Soldano 44 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp   

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Big performance in a small package.

The Soldano 44 is the brain child of Mike Soldano working with Lynn Burke of Blues City Music. Lynne encouraged Mike to develop a smaller combo-sized amp with 50 watts of power, a single 12" speaker, and reverb. The idea was to fuse Soldano tone and craftsmanship to create the ultimate gigging amp–a killer sounding, versatile workhouse that is more portable than a 50-lb. tube head with a 4x12 cab. And it worked: The 44 is extremely versatile and can get great blues tones with just the right grit, as well as a classic Nashville clean sound. The Soldano 44 features a volume boost activated by a footswitch.


  • Channels: One
  • Controls: Preamp, reverb, bass, middle, treble, normal volume, lead
  • volume, presence
  • Tubes: Two Sovtek 5881 power tubes, five JJ12AX7s
  • Power: 50 watts
  • Speaker: 12" Eminence Legend
  • Strong points: Very cool clean and overdriven sounds. Super compact. Excellent reverb.

Good things do come in small packages. Order today.

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