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With a distinct look and low-pitched tone, the baritone horn has always been a popular instrument in school and brass bands. Now it is easier than ever for musicians young and old to play and experience the captivating timbre of this stand out instrument. The baritone horn is similar to a euphonium, though it is smaller and lighter, while typically including three valves. Its most distinct feature is almost certainly its brass tubing that can sometimes be up to nine feet long. As with most brass instruments, the baritone horn has several components that work together to produce sound, including the tubing, the mouthpiece, the bell and the valves. With a variety options available, it’s important to have a look around and find the baritone horn that works for you. As you can imagine, an instrument the size of this horn can carry some heft, so it is important to check out size and weight of the instrument before you purchase it. If you are a younger player or a novice, you may want to look at the BE1057 Performance Series Bb Baritone Horn from Besson. This horn is smaller than most other baritones, allowing beginners to become comfortable with the instrument without quickly tiring themselves out. If you are a more advanced player, perhaps looking to join a marching band, you will want to check out something like the 1127 Ultimate Series Marching Bb Baritone from King or the Adams MB1 Series Marching Bb Baritone. Both are lightweight and easier to carry over long parade routes, making them perfect for up-and-coming and established players alike. The baritone horn brings a wonderful timbre to any brass, student, or marching band. With an understanding of the instrument you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find the right horn to suit your musical needs.