Visual Sound GarageTone Series Axle Grease Delay Guitar Effects Pedal   

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Personalize your sound with Nashville, Rockabilly, Rock solo, Analog mayhem, and a range of other delay settings in this unique analog pedal, offered at a killer price.

The Visual Sound GarageTone Axle Grease Delay pedal is ultra-affordable and delivers mind-bending sounds. You won't believe your ears when you plug into the Axle Grease Delay. Although the Axle Grease stompbox uses a hybrid digital/analog circuit, the tone is all analog delay. Warm, natural sounding echos to whacky space effects emerge when you turn the Delay Time knob. GarageTone Axle Grease also has self-oscillating capabilities.

CAUTION: When using the Analog Mayhem setting, turn down the Repeats knobs to cancel the self-oscillating repeats if the sound gets too loud; you can also turn down the Level knob to continue the repeats at lower volume. For some really cool effects, turn the Axle Grease Delay pedal's Time knob during the repeats.


  • Time knob
  • Repeats knob
  • Level knob
  • Footswitch
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