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Bass Amplifier Heads

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  1. Top Rated
    Ampeg SVT-CL Classic Bass Head
    Ampeg SVT-CL Classic Bass Head
    Open Box:
  2. Ibanez P300H Promethean 300W Bass Amp Head
  3. Price Drop
    Warwick 1000W Bass Amp Head
    Warwick 1000W Bass Amp Head
    Starting at $774.78
  4. Markbass Big Bang Anniversary 15 500W Bass Amp Head
  5. Top Rated
    Gallien-Krueger Fusion 550 Hybrid Valve Bass Amplifier
    Open Box:
  6. Top Rated
    Tech 21 dUg Pinnick Ultra Bass 1000 Signature 1,000W Bass Amp Head
  7. Warwick WA300 300W  Bass Head
    Warwick WA300 300W Bass Head
    Open Box:
  8. Top Rated
    TC Electronic RH450 Bass Amp Head
    TC Electronic RH450 Bass Amp Head
    Open Box:
  9. Pre-Order
    Ashdown HOD 600 Geezer Butler Signature 600W Bass Amp Head
  10. Pre-Order
    Markbass Little Marcus 800 800W Bass Amp Head
  11. Pre-Order
    Markbass Little Marcus Marcus Miller Signature 500W Bass Amp Head
  12. Pre-Order
    Ashdown Retroglide-800 800W Bass Amp Head
  13. Ashdown OriginAL 300W Bass Amplifier Head
  14. Phil Jones Bass D-1000 1,000W Bass Amplifier Head
  15. Pre-Order
    Ashdown ABM-1200-EVO IV 1,200W Tube Hybrid Bass Amp Head
  16. Pre-Order
    Ashdown ABM-600RC-EVO IV 600W Rackmount Bass Tube Hybrid Bass Amp Head
  17. Markbass MoMark Black 800 800W Bass Amp Head
    Open Box:
  18. Markbass MoMark SA 500 Bass Amp Head With Frame
  19. Ashdown ABM400 Neo Line 400W Bass Tube Head
  20. Rebate
    Orange Amplifiers 4-stroke 500W Bass Amp Head
    Open Box:
  21. Rebate
    Orange Amplifiers 4-stroke 300W Bass Amp Head
  22. Markbass MoMark Black 500 500W Bass Amp Head
  23. TC Electronic Blacksmith 1600W Bass Amp Head
  24. Ashdown Big Boy 220W Bass Head
    Ashdown Big Boy 220W Bass Head
    Open Box:
  25. Ashdown Rootmaster 220W Bass Head
    Ashdown Rootmaster 220W Bass Head
    Open Box From:
  26. Top Rated
    Eden WT550 Traveler Bass Head
    Eden WT550 Traveler Bass Head
    Open Box:
 Matching Products
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As the bass guitarist, you play one of the key roles in the band. Your sound gives rhythm and character to every song, so you know how important it is to get the most out of your instrument. The bass guitar itself may be the instrument getting the spotlight, but it would be nothing without its speakers—and the bass amplifier head is the link that ties the two together. Your bass amplifier head 'talks' to the cabinet through two main components: the preamp and the power amp. The preamp is the first stop for the signal coming from your guitar, and its role is to give the sound its tone. Crisp or muddy, deep or brittle, subtle or dramatic—however you want your bass to sound, your preamp adjustments will get it there. Next comes the power amp, boosting the signal's strength to drive the speakers in your cabinet as they transform that electricity into the sound that your audience is clamoring to hear. Acting as the electronic brains of bass guitar configurations, amplifier heads can be made with two different types of circuitry: tube and solid state. The debate between the two is long-standing, and if you are an experienced musician, you've probably already chosen your side. Beginners and the undecided, take note: there are pros and cons to each technology. A tube-based amplifier head uses vacuum tubes that can deliver a richer, warmer sound. Tubes are generally considered to produce tones with greater depth and character. However, tube amps require additional upkeep to maintain the quality of their sound, which can be a serious commitment. Solid-state bass amplifier heads are more reliable overall than tubes, which makes them great for touring since you're less likely to experience a breakdown on the road. The sound produced by solid-state amplifier heads tends to be clearer and more technical, lacking the warmth of a tube model. If you want the best of both worlds, a hybrid bass amplifier head is likely the solution. Hybrids are usually made using tubes on the preamp side, which can take advantage of their unique sonic characteristics to shape the sound. The rich, tube-enhanced signal is then boosted by a solid-state power amp. This combination makes for an amplifier head that's more reliable than an all-tube model, without sacrificing the classic 'tubey' warmth. A wide range of available feature sets make it easy to find the tube, solid-state or hybrid bass amplifier head that's right for you. No matter the size of your speaker stack or your preferences in sounds and tones, there is an amplifier head to suit your individual standards.

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