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Beginner Bass Clarinet Method Books

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The bass clarinet is regularly heard in orchestras, wind ensembles and concert bands, and like any woodwind, the learning process is challenging but rewarding. If you've decided to jazz up your musical repertoire with the bass clarinet, these beginner method books are valuable resources that will help you get off on the right foot. Since these are beginner books, they start you with the basics. If you can't read sheet music yet, they'll teach you how. If you can, they'll show you how to apply that knowledge to the bass clarinet with fingering techniques and more. Proper embouchure is vital to this instrument, so you'll get plenty of direction in that area, and these books will also guide you in the methods of assembly, cleaning and care for the clarinet.

Depending on the way you learn, you may also get a lot out of method books that include companion software or sample CDs. An interactive approach will help you out with fingering and technique if you're a hands-on learner, and recorded samples will give you a benchmark to play along with to check your accuracy. Since the bass clarinet is so often played as an ensemble instrument, you'll also find some specialty method books to guide you in playing together with accompaniment.

Besides the options for instructional method books, beginners' songbooks are available to give you practice material while you build your skills. These books contain simplified arrangements that make it easier to play familiar songs until you're ready to step up to the more complex versions.

For any newcomer to the bass clarinet, your method book is going to be one of your most important tools in getting through that initial learning period. You might even think about collecting a few so that you can cross-reference for a more complete perspective on technique and theory. A good foundation in basic methods will prepare you to move on to the intermediate and advanced levels as you build on the fundamentals.