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Product 489075

Traynor Custom Valve 50BLUE YCV50BLUE 50W All Tube 1x12 Combo Amp with Celestion Speaker   

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The Traynor YCV50Blue 50 Watt 1x12" Combo Amp uses 3 premium Sovtek 12AX7A dual-triode tubes up front to dish out delicious and creamy distortion whi...Click To Read More About This Product

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Based on the award-winning Custom Valve 40 with 50W and a Celestion Vintage 30.

The Traynor YCV50Blue 50 Watt 1x12" Combo Amp uses 3 premium Sovtek 12AX7A dual-triode tubes up front to dish out delicious and creamy distortion while a pair of Sovtek EL34s handle the heavy work. Sophisticated Traynor design provides great flexibility and makes it easy to get world-class clean, crunchy, and overdriven tones. The Vintage 30 cranks out boutique tone even at very low volume levels, thanks to the amp's master volume. The lead channel features a dark "British" sound. Auto-matching circuitry maintains bias balance as tubes age, ensuring hum-free performance. This combined with DC filaments on the preamp tubes makes this Traynor combo amp one of the quietest tube amps ever, even with high gain. Traynor gives you a 2-year (even if you break it!) transferable warranty.

  • 100% designed and manufactured in North America
  • All-tube design with 2 EL34 and 3 - 12AX7A premium tubes
  • 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speaker
  • All plywood construction for durability, rigidity, and lighter weight
  • Separate tone controls on each of the 2 channels (lead and clean)
  • Classic long-style Accutronics reverb with dual springs
  • External speaker jack
  • Traynor TFS-2B latching dual-footswitch with 10-foot cable included
  • Special DC powered filament supply on preamp tubes
  • Auto-balancing bias supply means no need for matched pairs of output tubes or bias adjustments
  • Fully regulated power supply ensures ultra low noise with tube rectifier emulation
  • Heavy-gauge perforated grille with black cover
  • Chicken head knobs

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Most Liked Positive Review


Amazing Value !

The Traynor Blue is probably the best valve amp value on the market today. Now, let me temper that statement with a few things to be aware of. I say it is the...Read complete review

The Traynor Blue is probably the best valve amp value on the market today. Now, let me temper that statement with a few things to be aware of. I say it is the best VALUE, but that does not mean that it is the BEST AMP for every application. If you are looking for exact replication of a Fender Bassman, or a Marshall stack, or a Mesa; buy those amps and not this one. If you need a rock-solid amp that gets REALLY close to a wide variety of vintage and modern amps, THIS is your amp. If you do a lot of 60's to 80's covers, this is your amp and the construction quality is amazing.It does not matter what genre of music (other than perhaps truly hi-gain applications) you play or what guitar you plug into it, this amp delivers appropriately. I have had it for about a year or so and have yet to find something to be truly disappointed about. Okay, the reverb could be on the footswitch, but there are a lot of amps that don't have that feature and they cost a lot more.I use several amps, depending on the application and I find that this is the one that most often does what I need. However, I commonly use it in combination with a Fender Super Sonic. The Traynor gets close to "Fender clean" but the Fender is the real deal. Also, the Fender (rated at only 10 more watts than the Traynor) is easily twice as loud as the Traynor. They both have the same single model Vintage 30 speaker. The Traynor is PLENTY loud, I am just saying that it is simply not all things to all people. If I want Hendrix tone, I use the Traynor. If I want Clapton tone, I use the Fender. You want Stevie Ray? Crank them both up with the Fender clean and the Traynor dirty... HUGE TONE!The bottom line is that if I HAD to only have one tube amp, I would take the Traynor. It is by far the most versatile amp I have owned (including VOX, several Fenders, Crate V series (don't go there friends, the Crates are okay but unreliable). The Traynor Blue will get you close to most any tone you may be looking for without anything but perhaps a Tube Screamer pedal. I don't play metal, so for that application, I can't intelligently comment.It IS a gigging amp. The cab construction, the metal grill behind the speaker cloth (why doesn't everyone do that??!!), the overall layout of the controls... all those things have held up to anything I have put it through. Just one tough amp.The bottom line is: if you have ONE TONE you are looking for and that is all you want, buy the amp that gets you exactly that tone. If you need versatility, for a reasonable price, buy the Traynor Blue. I have not found anything that tops it.


Most Liked Negative Review


Lead was unusable

I used this amp for nine shows. I play in a variety band with a Les Paul Standard and found this amp to be only good for clean or a bluesy sounds. The lead...Read complete review

I used this amp for nine shows. I play in a variety band with a Les Paul Standard and found this amp to be only good for clean or a bluesy sounds. The lead channel is very nasally. I had to drop out the mid's completely and used an eq pedal to further dropped them out.The construction seemed to be fine.The boost pedal only works if you don't have the gain turned up much on the lead channel. You also need to keep the channel volumes low if you want to use the effects loop. Otherwise it will clip your effects.

Reviewed by 40 customers

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Amazing sound!

By J_Dizzle81

from Toronto, Canada

IMO the best amp you can buy without going over a grand. I'm so glad I bought this amp!

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cheap tube amp with quality

I have owned just about every tube amp out there. But this little tube amp has got amazing tone. It has all the power that you will need for most clubs. If you need any power above this amp then you will have to mic' it. The distortion sounds like Clapton to ZZ Top. The cleans sound much like a Twin. Great amp and there is no AC hum, very quiet!

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Buy a Fender

By Dave-hgnfU

from Texas

I do not like this amp at all! not loud, thin tone, fuzzy clean, no amount of pedals can fix what this thing sounds like. I am going back to Fender and will NEVER look back. I wrote this review to warn fender players who are tired of buying pedals to fix the "Fender Gain" that the grass is not greener with this amp.


Friken Awesome!!!!!!

By Wasburn22

from NW On. Canada

My quest for a solid tube amp has ended with stellar results!!!!!! I tend to research things to death and was going with the Fender Blues Junior, Metro amps jtm 45 kit build or Marshalls Vintage Modern (50 watt combo). But then I got this flyer in the mail about these Traynor amps being on sale for the month of October. So on my next trip to the city I had to take one for a test ride.....and I was so surprised!!!! This amp is so versitile. If you have a Strat and a Les paul you can cover 80% of the stuff out there. Best way to know is to give one a try you will be surprised. On the clean side you have the brightness button that gets you close to the country end of things and on the overdrive/distortion channel you have the boost button that gets you pretty darn heavy. It's just sick. CANADA'S best kept guitar amp secret. Check it out you'll see.

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Rock star in a box

By Josh...Just Josh

from Iowa

If you're like me, you read every review that you can find before you buy something. One thing that kept coming up is that some people don't like the gain channel, but if you read the whole review usually the kid is looking for some Mesa type metal sound. This amp doesn't do scooped metal, it does TONE! If your favorite guitar sounds are 70's rock, 80's metal, or early 90's then you have to get this amp. I can't afford a jcm 800, so I have been looking for a more affordable amp that has that type of tone. The peavey windsor is close (the ycv does it better), but it's big and doesn't have a clean channel. I play guitar in the Army and I need an amp that I can carry easily and is versatile enough to do just about everything, this amp fits the bill. In some reviews people said that this amp has a fender-ish clean, I really wanted to believe it! For an amp with el34's and a V30 the clean sound is very good, but it does have the marshall clean sound. It just has too much mid response to have a fender-ish clean. If you roll the mid back on the clean channel it sounds pretty good and cuts through a mix great. I don't really like the volume set up though, I don't see why it needs a channel and a master volume, it's nice if you want to get the clean channel into some dirt but not great if you want loud cleans. The amp would've been better for me if there was just one volume on the clean channel and a just gain/ volume on the gain side. This amp is great though. Plug in your favorite humbucker equipped chunk of mahogany, set everything on the gain channel to noon, and play a big open D and you'll might just change your name to Angus!


EXACTLY what I was looking for

By michaelscofield

from Brampton, ON

First off, if you're looking for an amp in this price range, hopefully you have some idea as to which style(s) you like to play. I am a classic rock/blues guy (Hendrix/SRV/Clapton/Led/etc.) and after trying numerous amps (Delta Blues, Classic 30, etc.-- even bought a bunch of them and brought them home to play for a few days and decide which one wouldn't get returned) this baby nailed the sounds I wanted.Using this with a fuzz and wah is like channeling Hendrix (your playing ability notwithstanding hehe), it's a beautiful thing. The OD channel is great as well-- obviously if you want serious OD you may wish a pedal to bring out the amp's goodness more effectively. The clean is really where she shines, though-- you just have to hear this one to believe how sweet it is.I am set for a very long time with my YCV50. Add in an included footswitch and the renown two-year "even-if-you-break-it" warranty from Traynor-- not to mention it's made right here in my own Canuck backyard-- and it's a no-brainer.


Canada's Best Kept Secret

By Dakrushel

from Edmonton, AB, Canada

Ok to start off, THIS AMP IS NOTHING SPECIAL WITHOUT AN EQ PEDAL! With that in mind, I?ve had this amp for about 6 months now and if I lost it, I?d buy another Traynor in a heartbeat. I was trying Fender, Marshall, Vox, Messa, Orange, the whole deal but couldn?t find what I was looking for. I was about to lose hope when I saw a few dusty old Traynors in the back. I quickly came to the conclusion that Traynor could probably grow on me and it most certainly did! The clean channels were comparable to a Fender and the overdrive had exactly the right amount of ?growl? similar to a Marshall. Some would say the features were pretty sparse but I was looking for something basic (pedals work better that way).What I like: the tone. Guitar amps rarely seem to have a clean channel that is as good as the distortion or vice versa. Traynor's ridiculous warranty: ?we?ll replace it even if you trash it.? Of course you?d have to be a pretty stupid to purposefully break this thing. Also it's 100% made in Canada, as opposed to China... and it's blue XDWhat I don?t like: I would describe this amp as a diamond in the rough of sorts. In order to truly bring out this amp?s full potential, you NEED an EQ pedal with at least six bands; I?d recommend the Boss 7-band.


Good Amp

By Lord Christopher

from Budapest, Hungary

I've owned this amp for a little over a year. I waited a long time to write this review because I'd been stuck with a junky guitar for most of that time.The thing with this amp is that, like all big tube amps, you really shouldn't buy it unless you usually play with mic'd drums. Seriously, this thing is really, really loud.The clean channel is really good, I haven't liked the overdrive as much, but it works, especially when playing with others. The amp cuts pretty well, though not as much as I would like... I feel like I have to use too much brute force at jam sessions sometimes.I used this guy in church today and got plenty of compliments...with the master on 0.5 and mic'd. Next week I'm gonna try to get them to let me turn up to at least 2, and I'm sure I'll sound a lot better.The amp's really responsive and can be used for just about anything. The boost isn't really useable for me as a rhythm/solo boost, so I plan to grab an overdrive pedal to use as an "overdrive" channel and then use the two channels mostly as two different volume settings, with the boost just for extra craziness.I usually end up playing ACDC stuff, etc. at Jam Sessions with this thing, though I've played just about everything on it. My acoustics sound good through it too.Like someone else said, I wish there were more low end, and am considering grabbing a second cab.So far I'm still on stock tubes, and am hopeful that new tubes will make this guy sound even better.In summary: this amp made my worthless guitar which was basically made of cardboard sound priceless. The cleans are amazing.


Nice Combo

By Grandpa's Revenge

from Los Estados Unidos

This amp definitely has a unique sound. I bought this about a month ago for something different other than my Marshall and I'm glad I did. It has a very deep bluesy sound on the hi-gain side while the clean channel is great for running with a compressor for that great "chicken-picken" country sound. The Effects Loop is not quite what I would have expected but I guess I'm a bit spoiled by the adjustable gain control on my Marshall. But I have discovered that if I run my rack effects processor along with the rest of my effects chain, then I get a better sound than just pushing the rack effects along through the loop.Overall, I dig this little amp. It's perfect for what I wanted to do with it. If you want something different in a tube combo amp, you will not be disappointed with this unit.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)



By CddGuitar

from Brooklyn NY

Hi.i bought this amp about 2 years ago "no words " just the best (if u don't belive me then try it for your self?

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