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Starting out as a house brand for Montgomery Ward, Recording King is a company based on the highest standards for instrument craftsmanship. They're essentially a part of American history, and so are the instruments they produce. When you add a Recording King banjo to your collection, you can count on receiving an instrument that combines timeless, classic design with high-quality modern workmanship that's second to none.  If you're looking for an amazing blast from the past, you ought to start your search for the right Recording King banjo with the Dirty 30s models. These are 5-string banjos, and they come in open-back and resonator versions so you've got your choice of sound. Modeled after Montgomery Ward's original mail-order instruments, the Dirty 30s banjos are built light enough for travel, making them great companions for singer-songwriters and folk pickers on the go.

For those who play the guitar primarily but still want to try their hand at authentic banjo sound, there's the Recording King 6-String Banjo. Combining a maple-resonator banjo body with a dreadnought-scale 6-string neck and head, this unique instrument is a fusion of Recording King's banjo and guitar lines. It's been designed with careful nut spacing that makes banjo picking and guitar fretting equally comfortable, so you have plenty of flexibility in how you play.

Of course, for many of us there's no replacement for the classics, and if you're looking for the ultimate bluegrass banjo, the Recording King RK-R80 Professional Banjo is it. This gorgeous instrument has a one-piece mahogany resonator and delivers an amazing combination of pre-war and modern design elements. The style and sound, fine-tuned by Greg Rich, make this handcrafted banjo a real masterpiece.

When you want a banjo that really stands out from the crowd, look no further than Recording King. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player on the lookout for your first banjo, the instruments available here are absolutely worth adding to your collection. A great banjo is all about the right combination of tone and craftsmanship, and Recording King definitely delivers.