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Like many of the world's best amplifiers, Kustom's roots go back to the 1960s. The first Kustom amp was a 2x15" setup, and that kicked off decades of great sound that continues on today. A big part of Kustom's reputation is their outstanding ability to pull fantastic tone out of solid-state designs, but they also make tube-based amplifiers if that's how you roll. When it comes to jamming, busking and smaller venues like clubs and community centers, it's hard to beat the all-in-one simplicity of a combo amp. Kustom has a few options to tempt you in this segment, whether you play the guitar or the bass. The Kustom Tube 12A practice amp and the KG1, a 10W outfit with a single 6" driver, are both so compact that you can take them pretty much anywhere. Turning up the power can take you all the way from 10W in the 1x10-configured KG110 to 50W in the beefy Defender 1x12 model. Prefer the acoustic guitar? No problem: you'll get 65 big acoustic Watts from the Sienna 65 combo amp. For bassists, check out the KB10, which is '10' all around - 10W of power on a 10" driver. Or, give yourself a big power boost with the 100W KXB100 and its large 15" woofer.

If you're looking for a standalone amplifier head, Kustom has a few excellent options to choose from. You can get impressive volume and distortion for your electric guitar out of a modest 5W with the Defender 5H, or power up your performance with its much bigger cousing, the KG100HFX. If the bass is your axe of choice, the KB200HR is ready to drive your favorite cabinet with an eager 200W sitting on top of the stack or mounted in your road rack.

Speaking of cabinets, you'll find that Kustom is no slouch in this department either. You can pump a steady 120W into the KG412, which channels that power through four big 12" drivers. This cabinet is also available bundled in with the KG100HFX head in an all-in-one half stack, which makes for a great combo. For the bass, you can go big with the DE610H Deep End cabinet or sheer overkill with the DE810H, loaded with eight 10" drivers that can take on 800W of low-end power.

Kustom's highly collectible classic amps have graced the stage with some of the music world's most recognizable names: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sheryl Crow, Johnny Cash, and the Jackson 5, just to name a few. That same spirit lives on in all of their modern amps and cabinets, making Kustom Amplifiers a lineup that has earned its place in the annals of music history.