass EQ Module   

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Get the perfect tone in your Markbass MoMark with 7 bands of equalization.

With a good EQ your possibilities are virtually limitless. The Markbass MoMark EQ7G bass EQ module is ideal for the bassist preferring a visual of their EQ settings. The creation and makeup of this equalizer module is unique in that the 7-band graphic EQ ranges from 40 Hz in the bass to 4 kHz in the treble. If you like flat, bass boost, cutting trebles, or out-front mids, grab the sliders and change it up. Featuring MarkBass's signature yellow lighting illuminating each slider, the EQ7G bass EQ module adds a distinct glow to your rig and allows you to change your settings even in the darkest stage settings.


  • 7-band graphic EQ
  • Yellow light in each slider for easy viewing

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