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As the world's largest instrument manufacturer, Yamaha is a name that's synonymous with music. Cutting their teeth as a piano and reed organ builder in 1887, Yamaha has evolved to make a huge variety of instruments, including guitars since 1942. Today, they're best known for their electronics, and they take full advantage of that high-tech expertise in their bass designs. With a few exceptions, every Yamaha bass comes with their own pickups and electronics onboard -- which is a good thing, since their creations can keep pace with even boutique pickup brands. If you're looking for your first bass or a casual instrument for recreational jamming, some of the first Yamaha basses on your radar will be the RBX series. Consisting mostly of 4-string models as well as the 5-string RBX375, this lineup is designed for playability first and foremost. For the professional bassist in search of an every-day instrument that's ready to take on the road, it's hard to beat Yamaha's TRBX basses. These intermediate to entry-level performance instruments are a bit more stage-oriented than the RBX, but they're every bit as accessible.

Naturally, if you want the best of the best, Yamaha is ready to accommodate that as well. Check out the BB series for a seriously professional-level bass: the BB2024X for 4-string players or the BB2025X to rock 5 strings. These basses use specialty open-face, ceramic magnet pickups custom-built for the BB series to deliver incredibly powerful volume and tone without giving up an ounce of clarity. Feeling like a true rock legend? You might want to take a look at Yamaha's signature model bass guitars, like the Attitude 3 model which has helped Billy Sheehan earn the title "Best Rock Bass Player" from Guitar Player Magazine readers five times over. Or give Nathan East's BBNE2 bass a try; its Alnico V-stack pickups make it one of the only Yamaha basses fitted with third-party coils.

You don't have to be a bass guitarist to take advantage of Yamaha's excellent electronic instrument design. If you play the upright double bass, then you'll find plenty to appeal to you in the Yamaha Silent Electric Upright Bass. This 3/4-scale instrument feels like an acoustic bass so you can play it naturally, but without a large body it's far easier to transport. The piezo pickups under the bridge deliver great tone whether you play pizzicato or bowed, and the ability to plug in your headphones and play in silence makes this bass the perfect practice instrument.

Yamaha has its great reputation for a reason. No matter which instruments are the best fit for your style and needs, you can count on Yamaha's long history to come through in the sound and build quality of every bass and guitar they produce. Whatever you want to play, these basses are ready to take it on.