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Product 480114

Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head  

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The Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head tears up the competition. Joe Satriani is undoubtedly one of the greatest guitar players of all time, and ...Read More

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Tube flexibility and punch with easy-to-get modern screaming distortion.

The Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head tears up the competition. Joe Satriani is undoubtedly one of the greatest guitar players of all time, and Peavey has built him an amp with the sound, feel, and flexibility he's always sought. With a punchy gain structure that boosts your playing with authority, this amp delivers sounds ranging from Classic 50 to vintage British, modern Triple XXX, and all the in-between tones.

The versatile and comprehensive control section supplies a master volume pot and independent volume knobs for each of the three channels (Ultra, Crunch, and Clean). Tone shaping is accomplished through passive controls for Bass, Mid, and Treble on the Clean channel, while the Ultra and Crunch channels use active Bottom, Body, and Hair (lo, mid, hi) controls. The Clean channel is pristine yet warm and is specifically voiced to work well with effects pedals. The Ultra and Crunch channels have gain controls and fat switches to further assist in taming this thunderous tube-powered beast while achieving killer sound.

Global resonance and presence knobs increase control of high-end tones, while a noise gate on the Crunch and Ultra channels cuts down on the excess noise generated by running the gain and EQ controls on high settings. Since the gate is fully adjustable, you can really clamp down, leave it slightly open, or just turn it off.

The JSX uses 3 - 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 - EL34 power amp tubes. The power amp section delivers an earth-quaking 120W of pure tube power and can be converted to 4 - 6L6GC. It is also designed to work equally well into 4-, 8-, or 16-ohm loads.

Made in the USA.

  • Designed to Joe Satriani's specifications
  • Global Resonance and Presence controls
  • 120W of pure tube power
  • 3 channels: Ultra, Clean, and Crunch
  • 3-band EQ on each channel
  • Punchy high-gain structure on the Crunch and Ultra channels
  • Comes with EL34 tubes, but can be configured for 6L6 tubes
  • Fully adjustable noise gate for the Crunch and Ultra channels
  • Separate Fat switches on the Crunch and Ultra channels
  • All controls located on the front panel
  • Noise gate
  • Uses 3 - 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 - EL34 power amp tubes
  • Master volume
  • Independent volume knobs
  • Passive controls for bass, mid, and treble on the Clean channel
  • Ultra and Crunch channels use active Bottom, Body, and Hair (lo, mid, hi) controls
  • 4-, 8-, or 16-ohm loads

If you're serious about your tone and need a highly versatile all-tube amp, look no further. This amp has it all—order now!


JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head

  • 26-5/8"W x 11-1/4"H x 11"D
  • 50-3/4 lbs.

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Most Liked Positive Review


Note for Note...

I play drums in my current band and have been exposed to many different kinds of gear...especially amps. I have jammed with guys with Mesa, Marshall, Fenders, other Peaveys. Playing...Read complete review

I play drums in my current band and have been exposed to many different kinds of gear...especially amps. I have jammed with guys with Mesa, Marshall, Fenders, other Peaveys. Playing guitar for over 12 years, now I decided it was time for a half-stack for myself and settled on the JSX.My options were the Mesa Dual Rect., Marshall Vintage Modern, or the JSX. The JSX fell right in the middle of the other two as far as tone capabilities. The JSX had a crystal clear clean channel. It smoked everything else in the "clean" dept. The Marshall was a one-channel and worked off of gain, so there was never a true clean channel - though, still sounded nice. Mesa just hasn't figured out how to make a good clean channel - it always sounds like static to me. A shame, b/c Mesa distortion is the best I have ever heard. But, the JSX has a clean channel that is powerful, clear and defined. My guitarist has a Triple Rectifier and after using my JSX at practice, he wants a JSX to A/B it for his clean channel.As for the dirty channels, the JSX is extremely versatile in that it has 2 dirty channels. One is the typical crunch and the other high gain. One thing that sold this amp is the definition in what comes out of the amp. Every note played is well-defined and clean. There aren't any overtones and noise. Simply put: The Marshall had a rock sound, the Mesa had a metal sound and the JSX was right in between. Not that the other two couldn't be dialed in to achieve a certain sound, but the JSX was more flexible all around. Very balanced EQ-wise, too. Both channels sound great and this thing could rip it up at a metal show one night, and light some stages on fire at a blues club the next night. I had heard great things about this amp and many agree it throws out some serious sound.If you play a lot of styles, like myself, this is the way to go. Looks killer with the chrome-faced front, too. Try one out, it may or may not be for you, but it definitely holds it's own.


Most Liked Negative Review



Let me start this off by stating that I grew up playing Peavey amps. I have owned a Suprime, a Bandit 112, and a XXX. I have been looking for a more brutal...Read complete review

Let me start this off by stating that I grew up playing Peavey amps. I have owned a Suprime, a Bandit 112, and a XXX. I have been looking for a more brutal sound and when I tried out the JSX in the store, I thought this is the right choice. I really liked the noise gate and the 3 channels. I could not believe what happened next. I went home with it and as soon as I played it through my brand new Marshall Cab it was buzzing and hissing all over the place. Even with the volume and the gain turned down. I was not using "hot" pickups either. I could not control the extra noises coming out of it.So, I soldiered on thinking that this is how they are supposed to sound because they are very powerful high gain amps. At the band room I plugged the JSX into my Peavey cab and the sound was the same except now the noise coming out of it is very loud because I have the controls up for practice. I played it during that day and the metal channel sounded great for me, but everything else sounded like a tin can, and I had to ride my volume on my guitar like Zakk does with his Active pickups and stomp box- except I wasn't doing any of that. To make a long story short, the Amp started cutting out on me and eventually stopped working. I was in disbelief. I tried everything, to get this thing to work: different cables, guitars, etc. This thing was dead. I don't know Peavey and Satriani were thinking when they threw this junk out there. I got the weirdest sounds out of this amp all of the time. I ended up getting a Mesa dual rectifier, which sounds great, but so far, I am not able to get that real nice death rattle sound out of it. However, it is fairly quiet, versatile, and so far, reliable. I am done with Peavey stuff, I think I am safe to say that it is all junk for dudes that may be tight on cash. My advise, just save for something that has been proven over the years. I am writing this in hopes of saving others from getting ripped off. Thanks.

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I love my Peavey JSX

By Johnny

from Phoenix, AZ


  • Great Sounding Amp


  • Crackles On Start Up

Best Uses

  • My own

Bought this amp off of Craigs list for cheap and it arrived in mint condition, SCORE! Hooked a Marshall 1960A cab to it and plugged in my Les Paul and started rocking immediately. I'm using this amp exclusively in performance, replacing my Fender Hot Rod Deville entirely. I use a 'strat on the clean and crunch channels, but when I pull out the big guns with my 'paul the Ultra shines thru...best money I ever spent!

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By bleedinggecko

from ponca city.okla

i bought the jsx half stack this amp is killer i have played for 18 years and tryed all the brand x amps out there kept coming back to the jsx. one more thing buy the mxr 10 band kfk eq this amp will sound even better go check out the jsx yourself and you will buy it

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Definitely happy with it.

By Controlthis

from Los Angeles, CA

Owned it for 5 years. I played it through a Peavey XXX cab for the first 3 and I would highly recommend playing it through something else as the JSX sounded very bland coming through that. I'm now playing through a Mesa 2x12 Cab. As for the JSX, I'm happy with all three channels. The clean is clear and bright, though not as pristine as a Fender or Mesa. Second channel is the crunch channel and serves as a decent mild overdrive or mild distortion. Third channel is the the lead channel and has great gain saturation and low end. The noise gate is somewhat weak and does not help feedback at higher volumes. No reverb is disappointing. You do have to push the master and channel volumes past 6 or 7 to get in the mix of a band. Great head though a little bit expensive considering my above criticisms.

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The Amp I'd been looking for all my life

By StratoMatt

from Tucson, AZ

I would have never found this amp if it hadn't of been a Marshall head I purchase that was the biggest piece of noisy garbage I had ever purchased. When I returned it I had almost given up on hope of finding an amp that pleased my taste of Live sound I had been searching for. Wallah!....The Peavey JSX. Three amazing channels from brilliant clean to white-knuckle dirty...Raw Tube power ...with more gain than anyone would ever be able to handle. I've used this amp run through a Marshall 1960A bottom at about 10 outings so far, and I have finally achieved the sound I've always been searching for. It is an amazing amp. It didn;t bother me it has no effects/reverb as I've always had my own to loop into it or digital pedals/effects to run into it.You can play plugged straight into this amp and get amazing sustain at higher gian levels or use clean channel with pedals at lower levels. The channel control footswitch is very well built (black metal box with three stomp toggles) and very easy to understand and use from the beginning. I've had many people after gigs walk up and tell me how killer my rig sounded. Thats what its all about folks! It is worth every red cent I paid..and more.

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(0 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


not a bad amp, but not good either

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I've owned this amp for a while and I can say it works well for as a practice amp but not much more. People rave about the clean channel and how great it is or how clean it is. I say it's crap. It's almost too bright in a way. It annoyed me greatly. My favorite channel/feature on this amp is its amber channel. It has a very distintive tube sound to it and has a punch that other amps can't touch. The lead channel blows. I saw Joe twice with these amps and never once saw his stage amps click over to the lead channel. I'm still searching for that perfect tone, and this amp was not the answer for me. My biggest beef with the amp is it lack of volume or headroom. When I took it to practice I really had to turn up the volumes, both channel and master to get it to cut through the mix. I've got a mesa dual rectifier and that thing cuts through the mix with the volume on 3 or 4. one great thing I can say about this amp is that it really does bring character to other guitars. I've never heard an amp that makes each guitar sound so different. Alot of amps have a signature tone (such as mesa)and no matter what guitar you plug into it, you just get a slightly different version of that signature tone. The jsx may bring new life to your guitar collection. That is one great thing about this amp. Other than that, I found it to be one of the ugliest amps of all time. I hate signature amps anyway. You know these guys don't use this amp. There's are greatly modified to their specific specs, and the models we get are greatly stripped down in comparison. THe price on this amp sucks too. Its not really worth the money. THen again not much is these days. I'm hoping the new 50 watt jsx head that comes out soon will out perform this one.

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Lots of features, reliable, but the sound...eh

This is a great amp if you're only ever gonna play live - it's full, punchy, and not overly harsh sounding when you've got it running through a decent cab, it's reliable, and the three channels (including a GORGEOUS clean channel) are useful, as is the footswitchable FX loop (the noise gate, however, really isn't worth much in my experience, though I had a two-input model; they've apparently upgraded the gate in the newer single-input ones).HOWEVER, in a recording environment, the weaknesses of the amp's tone shine through; I would say it has the Peavey tone (best exemplified by the 5150), but has a nasty metallic thinness/fizziness to the distortion that can't be dialed out. I owned it for 1.5 years, and tried it through many cabs, but this metallic "clanginess" was omnipresent, and the best tones I could get were adequate in a mix, but no more. So I sold it for a 2-channel Dual Rectifier, and have been making awesome recordings since; in my opinion, it's one of the greatest amps out there, but you gotta have a Tube Screamer (with almost no drive and tone and level around 12 o'clock) in front of it to tame the lows!

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Thank you Joe!

By danny-rlhlg

from Canada

I tried this head out extensively before buying it. The sound was there, but the eq needed to be extended. The gain is so there on this amp. I put an eq in the effects loop when playing live and I use software based eq when recording to get the exact tone I want from this amp.The clean is absolutely flawless on this amp. It's just so clear! It takes effects very well. The eq knobs on the amp are also very responsive and carry a different tonal quality than many other amps I've played.This amp behaves quite differently when you turn knobs that you would think shouldn't affect it's tone. The FX send and return knobs fatten up the gain when you set them wide open. Also, when you turn the channel volume way up and the master volume down, the tone is very warm. It gets a little modern and harsh sounding when you turn the channel volume down and the master up.Bottom line: I'm very happy with this amp. It's not a Fender twin when it comes to warmth, but then again, the JSX is part of the Ultra series and the ultra series is a class of high gain amps. Also, I had to use an external eq to get my sound, but in the amp's defense, I would need an eq for a Mesa or a Marshall too (Which I also played extensively btw).

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Years of searching for the ultimate tone is over!

By GearHead-YBWGj

from Eastern Canada

I purchased this amp around 2 weeks ago. Cosmetically, I love it. The chrome face is dazzling when I

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The Only Amp You'll Ever Need

By Christian-FIOZ7

from Clermont, FL

This is the best amp I have ever played through. The clean channel can stay crystal clear, or, if you spank it the way it likes to be spanked, has JUST the right amount of breakup.The Amber Channel is versatile, and can go from a mildly overdriven blues tone to AC/DC crunch to a pretty heavy distortion.The Ultra Channel is completely insane, more gain than you'll ever need, I have mine set at 5.This isn't a one-trick pony, it's super versatile, and it takes effects like a dream. Very quiet, even with my giant pedalboard hooked up. Unlike other amps, this one lets the true sound of your guitar shine clear and true, and is the most versatile amplifier I have ever played.

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Stupid is as stupid does...this isn't.

By None-Chuck.

from Indianapolis, IN

So I bought this amp a couple years ago...and to be honest I thought it was pretty cool. Clean was awesome, the crunch channel was fun, the mega over-drive....well it's pretty cool also...then I bought a Triple Rectifier...that was my dream amp...well that thing broke down and was forced to play a show with my trusty JSX...THE RESULTS WERE PHENOMENAL!!! The JSX toasted the Mesa on play back...(we record our shows)...so I was like wait a minute...it's a fluke...so I took it to the studio...there we beat the heck out of some the same originals we tracked on the Mesa...once again...it toasted it...THIS AMP IS SO MUCH MORE MUSICAL!! LEAD TONE isn't the typical Mesa Fuzzy/bassy deal, the rhythm work cuts through the mix...it is soo cool. Thank you!! Thank you Peavey...soo greatful.

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