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Product 482802

Marshall JCM 2000 Triple Super Lead 100 and 1960A Package   

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Includes the Marshall TSL100 head and 1960A cab. With 3 independent channels (Clean, Crunch, and Lead) the TSL100 puts amazing control, flexibility, ...Click To Read More About This Product

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A genuine Marshall half stack — there's just nothing like it!

Includes the Marshall TSL100 head and 1960A cab. With 3 independent channels (Clean, Crunch, and Lead) the TSL100 puts amazing control, flexibility, and tone variations at your fingertips. From sparkling clean to full-blown Marshall roar, the all-valve 100W head delivers it all. Each channel features its own volume, gain, and EQ. Master controls include tone shift for beefing up tone at low volumes, Accutronics spring reverb, an effects loop mix control, a speaker emulation DI circuit for silent recording, and virtual power reduction that gives you a glorious, saturated power amp feel without cranking it up to 10. Comes loaded with 4 ECC83 preamp valves and 4 EL34 power amp valves and also features 2 effects loops, loudspeaker outputs, a 5-way LED foot controller, and more.

The 1960A produces a loud, well-focused, and uncluttered sound with a tight, full low end and a crisp, bright top. Excellent for players who use effects as it won't muddy up. Features 4 - 12" speakers, slant front, 4- or 16-ohm mono, or 8-ohm stereo operation. Handles 300W power. 100 lbs.

  • TSL100:
  • 3 independent channels with volume, EQ, and gain
  • 100W all-tube power
  • Spring reverb
  • Speaker emulation DI circuit
  • 2 effects loops
  • 1960A:
  • 4 — 12" heavy-magnet drivers
  • Slant-front cab
  • Marshall excellence

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Most Liked Positive Review


Great power. Great punch. Sonically diverse.

I played it quietly in the music store I purchased it at, as not to disrupt any business going on, tweaking the knobs to my liking, trying different variations to different styles of...Read complete review

I played it quietly in the music store I purchased it at, as not to disrupt any business going on, tweaking the knobs to my liking, trying different variations to different styles of guitar, and I fell in love with it. The tones it produced at such low volumes proved to me that it could really scream once opened up. When I arrived at home and set it up and plugged in my favorite axe, I cranked up the gain and the volume and started playing some of my beloved riffs. I could not stop my evil grin whatsoever. The tone I love is raw, nasty, tight, and fat. Saturated, but warm. The TSL 100/1960A package delivered that, and more than I expected. I think any amp company can create a super strong distortion, but Marshall does it with tightness, clearity, and accuraccy that no other amp manufacturor can compete with. I was blown away with the bottom end of the TSL 100. It is endless. It is tight, it is fat, and it has a punch to it that can knock you out. Play standing 10 feet away from it and you can feel the air vibrate around you. The air reeks of majesty. At the same time it has super bass punch, it has clarity like none other. Go from playing a heavy, chunky rhythm to a searing lead and listen to the notes scream endlessly. This amp does it all. Three channes of nastyness. Clean gives such warmth and brilliance. Rhythm has a raw heart and soul. Lead can take you to heaven and hell with all its nastyness and grind like no other, taking you to new hights. The TSL 100/1960A cab package is a package like nothing else. It can go from country twang to death metal gore with just a few twists of the nobs. For the price, it's a steal. Whether you're playing small dive gigs or arenas, this amp will hold up. What sold me was it's bottom end punch, its high end tightness, its versitility, and its clarity. If I could I'd sleep with it in my bed, but I don't think my girlfriend would appreciate that. I still can't stop my evil grin...


Most Liked Negative Review


Complete Piece of ****

I was playing on it one of the first times since I got it and the head started to smoke out of the back. When i lifted it up off of the cab the...Read complete review

I was playing on it one of the first times since I got it and the head started to smoke out of the back. When i lifted it up off of the cab the complete bottom dropped out. The when I tried to turn it off it gave me about 110 volts of shock. My advice would be to go out and burn every marshall jcm2000 that you see.

Reviewed by 54 customers

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Marshall JCM200 TSL100 HALF STACK

By On the Victrola

from New York City

Ok here we go. I bought this amp in December of 03' when I was in the market for a Mesa dual rectifier. 1st off this amp is way simpler to use than the mesa. I like the sound better for me anyway. The clean channel is the best you're going to get unless you use and a/b selector and run an ac30 or vintage fender separately. But for an all in one multi channel amp. It cannot be beat. The crunch channel is powerful as all hell and amazing for playing with another guitar player. The lead channel is a bit more gainy but awesome for a solo artist or a band with one guitar player. The reverb is good but not as good as an orange amp. The 1960 cab sucks and so does the jcm800 cab. I hate marshall cabs. They are too heavy for the casters that they come with and soon enough the wheels break and you wind up having to drag the cabinet everywhere. This happened to alot of my friends. I was smart. I bought this head with the mesa boogie rectifier standard cabinet and could not be happier. This cab is made of birch wood instead of compressed wood and although it is heavier in weight, it is more durable, solid, and harder sounding. I recommend the JCM2000 TSL100 HEAD WITH A MESA CAB. You can't go wrong. My only complaint is the pedal. The wire from the pedal to the back of the head is very crappy. It breaks where it is connected to the pedal. Don't bend it or put too much pressure on it. I had to send about 4 pedals back to marshall until they sent me a custom made pedal. But they always sent me a new one. The sent me one with a thicker wire with a glossy coating and I've had it for 3 years now. Working great! Buy this amp!



By Hypothalamus7

from FPO, AP

I bought this as my first halfstack after playing five years. I was sceptical at first as I know Marshall is known for its drive rather than its clean but the clean channel does hold its own. Being in the military and often deployed, I don't get to play it as often as I want. But I crave to be using the effects loop and reverb feature a whole lot more. i actually plan to buy a second one for stereo playing when I get out of the military. I'll just have to try to have the clean channel worked on for the sound I want. But as I said, I know marshall isn't known for its clean tone.


decent amp

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Although I do not own this amp I have used it several times. My friend owns this amp and I use it at band practices a lot. When you're practicing with a band this thing sounds great, however I have used this amp twice on two different occasions at shows I have played and it doesn't get that loud. I have to crank this thing up to 10 and it still isn't as loud as I'd like it to be however I can still hear myself. Maybe a diifferent head would allow this thing to get louder. Also the distortion could sound a little heavier but it's still kicks ass. The clean channel is also pretty decent. Overall though if you want a good reliable amp that sounds good and if you have the money to buy it this amp would be a good choice.


Great Amp

By acio

from Michigan

This amp does have it all! You may not get where you want 100% straight in but by an inexpensive pedal or two and you couldn't possibly fail. There are so many ways to run through this amp. Distortion through the clean channel, overdrives and/or EQ's through the high gain channels. I am currently running two EQ's straight into the crunch channel with nothing else (except in the FX loop) and the thing screams! The only problem I have with this amp is getting a non-muddy large bottom end tone. Stick a cheap 5, 6, 7, 8 or more EQ in the FX loop and WHAM! Nice snug tight bottom end. I have had this amp for about 3 years now and love it just as much as the day I first got it. I had a Marshall JMP-1, a Marshall JCM 800 and still was not able to get my tone until I plugged into this one. I highly recommend this amp for anything from blues to metal but if you are looking for a great sounding clean amp, this may not be the best choice but like I mentioned earlier, throw an EQ in the FX loop or even two and I'm sure you can get a great clean tone also. I gave it all 10's because I have never owned the same amp in the 31 years I have been playing, as long as I have owned this one. Believe me, as picky as I am, that say a lot! No, its not perfect but in my opinion that amp does not exist and I have heard about every top name on the planet.


All you need for sound

By L.T.D

from fairchild W.i.

This is my first half stack of any I decide to go with marshall and when I played it in the gutiar shop were I bought it at low voulme it sounded sweet when I took it home and cranked it to 10 and stood in front of my rig I could feal my **** shake I dont know of any other amp that can do that this baby is loaded for performence and playing great soundind leads what else is there to say marshall is great


Amazing Amp

By Pat Nolan

from Prague, OK

I've had this amp for about a year now. I absolutely love it. I can get any sound I could ever want out of it. The only complaint I have is the 5-pin footswitch jack. Its very loose and sometimes I loose the ablity to switch on/off the reverb. I'm getting that fixed by putting a clamp inside it so it snaps into place. Other than that, it is perfect. I've practiced and recorded with it in my band. It sounds just as good on the recording as it does at practice. Couldn't be happier!


Stellar amp, dumpy pedal

By SarkisScalzo

from NY

It really is true. Great variety of tones, it bites hard if you want it. A quality setup. A bit expensive for defective elements. The cables just dont make it. The 5 prong set up and hardwired cable make it key. No other footswitch works for it. It rocks when it works, Ive seen shorts that have blanketed shows, My lead guitarist has gone through 2 pedals, First one fixed half a dozen times. Second one 6 weeks into it is acting up. Wow. Way to phone in the most practical part. Im opting for the Mesa Dual Rectifier with three channels. I'll skip the reverb and buy a pedal I guess. Oh well. It kills when it wants to.


Kicks serious butt

By Sir Rocks Alot

from Tennessee

Words cannot describe the power that can crank out of this amplifier. The Marshall JCM 2000 Triple Super Lead with the 1960's lead cab. I was amazed at how much power I could get out of it at even a volume of 3. However I, well the drummer, wanted to see how loud this thing could actually go, and he turned it all the way up, and it was so loud that HE COULDN'T HEAR HIMSELF! It still sounded awesome though, you can definitly get a perfect Angus Young or Joe Perry sound out of this sucker. I played this with a Jackson Kelly and a Gibson Les Paul studio premium plus, it sounds flawles with either. I know drummers don't hear much, but they should atleast hear themselves! But over all this amp is a great buy.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


It's everything I always wanted - Now it's mine!

By Ericlespaul

from Walnut Creek, CA

This amp is simply the greateast joy that I've encontered as a gigging musician. I play it through my Les Paul Custom and Deluxe American Strat. The clean channel is by far better than the Twin Reverb I owned, the crunch and lead channels offer up massive punch and sustain that I never thought to be possible. No electronics required although I use a delay for fun. There is no alternative in amplification. I am so happy with it that I practice twice as much as I used to. The TSL is an amazing mind blowing beautiful addition to my life. Worth every penny. I don't believe that I could wave a magic wand and make it sound better...it's that good.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


simply awesome

By ?BrendÃ…n?

from Delta, AL

I bought this amp after playing every other marshall, peavey, line 6, and crate.......and this amp blows them all away. The range of tone with the amp is amazing. The crunch/lead channels can get you any type of distortion you want from the "brown sound", to grunge, to metal and anywhere in between. And with the clean channel you can get a nice clear crisp clean, or a good clean with alittle bit of growl.Only downside is the pricetag, but this amp is worth every penny.If you have the cash........yeah go ahead and get it.

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