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Markbass Studio Pre Bass Preamp  

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      Top Italian session bassist Paolo Costa (Alejandro Sanz, Sergio Mendes, Laura Pausini) teamed up with Markbass to design the Studio Pre, a high-quality bass preamp ideal for both studio and live applications. It's an excellent studio tool for recording bassists, combining two channels: CLEAN and AMP. CLEAN is a pristine direct channel which features a pure parametric filter EQ for fine-tuning your sound to perfection. The AMP channel provides three types of distortion (two tube-driven and one solid state) to mix in with the clean channel. To better personalize your sound, there are two more EQ controls, Variable Pre-shape Filter (VPF) and high-pass filter (so you can apply distortion to only the high end), and push-pull knobs give you the ability to store your distortion settings. The professional compressor on the amp channel helps you tame the edges. The preamp's back-end offers three balanced XLR outputs so you can record each channel separately or together. The Studio Pre is an indispensable addition to any recording bassist's gear arsenal.


      • Designed by Markbass and top studio session bassist Paolo Costa
      • Combines two channels: CLEAN and AMP
      • CLEAN is direct channel with parametric filter EQ
      • AMP channel has 3 types of distortion (2 tube-driven, 1 solid state)
      • Variable Pre-shape Filter
      • High-pass filter
      • Push-pull knobs for storing distortion settings
      • Pro compressor on the amp channel
      • 3 balanced XLR outputs for recording channels separately or together
      • 1/4" input jack works with both passive and active basses
      • Gain knob for input
      • Ground lift switches for eliminating hum for both AMP and CLEAN
      • channels as well as out for output
      • Tuner out sends unbalanced signal sent to a tuner, amp or recording equipment not needing a balanced signal
      • Send and Return Effect ensures main signal continues even if something dies in your effects chain
      • Dual-sided fiberglass PC boards with lined perforations for high-quality solder connections
      • Surface-mount components are silicon-sealed to isolate vibrations
      • Computer-grade pre-assembled ribbon connector cable harnesses and ribbons for noise-free operation
      • Integrated threaded posts for easy assembly/disassembly and added durability

      Give yourself more EQ control and sound-shaping options with this awesome bass preamp. Order yours today.


      Studio Pre Bass Preamp Specifications:

      • Power
      • Input impedance: 500Kohm, max. voltage: 10 Vpp
      • Power consumption: 60W
      • Voltage is factory preset for the U.S.
      • Other
      • Dimensions: 14.5"(W) x 3.39"(W) x 11.9"(D)
      • 2U tall
      • 19" wide with rack ears
      • Weight: 5.9 lbs.
      • Clean Channel
      • Tube: 1 x ECC83S, gain: 50dB
      • Return impedance: 50Kohms
      • Send output impedance: 1 Kohms
      • Effect loop type: parallel
      • Frequency range: 60Hz — 2kHz
      • Level: +/- 16dB
      • Q: 0.5 - 8
      • EQ SECTION
      • Center frequency: 100Hz (low), 800Hz (mid), 4kHz (high), +/- 16dB
      • Amp Channel
      • AMP 1:
      • Tube: 2x ECC83S
      • AMP 2
      • Tube: 1x ECC83S
      • AMP 3
      • Solid state
      • On/off switch on front panel
      • EQ SECTION
      • Center frequency: 100Hz(low), 4kHz(high), +/- 16dB
      • FILTERS
      • VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter, 380Hz cut); High-pass filter (20Hz — 1kHz, -3dB)
      • Outputs
      • AMP LINE OUT
      • Balanced XLR, max. voltage 10 Vpp
      • Balanced XLR, max. voltage 10 Vpp
      • MIX LINE OUT
      • Balanced XLR, max. voltage 10 Vpp
      • Unalanced 1/4", max. voltage 2.5 Vpp
      • TUNER OUT
      • Unalanced 1/4", max. voltage 2.5 Vpp
      • Amp channel (on/off)/Pure Parametric Filter (on/off)
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